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How big is your area? Czech republic78 867 km² Poland312 679 km ² Sweden449 964 km ² England130 395 km².

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1 How big is your area? Czech republic78 867 km² Poland312 679 km ² Sweden449 964 km ² England130 395 km²

2 Between which two latitudes is your country? Czech republic From 12 degree on the west to the 17 degree on the east Poland Between 49 degree N and 54 degree 50 N Sweden Latitude 54 to 66 and longitude 40 and 20 England England lies on the meridian towards the west from 0 to 180 degrees west longitude

3 What is the highest point? Name and sea level. Czech republic1602 above the sea level Sněžka in the Giant mountains PolandRysy, 2499 above the sea level SwedenKebnekaise, It is 2 111 m over the sea level EnglandScarefell Pike (Lake District)978 m (3209 feet)

4 What is the lowest point? Czech republic116 m above the sea level, it is the plave where the river Elbe leaves the Czech republic in Hřensko Poland1,8 m above the sea level- Raczki Elbląskie SwedenThe bay of the lake hammarsjön, 2,41 m under sea level. EnglandThe fens (Lincolnshire /Cambridgeshire)

5 Who do you border on? Which border is the longest and the shortest? Czech republicSlovakia252, Poland 762 km, Germany – 810 km, Austria 466 km, PolandCzech Republic-the longest, Germany, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania –the shortest SwedenThe longest is the border to Norway and the shortest is Finland. EnglandScotland and Wales

6 Which river is the longest? Where does it spring and flow? Czech republicThe river Vltava – 433 km, it springs in Sumava mountains Poland Wisła, it springs in Barania Góra, flows: Morze Bałtyckie SwedenKlarälven, It is 720 m. EnglandRiver Thames 346 km (215 miles)

7 What type of climate is in your country? Czech republicThe continental and oceanic with four seasons PolandTemperate and transitional SwedenTemperate EnglandTemperate

8 Where is the wettest and driest area? Czech republic 1532 mm annual rainfall in Lysá peak in the Beskydy mountains Under 450 mm annual rainfall in the north Bohemia around Žatec Poland The wettest: Tatra Mountains, the driest: Wielkopolska, Kujawy Sweden The wettest is Hallandsåsen and the driest area is Målilla. EnglandThe wettest –North West, the driest – South East

9 What is the coldest and hottest month? What is the average temperature in these month? Czech republicThe coldest month is January( - 7 degrees), the hottest month is July (20 degrees) PolandThe coldest month is January (- 6 degrees), the hotest month is July (20 degrees) SwedenThe coldest month is January (- 2,8 degrees), the hottest month is July (15-17 degrees) EnglandThe coldest-February 1 degree C,the hottest- July - 20.6.degrees C

10 Have you got any natural raw sources? Which one and where? Czech republic Black coal in the north of Moravia, brown coal in the west of Bohemia, Sand, oil, natural gas, pottery clay, building stone, Poland Coal: Górnosląskie Zagłębie,natural gas: Niż Polski Pomorze Zachodnie, salt: Kłodowa, Mogilno Sweden Forest and ores, like iron, gold, silver and copper. England Coal, stone, sand, gravel, copper, tin, Nort Sea Oil and gas

11 Have you got any nuclear power station? The Czech RepublicYes, in the south Bohemia, near Austria PolandNo SwedenYes, Forsmark, Oskarshamn and Rlnghals England 12-Glaucestershire, Suffolk,Essex, Cumbria, Co.Durham,Somerset, Lancarhire, Kent and Dorset

12 What are the main crops that you grow? The Czech Republic Wheat, potatoes, oilseed rape, barley, rye, hop plant Poland Potatoes, oilseed rape, sugar, beets, cereals Sweden Wheat, barley, rice, corn, lenses, peas, beans, sugar canes, sugar beans and potatoes England Wheat, barley, potatoes, sugar beet

13 What kind of main industry is in your country? The Czech Republic Car industry (car Škoda), metarullgical, brewery, chemical Poland Car industry, chemical, brewery Sweden Forest and car (Volvo) England Manufacturing-food processing,brewing, computers, textiles, vehicles

14 What do you export? The Czech Republic Cars, beer, chemical products, electricity Poland Meat, juice, car Sweden Wood, oats, iron, cooper England Nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery, mineral fuels, mineral oils, cars

15 What do you import? The Czech Republic Gas, oil products, cars, medical products, computers Poland Medical products, cars, textile products Sweden Oil electricity and farmingtools England Fruit and vegetables, timber, tea, tobacco, textiles, toys, gas, steel, sugar

16 What type of state is your country? The Czech Republic Republic Poland Republic Sweden Democracy England Monarchy

17 Who is a head of your country? The Czech Republic The President Poland The President Sweden The prime minister (Fredrik Reinfelt) England Queen Elizabeth II.

18 How many inhabitants live in your country? The Czech Republic 10,5 million inhabitants Poland 38 million inhabitants Sweden 9 million inhabitants England 51 million

19 What is an average age? (tottaly,men, women) The Czech Republic 72,5 for men,78,5 for women it means the age for surviving average age is 39,3 for men and 43 for women it means all people in population Poland 71 for men, 80 for women Sweden 31,4 for men, 29 for women England 38 for men, 41 for women, total 39,5 years

20 How high is percentage of unemployment? Where is this percentage the highest? The Czech Republic 7,7 percentage in all country, but it dependents on area – the lowest is in Prague, the highest is in north in Bohemia and north in Moravia Poland 10,5 percentage, the highest Sweden 7,5 percentage England 91,7percentage employed, highest unemployment areas – North West

21 What is the most atractive place in your country? Do a questionnaire with students? The Czech Republic Prague Poland Cracow, Warsaw, Zakopane Sweden Nacka forum, Stockholm (shopping centre) England London

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