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Summer Projects Patrick Willoughby Maintenance Engineering.

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1 Summer Projects Patrick Willoughby Maintenance Engineering

2 Project One: Equipment Manuals n Developed a set of manuals with drawings, parts lists and information for machinery n Equipment: Pumps, Compressors, etc.

3 Project Two: Plant Air Analysis n Did a redesign of the compressed air system n Read literature on how to perform a system audit n Developed a list of problems with the system and possible solutions

4 Compressed Air System Audit

5 Examples of Problems & Solutions n Compressor Control System n Current System: Old, inaccurate pneumatic system n Proposed System: Networked digital system with a controlling computer n Could provide payback in one year and savings of $100,000 or more per year afterwards n Add Useful Storage to System n Current System: Very little storage is present and it is useless n Proposed System: Several options are available including critical user storage or a load shaping system n Savings could be large, especially if a compressor could be shutdown

6 Vendors n Worked with vendors to get price quotes for new equipment n Developed a list of advantages and disadvantages for each equipment alternative Vendors included: Ingersoll-Rand Elliot Company Joy Turbocompressors ProTech Controls Compressor Controls Corporation

7 Project Three: Drawings Corrections n Updated drawings and equipment numbers for the following areas: –Fire Protection –Plant Air –Plant Water –Steam Plant n Specifically dealt with General Layout Drawings

8 Project Four: Bearing Isolators n Devices that are installed on boiler draft fans for protection from dust and particles in the air n Worked with Sales Representative to get bearing dimensions and price quotes

9 Project Five: Firewater Pump Rebuild n #4 Firewater Pump is in bad condition and requires repairs n Rebuild would involve various techniques to return pump to the original dimensions and tolerances n The company doing the rebuild specializes in a ceramic composite coating that lengthens the lifetime

10 Project Six: Fuel Oil Pump Replacement n The pumps that supply #2 Boilerhouse with fuel oil are obsolete n Project will replace two pairs of pumps with a new pair and redesign piping system with one supply line to the boilers

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