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In Research & Insight we look at what, why and when people watch TV and provide audience insight to help our commissioning teams and schedulers understand.

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1 In Research & Insight we look at what, why and when people watch TV and provide audience insight to help our commissioning teams and schedulers understand our viewers. This presentation is a summary of key insights of our performance, reputation and consumer understanding. Research & Insight at Channel 4

2 A Brief History of Channel 4

3 The schedule *The schedule is subject to change This is the most recent example of what Channel 4 is currently putting on air:

4 Channel Share BARB, 2001-2010 (up to 31st Oct 2010), Network homes Individual share YTD 2010 16-34 share YTD 2010 ABC1 share YTD 2010 7.0%9.3%7.4% Over the past decade, the television industry has seen a sharp growth in the digital market and share of viewing to digital channels is now 44%. Channel 4 has averaged a 7.0% share in 2010. Digital channels BBC1 ITV1 C4 FIV E

5 Channel 4 kept its competitive edge in the growing digital market by launching four new digital channels that have continued to grow and helped to maintain a strong portfolio performance. Now amongst 16-34s, E4 can outperform Channel Five in certain timeslots. BARB, 2001-2010, Network homes 10.1 10.6 10.3 10.5 11.0 12.1 11.911.8 11.5 Our Portfolio

6 BARB, Jan-Oct 2010, Network homes, C4 Total. Channel 4 viewers are younger and more upmarket than other commercial broadcasters 55+ 45-54 35-44 16-34 Age Social GradeSex ABC1 C2DE Female Male The profile of the Channel 4 audience throughout the day

7 Channel 4 is the most talked about commercial TV channel for 16-34s (TGI 2009) Channel 4 is watched by 21 million ABC1s every month (Barb Jan-Nov 09) Channel 4 makes people think about things in new and different ways, more than any other terrestrial channel (Ipsos Impact Tracker, 2010) Research also shows that Channel 4 is renowned for creating new and exciting content and for covering ground other channels wouldnt

8 % of people saying each channel is best for… Source : C4 Image Tracker, 2010. Base: 4,000 UK Adults Channel 4 is a distinctive and thought provoking channel

9 E4 is more talked about amongst 16- 34s than ITV1! (Hall & Partner research 2010) E4 shows account for 8 of the top 10 programmes on digital channels this year (BARB Jan-Sep 2010) Targeted for teenagers, brilliant comedy Female Inbetweeners viewer, age 15. Taken from E4 focus groups. E4 is the favourite digital channel of 16- 34s (TGI Q4 2010) E4 is more than just an entertainment brand, its a lifestyle

10 16-24 25-34 35-44 45+ ABC1 C2DE Female Male E4 viewers are young, upmarket and female. AgeSocial GradeSex BARB, Jan-Oct 2010, Network homes, E4 Total. Profile of the E4 audience, throughout the day

11 Watched by nearly half of all ABC1 adults every month (11.3million) (Barb Jul-Sep 10) For More 4 viewers watching TV is one of their favourite past times (TGI 2010) For More 4 viewers the kitchen is the most important room in the house (TGI 2010) More4 has a unique appeal to intelligent, affluent and informed viewers

12 16-34 35-44 45-54 55+ ABC1 C2DE Female Male AgeSocial GradeSex More4 has an older, upmarket following BARB, Jan-Oct 2010, Network homes, More4 Total. Profile of the More4 audience, throughout the day

13 Source: BARB YTD2010 Series Averages. VoD Views 7 days post tx,. My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Thurs, 22:00 Inds: 6.4m ABC1 Profile: 47% (3 profile points above the YTD average of 44%) Grand Designs Wednesday, 21:00 Inds: 4m ABC1 Profile: 57% (13 profile points above the YTD average of 44%) Programme Highlights over 2010 One Born Every Minute Tues, 21:00 Inds: 3.8m 16-34 Profile: 34% (6 profile points above YTD average of 28%)

