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By: Tray Clark Only Kirby Scott

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1 By: Tray Clark Only Kirby Scott
Timeline of Contributions of Technology, Hardware, and Software Through the Years By: Tray Clark Only Kirby Scott

2 1450 Johann Gutenberg invents a printing press using movable metal type.

3 1609 Early newspapers are published in Germany.

4 1792 Mechanical semaphore is invented in France.

5 1876 Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone, transmitting the sound of the voice clearly over electrical wires.

6 1877 Thomas Edison invents the phonograph, a device to record sound on a wax cylinder.

7 1884 First long distance phone calls are made.

8 1900 Tim Berners-Lee invents the World Wide Web.

9 1924 Pictures are first transmitted over telephone lines.

10 1963 First communications satellite is launched allowing worldwide live broadcast of the Olympics.

11 1972 The first messages are sent.

12 1975 The personal computer, both small and powerful, is invented

13 1982 The first cell phones are available for sale.

14 1833 Washing and Scrubbing machine

15 19th Century Clothing line

16 1760 Dolly Stick

17 19th or 20th Century Plunger

18 15th-17th Century Washing machine

19 14th Century Starch

20 1837 Samuel Morse invents a telegraph that can send short and long beeps, called “dots” and “dashes”.

21 1901 Guillermo Marconi sends the first radio signal across the Atlantic Ocean.

22 900 bc Chinese develop postal system to deliver written messages.

23 Cherry pitter, Simple mechanical devices such as this cherry pitter were designed and perfected during the late 1800s. Advertised as "The Family Cherry Stoner," this pitter-- intended to remove the stone without squashing the fruit-- was popular but probably did not save much labor in the kitchen. jects/cherrypitter.htm

24 Cookstove, Cookstoves burned wood or coal more efficiently than open fireplaces and allowed more control of the fire. With this model, wood was placed in the firebox through the small door on the left side. This small fire heated the cooktop and the large oven with its door on the front. Besides cooking the stove was used for heating water, boiling the laundry, heating the sadiron, and other tasks. Although its warmth was welcomed in the winter, it added to the insufferable heat of summer. The Excelsior Stove Company operated in Quincy from 1865 to the 1930s. A similar stove made in Quincy cost $27 in 1888. athome/1850/objects/stove.htm

25 Graniteware coffee pot, ca. 1890
Porcelain enamelwares were exhibited at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia in and were recognized as a major improvement in the practicality and beauty of kitchenwares. Far lighter than cast iron, graniteware was unaffected by acidic foods and was easy to clean. Early pieces have a glassy, gray-mottled surface that, unfortunately, was easy to chip. Large pots like this one were sometimes called coffee boilers but could also serve to boil water for the many cleaning, bathing, and washing chores that a family faced before water heaters were available. athome/1850/objects/cherrypitter.htm

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