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TS BurnerMate TS Overview. TS Overview q Introduction q Components q Control Strategies q Auxiliary Controllers / Flame Safeguard q SCADA System Integration.

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1 TS BurnerMate TS Overview

2 TS Overview q Introduction q Components q Control Strategies q Auxiliary Controllers / Flame Safeguard q SCADA System Integration q Competitive Comparison q Summary

3 TS Introduction The BurnerMate ® TS is a combined boiler control, flame safeguard, and monitoring system with a touch screen operator interface. BurnerMate is a full scope control package that assures safe and efficient control with undivided system integration responsibility.

4 TS Preferred Instruments has 35 years of Combustion Control Experience with… 4 A Third Generation Digital Controller 4 Over 3000 Boiler Control System Installations 4 Over 2400 PCC II/III Controllers Installed Exclusively in Combustion Control Applications 4 Over 45 SCADA/Flex Projects Rotary Cup Burner Projects Experience

5 TS BurnerMate TS Components

6 TS 10 Touch Screen Operator Interface Accurate Servo Actuator Integrated Oxygen Analyzer! System Composition

7 TS Touch Screen Operator Interface Fully Integrated Touch Screen…

8 TS Touch Screen Operator Interface q Monitor and control boiler operation, setpoints, and process data from one convenient display q Commissioning activities are laid out in an easy to follow step-by-step procedure, eliminating the need for knowledge of controller menus and programming languages

9 TS Touch Screen Operator Interface Alarm banner, Silence button, and Navigation Auto/Manual Control Real time boiler management data

10 TS





15 DCS-III Programmable Control DCS-III Controller…

16 TS DCS-III Programmable Control q The DCS-III is a state-of-the-art, boiler-focused programmable logic controller q The large I/O quantity, small sub-panel foot print, intuitive Blockware, redundant memories, and built-in industry standard communication allows the DCS-III to be integrated into complex boiler control systems with a minimum number of external components

17 TS Easy Commissioning q The Learn Mode feature allows multiple F(x) block input vs. output profiles to be entered simultaneously with a push of a button! Store button to simultaneously store the firing rate, oxygen and burner air flow rate value into the appropriate F(x) blocks

18 TS BurnerMate TS Advanced Communication…

19 TS Internet, Web Site Access q A standard WEB Browser provides remote monitoring and operation q Custom software is not required q Historical Alarm and event data can be imported to spreadsheet applications such as MS Excel

20 TS Intranet Communication q The ethernet communication port is easily assigned an IP address and connected to a facility wide network q Remote monitoring, control and data collection is available via a standard WEB Browser q Building Automation Systems and SCADA Systems are interfaced via industry standard MODBUS Ethernet communication

21 TS Integral Oxygen Analyzer DCS-III with "Z" Option Board Connecting Cable ZP-xx Oxygen Probe Calibration Gas Input Grade Level Connection By Others Power Supply No separate analyzer, one less item to mount Field replaceable probe Only one conduit to stack.

22 TS q Proven Reliable n Sensing element has been proven reliable in 100s of installation over the last 10 years q No Reference Air n The probe uses ambient air as a reference. n Competitors use instrument air and run the risk of element cracking due to water q Automated, menu driven pushbutton calibration. q Fully automatic calibration package available. Integral Oxygen Analyzer

23 TS q Thick cell n Avoids premature cell failures q Ceramic heater n provides reliable long life q Complete detailed diagnostics q Automatic impedance checking n Alarms when time to recalibrate n Alarms when reaching end of cell life q Optional fuel gas temperature element T/C input Integral Oxygen Analyzer

24 TS BurnerMate TS Control Strategies

25 TS Fully Metered System

26 TS Fully Metered System q This control strategy with oxygen trim and variable speed fan control offers the best opportunity to save fuel and electrical cost with a control system upgrade q This strategy measures both the fuel flow and the combustion air flow q PID control is used for both fuel and air flow control, assuring the accurate maintenance of fuel and air flow setpoints

27 TS Parallel Positioning System

28 TS Parallel Positioning System q This control strategy includes up to five (5) servo channels, allowing independent control of fuel valves, air and fuel gas re-circulation dampers q The fuel-air ratio is established and adjusted by use of a soft function curve of fuel valve vs. damper position q Parallel positioning enables tighter fuel-air ratio control, which improves boiler efficiency q Combining this control method with oxygen trim and variable speed fan control offers substantial cost savings for a fast payback

29 TS Single Point Positioning System

30 TS Single Point Positioning System q This control strategy mechanically links the fuel valve, air and flue gas control dampers to a single actuator q Generally, the fuel valve has a characterizable flow versus position relationship that is used to establish the fuel-air ratio over the range of modulation q This method is recommended when the boiler size or service hours do not justify addition of a VSD

31 TS BurnerMate TS Auxiliary Controller / Flame Safeguard

32 TS Integrated Auxiliary Controller q Draft Control – Stable & repeatable draft control is essential for efficient boiler operation. This is especially important for boilers with induced Flue Gas Recirculation (FGR) Nox reduction. q Feedwater Control – Single element, two element or three element feedwater control may be provided. Water column blowdown is prompted and logged to ensure proper maintenance.

33 TS q Features n The Flame Safeguard System provides the proper burner sequencing, ignition and flame monitoring protection on single burner, automatically ignited oil or gas fired boilers. n The system uses a fail-safe, de-energize to trip design. Upon the loss of system power the fuel safety shutoff valves are automatically closed and ignition components are de-energized. Flame Safeguard

34 TS q Features (continued) n On a safety shutdown, the message display will advise the operator that the control is in Lockout and will indicate the specific cause and the state in the operating sequence where the shutdown occurred. n Proof of purge, low fire position interlocks, and fuel valve end switch safety checks are also included. n A drum level conductivity probe relay is incorporated for an auxiliary Low Water Cutout safety interlock. Flame Safeguard

35 TS BurnerMate TS SCADA System Integration

36 TS Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition: 4 Windows XP based workstations 4 Programmable Controller based combustion control hardware 4 Up to 31 I/O per controller 4 Touch Screen interface can be used as backup control station if the workstation, or communication network breaks down 4 Service Manual mode can be used as backup control station if the Loop Controller fails SCADA System

37 TS Expanded Remote Systems

38 TS Process Style Boiler Overview

39 TS Flame Safeguard Overview

40 TS Store Data for Analysis Later

41 TS BurnerMate TS Competitive Comparison

42 TS Comparison

43 TS Comparison

44 TS Comparison

45 TS Comparison

46 TS Summary BurnerMate TS has…. 4 Integrated fuel-air ratio, flame safeguard, draft, and feedwater controls 4 Single Point Positioning, Parallel Positioning, and Fully Metered Combustion Control 4 Single or Dual Fuel Flame Safeguard with easy trouble shooting. 4 Low Cost Full Scope Package.

47 TS Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corp Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation South St. Danbury CT T: (203) F: (203)

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