14 Programme Highlights over 2010 The Million Pound Drop (all eps YTD) Mon-Sat, 22:00 Inds: 2.3m 16-34 Profile: 28% (Matching the YTD average of 28%) The Inbetweeners Mon, 21:00 Inds: 4.1m 16-34 Profile: 59% (An impressive 31 profile points above the YTD average of 28%) Shameless Tues 22:00 (C4) Inds: 3.1m 16-34 Profile: 40% (12 profile points above the YTD average of 44%) This Is England 86 Monday, 21:00 Inds: 3.2m 16-34 Profile: 44% (16 profile points above the YTD average of 28%)

15 Our target audiences have a strong relationship with Channel 4 46 70 42 56 41 56 45 43 34 37 40 20 16-34sABC1 s Emotional Connection (Average scores from 1- 100) How close do you feel to each of these channels? Source : Hall & Partners tracking, September 2010. Base: 1,042 Adults; 345 16-34s; 601 ABC1s 45 75 61 47 30 57 44 40 24 23 31 23 66 59

16 What is it? Contemporary youth culture is changing fast and UK tribes is our way to get a hold on it all. UK Tribes is a massive study of 16-24 year olds. Using qualitative research methods we identified 25 tribes from Indie Scenesters to Boy Racers. We then surveyed 4,000 16-24s online to find what makes each tribe unique, their loves and hates, music tastes, favourite brands and top telly shows. We update the research as often as we can to keep it fresh and we have found that new tribes pop up and grow whilst other tribes evolve, divide and sometimes disappear altogether. Click here to find out more…Click here Keep me in touch with our youth audience

17 We offer research about whats going on out there and what new trends are emerging so we know what the public are interested in, and what they want to see on their TV screens… Keep me up to date with the latest trends Foursight A trends newsletter put together by the Research and Insight department scanning all types of media for emerging trends happening around us. Consumer Insight Newsletter This is a biweekly newsletter looking at what's happening around us now. It focuses on what is dictating the nations habits and interesting insights into the catalysts of these changes. Click on the link below to find out more… Foursight RESEARCH & INSIGHT TRENDS NEWSLETTER For more info please contact Leonie Hodge ( or Laura Bryce (

18 A powerful research resource Propeller is an independently run panel of over 1,000 nationally representative 16-54 year olds. Every three weeks, Channel 4 submits an online questionnaire to the panel, covering anything from their shopping or media habits to brand attitudes. Propeller can be used for pre and post campaign testing and as its online, visuals like adverts can be tested. Did you know…? A quarter of 16-34 year old women would consider cosmetic surgery 69% of people have a Facebook profile 43% of people have played on a Nintendo Wii Keep me in the know

19 Keep me in touch with what our viewers want CASE STUDY: Qualitative research into the 5pm slot. We wanted to find out what was going on between 5- 6pm in the new era of multi-screen households. What are people doing? What mood are they in? Who is around? What is going on in the house? In particular, we wanted to find out what role TV played for the different people in the house at this time of day. The next thing we needed to establish was what programmes people were looking for at this time of day. Did they tend to stick to old favourites, or look for something new? We also wanted to know whether viewing in the household was active or passive at this time of day, and did the viewer choose what they wanted to watch or did other people choose for them (such as children.) Using qualitative research methods these questions were put to 40 respondents, who were also asked to watch the pilot programmes intended for the 5pm slot in the comfort of their own homes at around that time to test their engagement at that time of day, as well as their general thoughts and feelings about them. Through this, we found out what was actually going on in a household at 5pm, and the events that different family set ups experienced. This is imperative for planning new programmes and how well the viewers respond to them at this time of day. Ill watch Come Dine with me whilst theyre having showers or playing on the Wii I get the tea on then reward myself with a quick glass of wine before starting again Coach Trip is my guity pleasure while I work up to doing the cooking I potter around whilst the TV is on – doing things which dont take that long. I go straight to Channel 4 – programmes you dont have to think about For more info please contact Leonie Hodge (

20 If youre a producer and want to find out more about the research we do, please contact for further information.

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