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And Taking Care of People!

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1 And Taking Care of People!
BUILDING STRONG And Taking Care of People! COL Mark Toy, P.E. Commander Los Angeles District May 2012 SAME San Diego Post May 2012

2 South Pacific Region Albuquerque ( SPA ) Sacramento ( SPK )
OREGON IDAHO WYOMING COLORADO UTAH NEVADA NEW MEXICO TEXAS ARIZONA CALIFORNIA Albuquerque ( SPA ) LTC Jason Williams Sacramento ( SPK ) COL Bill Leady Los Angeles ( SPL ) COL Mark Toy San Francisco ( SPN ) LTC Torrey Diciro WE are one of four districts in the South Pacific Region. Our area of responsibility covers the southern portion of California, all of Arizona, the southern half of Nevada, and just a corner of Utah. Region - Centric Operations Regional Business Center (RBC) The USACE business unit Districts execute; RBCs support Business Lines / Communities of Practice 2

3 Who We Serve The Los Angeles District provides world class engineering solutions and project management services that respond to the needs of the nation, the environment, and the public. 226,000 square miles Support to 8 million acres of military installations 80,000 acres of USACE project properties 420 miles of shore line / 14 harbors ENVIRONMENTAL “EXTREMES” ( in contiguous 48 states ) : Hottest and Driest Locations (Death Valley) Highest Elevation - Mount Whitney (14,494’ above sea level) Lowest Elevation - Bad Water, Death Valley (282’ below sea level ) Critical Habitat / Biodiversity (385 Threatened / Endangered Species) 30 Million people ( 1 in 10 Americans ) Population growing by 300,000 annually 3 of 8 Most Populated US cities ( Los Angeles / San Diego / Phoenix ) 8 U.S. SEN / 44 U.S. REP / 4 GOV World’s 8th largest economy ( > Canada / Spain ) CA ports = 31% US trade Ports of LA / Long Beach = US No. 1 and 2 LA Customs = US No. 1 ( $360 BIL annually ) LA Metro = US No. 1 manufacturer ( employment ) Civil Works Military Army Installation Air Force Installation Area Office Resident Office

4 Congressional Delegation
California (34) Sen. Barbara Boxer (D) Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D) Kevin McCarthy (R-22) Lois Capps (D-23) Elton Gallegly (R-24) Howard “Buck” McKeon (R-25) David Dreier (R-26) Brad Sherman (D-27) Howard L. Berman (D-28) Adam Schiff (D-29) Henry A. Waxman (D-30) Xavier Becerra (D-31) Judy Chu (D-32) Karen Bass (D-33) Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-34) Maxine Waters (D-35) Janice Hahn(D-36) Laura Richardson (D-37) Grace Flores Napolitano (D-38) Linda T. Sanchez (D-39) Ed Royce (R-40) Jerry Lewis (R-41) Gary G. Miller (R-42) Joe Baca (D-43) Ken Calvert (R-44) Mary Bono Mack (R-45) Dana Rohrabacher (R-46) Loretta Sanchez (D-47) John Campbell (R-48) Darrell Issa (R-49) Brian P. Bilbray (R-50) Bob Filner (D-51) Duncan R. Hunter (R-52) Susan A. Davis (D-53) Arizona (10) Sen.John McCain (R) Sen. Jon Kyl (R) Paul Gosar (R1) Trent Franks (R-2) Ben Quayle (R-3) Ed Pastor (D-4) David Schweikert (R-5) Jeff Flake (R-6) Raul M. Grijalva (D-7) Gabrielle Giffords (D-8) OREGON IDAHO WYOMING NEVADA Nevada (5) Sen. Harry Reid (D) Sen. John Ensign (R) Shelley Berkley (D-1) Dean Heller (R-2) Joe Heck (D-3) UTAH CALIFORNIA COLORADO Utah (3) Sen. Orrin G. Hatch (R) Sen. Mike Lee (R) Jim Matheson (D-2) ARIZONA NEW MEXICO 56 Elected Officials 8 U.S. Senators / 44 U.S. Representatives / 4 Governors + 4 Governors TEXAS

5 Congressional Outreach
Service Academy Events Meetings at Project Sites Ribbon Cuttings

6 Our Business Lines Interagency & International Support Military
Civil Works 6

7 District Program Funding
ARRA $1 Billion FY 12 Actual $ 846,054,300 FY 13 Projected $ 728,975,260 Interagency and International Support ( I&IS ) $ 160,390,349 Interagency and International Support ( I&IS ) $ 109,717,849 Military $ 547,817,906 19% 16 % 65 % Military $ 559,975,259 15 % 77 % 8 % Civil Works $ 58,833,191 President’s Budget Civil Works $ 137,846,030 7

8 Civil Works Program IBWC Tijuana Estuary, CA San Luis Rey
& Los Angeles River San Diego Harbor, CA

9 MILITARY PROGRAM Military Construction FY11 $187.2M ($77.0M carried over to FY12) FY12 $ 542.0M NEVADA ARIZONA CALIFORNIA Nellis AFB Creech AFB Edwards AFB Fort Irwin Vandenberg AFB March ARB Davis-Monthan AFB Luke AFB Fort Huachuca Yuma Proving Grounds Los Alamitos JFTB NEVADA FY11 O&M ~$100M Environmental ~$ 43 M Fort Irwin Hospital ARIZONA F35 Beddown Davis-Monthan AFB Fort Irwin Water Treatment Facility Site Map Fort Huachuca JTTR, Yuma AZ 9

