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2 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS NEW FIXTEC SOLUTION FOR EASY CHANGE OF CORE BITS FIXTEC SYSTEM: M18 spindle to M16 through Fixtec arbor. Unique to Milwaukee. FIXTEC ABSORPTION KIT M30 Absorption is through the core bit. The adapter can be used with the antistatic dust extraction hose (4932 3736 29), or with the Bayonet adapter and the standard hose. On one side there are 3 external air openings, so that the ASE1400 dont switch too early in the cleaning mode. With this two adapters we have definitely found the easiest way to change core bits, we ever had. IMPROVED HANDLING The new fast release clutch together with the new gear ratio gives the user higher security in critical jamming drilling situations. Optimal for small and large drilling diameters. BETTER DRILLING PERFORMANCE ACROSS A WIDE APPLICATION BASE Improved performance from optional soft percussion emission protects also the diamond segments on the core bit from breaking out in the percussion setting. That also helps to prevent the diamond segments from clogging LONG AVS HANDLE Lower vibration. Longer, therefore better handling in critical situations. M30M18 M16M18

3 SPECIAL FEATURES IN FIGURES NEW GEAR SETTINGS In the first gear the tool runs now a little bit faster. This helps controlling the tool. Current Tool rpm: 0 – 1.100 / 0 – 3.000 NEW Setting rpm: 0 – 1.500 / 0 – 3.000 LONG AVS HANDLE This gives you a better grip and also reduces the vibration. It is the same handle as on the 10kg hammer but with M14 threat. The former extension is not needed any more. NEW TORQUE SETTINGS Thistechnical change increases the safety to the operator whilst still having the possibility to drill larger diameters. Any jamming of the core bit is easier to control. The setting is: 1st gear 50 Nm – 2nd gear 35 Nm.

4 SPECIAL FEATURES IN FIGURES NEW SOFT PERCUSSION SETTING New identations of percussion ring 0,4 mm against 1mm of former model. This allows you to use the percussion mode in any application without damaging the core bit. Many advantages: Redressing of Segments less frequently Faster drilling, because of reduced clogging of segments Better performance especially in hard materials Reduces possibility to damage diamond segments in percussion mode Drilling without soft percussion. No micro cracks in the stone. Core bit has to work harder, gets hotter and has to be re dressed more often. Drilling with soft percussion. Percussion hits micro cracks in the stone. Core bit cuts faster and easier, therefore it doesnt get so hot and has to be re dressed less frequently. 1 mm0,4 mm old new

5 SPECIAL FEATURES IN FIGURES DRILLING TEST Note: Internal Test result. Drilling Comparison of 48 holes, depth 60mm. No redressing of diamond segments during test. RED LINE drilling with soft percussion Very constant drilling time per hole. Avg. time per hole 13 sec. No need to redress the diamond segments GREY LINE drilling without soft percussion Increasing drilling time. Twice as long after 18 holes. Redressing of diamond segments is recommended after 12 holes

6 SPECIAL FEATURE SECTION NEW FIXTEC SOLUTION – HOW DOES IT WORK? FIXTEC in locked position. The ball 1 is outside the space. Metal lock 4 is locked. FIXTEC in Un-locked position. By turning the metal ring 3, the round ball 2 is then pushed in the space. Then the metal lock 4 is released. It doesnt matter how firm the core bit locks on to the spindle. The easily releases FIXTEC nut it is always easy to remove the core bit without any other tools. This principle is similar on the M16 FIXTEC adapter and on the M30 FIXTEC adapter. Both solutions are very user friendly. Both FIXTEC solutions are a must for everybody working with core bits. This is unique - this is accessory business! 1 2 3 4 3 3 lockedUn-locked 4 space

7 COMMON APPLICATIONS Drilling holes for Electrical fixtures (sockets), ventilation/ air conditioning/ water cooler, pipes (gas/ water), cable channel (Electric), residential facilities, … TARGET CUSTOMERS PLUMBERS HVAC ELECTRICIANS BUILDERS/ GENERAL CONSTRUCTION AND ALSO MANY PRIVAT USERS SEARCHING A PROFESSIONAL TOOL FOR RENOVATION 28mm, 1 Suitable for 1" copper pipe, conduit for electrical cables and blow – out pipes for Combi Boilers 38mm, 1.5 Suitable for 1.5" waste pipe (as from kitchen sinks, washing machines and dishwashers) 52mm, 2 Suitable for 2" pipe or 1.25" lagged waste pipe 65mm, 2.5 Suitable for 2.5" pipe 75mm, 3 Suitable for 2" lagged pipe 107mm, 4 Suitable for 4" (100mm) soil pipe / central ventilation outlets 117mm, 4.5 Suitable for soil pipe (100mm) with space for collar and 110mm Flue Outlets 127mm, 5 Suitable for 5" Boiler Flue outlets and extractor fans

8 3 1 4 FEATURES *PATENTED NEW – IMPROVED 1.Powerful drilling with long AVS Handle. Better handling, perfect grip, lower vibrations 2.M16 FIXTEC System, with SDS reception for pilot drill 3.New soft percussion setting. Percussion Ring with 0,4 mm instead of 1mm 4.New gear ratio and optimized torque setting. Better handling. 5.Lock on switch with variable speed. 6.2 gear steps. Ideal for different core bit diameter soft or hard material. Drilling speed full load (1. gear 890 rpm/ 2. gear 1770 rpm) Drilling speed no load (1. gear 1500 rpm/ 2. gear 3000 rpm) 7.NEW FIXTEC absorption system. With bayonet adapter for perfect connection on standard hoses. 8.NEW core bit Range for best drilling results, see also accessories. 9.Switch for percussion mode. 10.Special Pilot Drill adapters for M30 core bit system 2 5 6 7 8 9 10

