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Välkommen, welcome, huān yíng, welkom, Bienvenue, willkommen, fogadtatás, benvenuto, velkommen, powitanie, bem-vindo, croeso, bienvenido, vítejte FAILURE MODES & EFFECTS ANALYSIS The following slides display information about Gavin Robbins Consulting Limited and the dedicated FMEA software.

3 Gavin Robbins Consulting Ltd.
Gavin Robbins Consulting Limited is headed by Gavin Robbins who entered the world of FMEA in He has international work experience; having worked in: Europe: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, England, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary & Wales Asia: China, Malaysia & South Korea Americas: North America & Mexico Scandinavia: Sweden & Norway Africa: South Africa & Tunisia

4 Gavin Robbins Consulting Ltd.
Gavin Robbins has honed his FMEA knowledge by performing risk analysis on products and providing trainings for a number of companies that operate in a variety of industries, such as: Aerospace: gyroscopes & seating Automotive: seating, transmissions, drive shafts, airbags, instrument clusters, sensors, valves, handles, key fobs… Food: Packaging manufacture Medical: Medical Devices (e.g. capsulorhexis technique & medication metered dosage) Nuclear: Cranes Electronics: Power station switches, airbag triggers Climate control: boilers, heat exchangers, air treatment

5 Gavin Robbins Consulting Ltd.
Gavin Robbins Consulting Limited was established in 2007 to provide the following services: FMEA Facilitation: Systems, Designs & Processes for any product FMEA Training: Design, System and Process Methodology (VDA approach) & Moderator FMEA Software Training: IQ-Software FMEA Software Sales: IQ-FMEA, IQ-RM..

6 Gavin Robbins Consulting Ltd.
Since establishment Gavin Robbins Consulting Limited has helped nearly 30 companies kick FMEA into touch, by: providing bespoke trainings that meet company norms being flexible to be available in a time of urgency or that fits within the development life cycle having a proven track record of helping clients pass customer / quality audits. Having the appropriate knowledge and experience You can view testimonials that are published on the website

7 Benefits of employing a FMEA facilitator
An experienced FMEA practitioner minimises digression into different types of FMEA The use of dedicated FMEA software makes the exercise more efficient and visual A effective FMEA records intellectual capital for the future developments Experienced FMEA facilitation will save time and make meetings more focused and constructive. Kick-off questions can prompt immediate implementation of corrective measures “FMEA results provided in an open file format”

8 Benefits of employing a FMEA facilitator
Effective FMEA is a mitigation against product liability law suits as it is ‘proof of due diligence’ An external FMEA facilitator may ask the ‘stupid questions’ that may have been overlooked as they may be thinking outside of the box Resultant robust products provide a competitive edge for the company and reinforces it’s good image. Reinforces communication within the business The risk assessment and subsequent risk reduction will ultimately increase the ROI “every £1 spent on FMEA can save £1,000 at a later date!”

9 FMEA Training Gavin Robbins Consulting Limited has provided numerous FMEA trainings, these can be tailored to meet companies requirements, according to: Duration: normally 1 to 2 days Subject: type(s) of FMEA to focus on Content: use of company specific products for the case study and risk factor descriptions Training material, certificates of attendance and a complimentary pen are provided. Trainings are provided on-site and groups are split into teams for practical exercises.

10 FMEA Methodology To ensure that FMEA is undertaken effectively a structured approach is recommended. The approach that Gavin Robbins Consulting Limited employs is the VDA Methodology. VDA is ‘the association of German motor car manufacturers’ ( This approach to FMEA coerces the FMEA participants to analyse, with focus, whilst inadvertently re-analysing previous steps; ultimately ensuring that all potential risks have been considered and dealt with accordingly. This disciplined approach is now widely employed by many international manufacturing companies and has 5 clear stages…

11 FMEA Methodology Structuring Functional Analysis Failure Analysis
Risk Assessment Risk Reduction 1 2 3 4 5 5 Steps towards effective quality documentation and robust products

12 FMEA Software Training
Gavin Robbins has been providing IQ-Software trainings since 2000, thus has product knowledge of IQ-FMEA to IQ-RM Pro from version 3.5 to 6. Again these seminars can be tailored to meet companies needs, according to: Duration: normally 2 to 3 days Software: version and product Subject: type(s) of FMEA to focus on Content: use of company specific products for the case study and risk factor descriptions Training material, certificates of attendance and a complimentary pen are provided. Trainings are provided on-site and requires that each participant has access to a computer with the software pre-installed. Temporary training licences are available upon request.

13 FMEA Software Employing a dedicated FMEA software product will ease the pain associated with this risk analysis. Gavin Robbins Consulting Limited currently utilises a market leading product called IQ-FMEA because..

14 FMEA Software the visual presentation of the data reinforces understanding and provides clarity.

15 FMEA Software it conforms to current quality standards (VDA, AIAG..), such as the descriptions for the risk factors of Severity, Occurrence and Detection.

16 FMEA Software The software does not require additional software licences and the data created can be exported to an open file format such as HTML (e.g. as a website), which can be viewed by any internet browser

17 FMEA Software information can be reused for future developments, or for variants in the production or product

18 FMEA Software existing data can be imported from other software applications…

19 FMEA Software that it can be worked on further to ensure the risk analysis is thorough and complete

20 FMEA Software administration of people and their corrective actions is easy

21 FMEA Software The IQ-Software supports international businesses because of its multiple languages at interface and data level, plus…

22 FMEA Software the ability to provide the FMEA in a format specified in company norms or by the customer. For example, a customer in USA may normally request the FMEA to be presented in the AIAG 4th edition format, whereas a German customer may require it in the VDA 96 format.

23 FMEA Software easy exchange and management of data when implemented as a single software product, plus the cloning functionality (simultaneous engineering). Clone is created Clone is modified Clone changed are accepted or vetoed

24 FMEA Software easy report production with adaptable graphs and statistics makes it an impressive tool for demonstrating the information to a customer.

25 FMEA Software other analysis such as functional safety, fault trees, DRBFM (design review based on failure mode), process flow diagrams, control plans and fishbone diagrams are all available as a consequence of performing FMEA

26 FMEA Software Licence fees valid until March If you need a NLX version or a quotation in pounds sterling, then please contact us. Software maintenance provides: distribution of updates , notifications of major service packs and software support via , fax or telephone

27 FMEA Software Computers that can run Microsoft Office can run the IQ-Software. Below is the recommended PC specification for version 6: CPU clock speed 800 MHz or faster Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7 Hard disk with 200MB free space CD ROM drive (for installation) 512 MB RAM or more Display resolution: 1280x1024

28 Penkridge, Stafford, ST19 5TE. UK
tack, thanks, xièxie, dank u wel, merci, danke, köszönöm, grazie, tak, dziękuję, obrigado, diolch, gracias, děkuj, ďakujem +44 (0) Penkridge, Stafford, ST19 5TE. UK


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