10 Interagency & International Support
NEVADA ARIZONA UTAH CALIFORNIA CBP Tactical Infrastructure Vertical Infrastructure ( miles ) LOS ANGELES LAS VEGAS PHOENIX Yuma Welton Ajo ( CPNWK) Tucson Casa Grande Florence Douglas NACO Nogales Calexico El Centro Border Patrol / Customs and Border Protection Veterans Affairs Department of Homeland Security Bureau of Indian Affairs Bureau of Land Management Bureau of Prisons Department of Agriculture Drug Enforcement Agency Environmental Protection Agency Federal Emergency Management Agency Food and Drug Administration Department of Transportation SAN DIEGO VA GREATER LOS ANGELES VA San Diego TUCSON VA

11 Taking Care of Small Business’
Taking Care of People…. Taking Care of Small Business’ SPL Business Opportunities Open House (Los Angeles, CA) American Society of Civil Engineers (Riverside, CA) Industry Day (Fort Irwin, CA) American Council of Engineering Companies Society of American Military Engineers (Orange County, CA) SAME LA Monthly Meetings Alliance for Construction Excellence (Phoenix, AZ) SPD’s 11th Annual Veterans & Small Business Conference (Sparks, NV) SAME Business Opportunities Forum (Los Angeles, CA) Society of American Military Engineers (San Diego, CA) Asian American Architects & Engineers Association (Los Angeles, CA) SPL Business Opportunities Open House (Los Angeles, CA)

12 Taking Care of Small Business’
Taking Care of People…. Taking Care of Small Business’

PROJECT TITLE PROJECT LOCATION **RANGE OR CAPACITY TYPE OF CONTRACT ***PLANNED SET-ASIDE DECISION PLANNED PRE-ADVERTISED DATE Design/const Sterilization, Processing and Distribution & 2,330 sf of SPD admin. Offices VA Loma Linda Facility 6 Construction SDVOSB 3rd Qtr Soil Embankment protection Reach 9, Gypsum Canyon Road Orange County, CA SB 4th Qtr Adobe Dike Construction San Bernardino Co, CA Renovate Bldg. 1 First Floor Volunteer and Patient Srvcs Phase 2 VA San Diego Healthcare System Facility SARM Marsh Dredging 7 Construct F-35 ADAL Aircraft Maintenance Unit (AMU) Luke AFB Glendale Arizona Expand/Renovate Dental Clinic B126 VA Long Beach, CA Healthcare System Fac. Renovate 2nd Floor, Bldg 500, Inpatient Mental Health Ward VA Greater Los Angeles Facility Renovate Existing Dental Space to Ambulatory Care Phase 2 Renovate 4 South Patient Privacy Install Mission Complex Physical Protection System Creech AFB, Nevada Renovate Ambulatory Care Mental Health Clinics

PROJECT TITLE PROJECT LOCATION **RANGE OR CAPACITY TYPE OF CONTRACT ***PLANNED SET-ASIDE DECISION PLANNED PRE-ADVERTISED DATE Replace Boilers Bldg 5 VA Long Beach, California Healthcare System Facility 7 Construction SDVOSB 3rd Qtr Inpatient Psychiatry Expansion VA San Diego Healthcare System Facility 4th Qtr D/B and Renovate NHCU Cultural Transformation VA Loma Linda Facility Renovate Pathology Lab Bldg 126 VA LONG BEACH HEALTH CARE FACILITY FUDS- MESA IDIQ Contract Various Locations $9.9M SERVICE 8(a) Construct F-35 Squadron Operations Aircraft Maintenance Unit-2 Luke AFB Glendale Arizona 8 UNR Fencing IDIQ Edwards AFB, CA $29M SB Construct 350 Room Visitor's Quarters Davis Monthan AFB, AZ 9 1st Qtr FY 13 New VA MATOC VA Greater Los Angeles Facility $49.5M NEW SDVOSB MATOC $100M Water Treatment Plant at Fort Irwin Fort Irwin, CA 10

15 Doing Business With the Corps
Federal Business Opportunities Los Angeles District Small Business Specialist Mary Spencer Chief of Engineering Division Rick Leifield (213) Chief of Planning Division Josephine Axt (213) Chief of Construction Division John Keever (213)

Southern California Area Office Area Engineer Harold Hartman, P.E. (661) x224 Edwards AFB Resident Office John Stephens, PE (661) Arizona Nevada Area Office Area Engineer Richard Fontanilla, P.E. (602) Fort Irwin Resident Office Bill Brewer, P.E. (Acting) (760) San Andreas Resident Office Eleanor Encinas, P.E. (626) Las Vegas Resident Office Rob Caskie (702) San Diego Resident Office Julie Martinez, P.E, (858) Road Runner Resident Office Troy Olson, P.E. (602) Santa Ana Dams Resident Office Michael Siu, P.E. (951) Tucson Resident Office Shari Brandt, P.E. (520)

17 Working With The Corps We hire students! Visit us at a school job fair
Send us your resume Our Student Program: Available only to Engineer and Scientist students working towards an undergraduate or graduate degree Students may work part-time during school year and full-time during summer Each student is appointed a senior employee advisor Earn your degree and complete 640 hours of employment to be non-competitively converted to an Intern 17

18 “People are the foundation for everything we do
“People are the foundation for everything we do. If we provide the proper training and facilities for them to be successful, then people will accomplish our #1 mission: project and program execution. In Los Angeles, we are Building Strong and Taking Care of People.”

19 Building Strong And Taking Care of People!
San Diego!

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