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The CCC/IOU Energy Efficiency Partnership How to Utilize Proposition 39 Funding for Energy and Cost Saving Project s CCIA Conference –Coast Community College.

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1 The CCC/IOU Energy Efficiency Partnership How to Utilize Proposition 39 Funding for Energy and Cost Saving Project s CCIA Conference –Coast Community College District October 4, 2013 Ron Beeler CCC/IOU Outreach Manager Claudette Dain, Vice President, Fullerton College

2 CCC/IOU Energy Efficiency Partnership 2 California Community Colleges California Community Colleges Chancellors Office A System Perspective

3 CCC/IOU Energy Efficiency Partnership 3 California Community Colleges The Largest System of Public Higher Ed in the WORLD 2.4 million students annually 1/4 of all community college students in U.S. Are enrolled in Californias community colleges System of FIRST Choice We serve the bottom 100% of students!!

4 CCC/IOU Energy Efficiency Partnership 4 California Community Colleges Systemwide Detail 72 districts encompassing 112 colleges, 72 approved off-campus centers and 23 separately reported district offices 24,398 acres of land, 5,281 buildings, and 75.6 million square feet of space 2.4 million students annually – 75% of the states public undergraduate students – 25% of community college students nationwide

5 CCC/IOU Energy Efficiency Partnership 5 California Community Colleges Systemwide Facilities Needs $35.8 Billion over next 10 years 5 year needs in new & existing facilities Enrollment Growth = 18.5m new ASF Modernization = 27.3m ASF of existing bldgs – 67% over 25 years old – 46% over 40 years old

6 CCC/IOU Energy Efficiency Partnership 6 There will NEVER be enough money! Better Planning & Facility utilization Streamlined project delivery systems Benchmark to industry best practices AND 1. Collaborative Partnerships 2. Focus on Life Cycle / Sustainable benefits 3. C apital investments relieve district budgets Need to work SMARTER:

7 CCC/IOU Energy Efficiency Partnership 7 Proposition 39 Adopted by the voters in November 2012 to close corporate tax loopholes and will provide roughly $550 million annually to K-12 and CCCs for Energy Projects CCCs will receive $40 million for FY 2013-2014 distributed on an FTES basis to all CCC Districts for energy efficiency and renewable generation projects Chancellors Office will work with Districts and CCC/IOU Partnership to identify and fund projects – currently $350 million identified so far! Implementation will parallel CCC/IOU Partnership process to combine Prop 39 funds and leverage utility incentives

8 CCC/IOU Energy Efficiency Partnership 8 Proposition 39 Draft Program Guidelines issued by Chancellors Office defines program requirements –Project qualification criteria –Project proposal and process for receiving funding –M&V and Reporting Requirements Final Guidelines to be released later this month Project funds will be distributed based on approved Project Applications starting this fall

9 CCC/IOU Energy Efficiency Partnership 9 What Districts need to know Understand the specific parameters of Prop 39 and procurement challenges Consider adopting strategies that foster overall success Understand how to equip your staff with tools for success Utilize your resources…CCC-IOU Become a successful planner

10 CCC/IOU Energy Efficiency Partnership 10 Understanding Parameters Familiarize yourself with the program Funding protocol, time and frequency –Funding application Project completion requirements –Pre & Post implementation inspections Project reporting requirements –CCCCO Program Tracking Database –For reporting to CEC

11 CCC/IOU Energy Efficiency Partnership 11 Understanding Parameters Identify your projects (small and large) –Mix long and short payback period projects Get your projects on the list…add to it –CCCCO…Call for Projects The opportunity is waiting for you Capture the dollars

12 CCC/IOU Energy Efficiency Partnership 12 Overcoming Challenges Project lead times may impact delivery Material supplies (supply vs. demand) Public Contract Code requirements Govt. Code 4217 requirements In-house labor limitations Consultant and vendor limitations Think ahead for success

13 CCC/IOU Energy Efficiency Partnership 13 Strategizing… Benchmarking…select your most effective projects Try to align projects with utility incentive programs Collaborate with you procurement staff –Purchasing & material providers Be cognizant of desired outcomes

14 CCC/IOU Energy Efficiency Partnership 14 Incentives and Savings to Date

15 CCC/IOU Energy Efficiency Partnership 15 Project Ideas… SmallLarge Pool blanketsRCx VFDsMBCx LightingEMS & Controls PumpsChillers Boilers, WHsMultizones Splits, Heat PumpsInsulation

16 CCC/IOU Energy Efficiency Partnership 16 Utilize your Assets California Community CollegesEnergy Project Guidance pamphlet CCC-IOU Partnership Management Team –Chancellors Office –Utility Account Executives –Industry Professionals Fellow Colleagues Dont hesitate to ask questions!

17 CCC/IOU Energy Efficiency Partnership 17 Common projects (ROI 5-10 years): Indoor/Outdoor Pool Pump Replacement with VSD –$64,000 Install Occupancy Sensors –$5,000 Replace Standard Motors with High Efficiency Motors –$25,000 Replace HPS with LEDs –$25,000

18 CCC/IOU Energy Efficiency Partnership 18 Total Cost of Ownership Projects (ROI 10-20 years): Replace Multi-Zone to a VAV –$260,000 Parking Structure replace lights with (300) LEDs –$150,000 Install VFDs and Economizer on Existing HVAC –$160,000

19 CCC/IOU Energy Efficiency Partnership 19 CCC/IOU EE Partnership 2010-12 Cycle Re-cap Retrofit projects Monitoring-Based Commissioning (MBCx) /Retro Commissioning (RCx) New Construction Design Assistance and Incentives IT Projects Demand Response

20 CCC/IOU Energy Efficiency Partnership 20 2013-2014 Partnership Vision Strive for 100% Participation from all Districts and Campuses Focus on activities that produce energy savings Provide innovative and flexible offerings that best meet needs of campuses NEW programs for the next cycle include: –Project Development Services –Retro commissioning (RCx) Pilot Program –DEEP Intern Program –Board of Governors Initiatives –More Effective Outreach & Education to Campuses

21 CCC/IOU Energy Efficiency Partnership 21 Program Incentives for 2013-14 MEASURE INCENTIVE RATEElectricity $0.24 / kWh Packaged HVAC, HVAC Controls, Motors, Drives Lighting, Lighting Controls, Daylighting Central Plants, Chiller Retrofits, and other major Energy Efficiency Infrastructure Projects Monitor Based Commissioning (MBCx) IT Projects Natural Gas $1.00 / therm ALL Gas Measures

22 CCC/IOU Energy Efficiency Partnership 22 Program Benefits $1 for sustainable facilities yields $2 energy savings Every $1 invested by a district for sustainable facilities improvements through the 2009-11 Partnership will yield $2 in energy savings over the next 10 years 10-Year Cumulative Impacts Electricity Savings: 725,562,048 kWh Natural Gas Savings: 23,080,884 therms

23 CCC/IOU Energy Efficiency Partnership 23 Contact Information NameOrganizationE-mailPhone Fred 324-9508 Fred DiamondCitrus 914-8691 Tony IchsanSanta Rosa Jr. 527-4432 Lisa 325-2537 Paul 444-8961 Linh-Chi HuaSDG& 822-9485 Dave HatherPG& 386-5007 Ron BeelerCCC/IOU (714) 267-7209 Matt Sullivan Newcomb Anderson McCormick 896-0300

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