9 TIPS INTRODUCTION IN DRY DIAMOND CUTTING Dry Diamond Drilling is the hand held solution for drilling large diameter into masonry. Dry Diamond Drilling is fast, efficient and also low priced Dry Diamond Drilling is ideal for light building material in interior fittings like limestone, perforated bricks, red bricks, soft clinker,… Not suitable for hard reinforced concrete. Our FIXTEC absorption system allows you to work in a dust free environment and gets the dust out of the drilling hole. This is faster and increases the lifetime of the core bit. This is particulary important in ground drilling applications and deep holes for extracting the dust out of the hole. The diamonds on the core will not wear so fast and more holes with the same core bit are possible. Dos and Donts - use the right speed through gear selection - extract the dust from the drilling hole with absorption system - dont press the tool too hard (this does not accelerate the drilling process) or too soft press it constant - re-dress dull core segments frequently

10 TIPS USAGE OF A DRY DIAMOND DRILL Core bit diameter rpm Harder material Softer material Use a tool with enough power Ensure that the machine has a slipping clutch, better with additional electronic cut out and a long side handle It is better to have a variable speed machine for soft start. The machine should operate (speed under load) between 900 – 1500 rpm. The harder the material being drilled or the larger the core size, the slower is the required rpm Normally it is right if you say Diamond Core drills cannot be used in hammer action. But with our NEW Soft Percussion Setting you reach a better performance with diamond core bits in hard material. Activating the soft percussion is sometimes the only possible way! Ensure that the core is rotating when entering and leaving the hole While drilling keep the core and machine leveled at all times Do not force the core bit this damages the diamonds – let it do the work for you. Clear the debris at regular intervals as a build up of debris may cause over heating, excessive clutch wear and possibly segment loss. Or even better use the absorption system especially in solid material.

11 QUESTIONS & ANSWERS What do I have to do if the core bit does not drill properly? Re dress the core bit by drilling into a very abrasive material (high sand content). Check if the pilot drill is damaged or if the spindle of the tool has a failure. What do I have to do if the tool drills to slow or stops drilling? Speed of tool is too high or too slow. Also it is possible that the diamonds are polished or dull. It could also be that the material is too hard or that the selected core bit doesnt fit the material. Whats wrong when the core bit jams stuck in the hole? Core bit is not in an right angle or there is too much dust in the hole which blocks the drill bit. Core segment wear too fast? Drilling speed is wrong, probably too slow and tool is pushed too hard. The guidance is not precise enough. The material is too hard. Im losing diamond segments? Core bit is running off line. There could be also too much dust creeping between core bit and hole.

12 SPECIFICATION Catalog number3686 90 (220V EU) 3687 05 (240V GB) 3687 00 (110V GB) EAN CODE4002395232505 (220V EU) 4002395232628 (240V GB) 4002395232512 (110V GB) Availability in PTDEU Version FEB 2004 Volts (AC/DC)220-240 Watt1500 No load speed rpm0 – 1.500 / 0 – 3.000 Speed under load rpm0 – 890 / 0 – 1.770 Soft percussion impacts24.000 / 48.000 Spindle DiameterM18 Gear neck mm diameter57 Weight incl. adapter and add. Handle kg4,2 Measurement l x b x h mm (with adapter)450 x 80 x 140 Total weight incl. Packaging Tools per Euro pallet STANDART EQUIPMENT: Case, AVS handle, FIXTEC adapter M16 on M18 spindle, SDS Drill bit (GB standard chuck)

13 ACCESSORIES FIXTEC absorption system M30 on M18 spindle. Including Bayonet absorption adapter Part No. 4932 3991 75 Pilot Drill adapter for FIXTEC absorption adapter M30 - for 100 mm core bit - for 400 mm core bit - suitable drill 110 x 8 mm Part No. 4932 3992 21 4932 3991 73 4932 3070 70 FIXTEC Chuck for M16 core bits on M18 spindle. Part No. 4932 3991 74 FIXTEC Chuck for M16 core bits on r ½ spindle Part No. 4932 3992 19 FIXTEC Chuck M16 for ½ spindle including adapter for standard chuck. (SW11) Part No. 4932 3992 20

14 ACCESSORIES Pilot drill for M16 chuck (M18 spindle) - for 60mm core bit drill bit 140 x 8 mm Part No. 4932 3070 71 Pilot drill for M16 chuck (1/2 spindle) - for 60 mm core bit drill bit 160 x 8 mm Part No. 4932 3070 71 Range M30 Core bits, working length 400 mm. Diameter 32 42 52 68 82 102 112 122 127 132 152 162 399161 399162 399163 399164 399165 399166 399167 399168 399169 399170 399171 399172

15 ACCESSORIES Guidance plates for pilot drill. 32 42 52 68 82 102 112 122 127 132 152 162 Part No. 4932 399222 399223 399224 399225 399226 399227 399228 399229 399230 399231 399232 399233 Antistatic hosePart No. 4932 3736 29 Core Bits M30 Diameter 68 mm 82 mm Part No. 4932 3992 17 3992 18 Core Bits M16 Diameter 68 mm 82 mm Part No. 4932 3719 78 3719 79 Small screw Big screw 4931 6216 95 4931 6236 82

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