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Oil, Gas & Process Industry Profile.

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1 Oil, Gas & Process Industry Profile

2 MISL Company Overview Started as tendering offshoot of Mohamed Ebrahim & Company (Pvt) Ltd (MECO) which was established in 1946 & incorporated in 1953. From the late 1950s MISL began with sole representation of Dresser products in Pakistan. MISL was incorporated as a private limited company in October 1982. MISL has been reliable supplier of plant & equipment for the Energy/Process & Aviation sectors. © MISL 2009

3 Sectors Served Today, MISL focuses on two sectors: Energy & Process
Aerospace © MISL 2009

4 Capabilities MISL represents the world's best manufacturers of plant equipment used in the Energy & Process sector. In conjunction with these major manufacturers, MISL is able to provide the following products & services: Plant and equipment to suit almost all of your requirements Assistance to identify & size equipment requirements which you may have in your plants Assistance with sizing & selection of the right equipment to meet your plant’s short term and long term needs After sales support for products supplied via MISL © MISL 2009

5 Major Brands Represented
© MISL 2009

6 Selected Customer References
Refineries Fertilizer Power / Utility Process / Chemical E & P © MISL 2009

7 Countrywide Presence MISL Headquarters are located in Karachi.
MISL also has countrywide presence via company-owned offices in Lahore and Rawalpindi. © MISL 2009

8 Experience Almost all major pipelines in the country are fitted with either some or all of the equipment supplied via MISL, including the 700 km White Oil Pipeline from Karachi to mid-country. Nearly 60% of all rotary positive gas meters used in Pakistan are supplied by MISL. 70% of safety valves used in large utility boilers is another one of our accomplishments. Most major SCADA systems are depending on some of our products. We have provided Repair and Testing services of Safety Valves to many organizations. © MISL 2009

9 Experience (cont.) We have been supplying Dresser Roots Rotary Positive Displacement Gas Flow Meters (Industrial) to SNGPL and SSGC for the last 45 years. Dresser PENSTOCK Couplings are being used at Tarbela Dam, the largest earth filled dam in the world. We enjoy strong relations with Chemical and Fertilizer Plants for the supply of PTFE Valves and spares from XOMOX-Germany, the leaders in TEFLON Lined Valves. We have repaired valves for National Refinery Ltd. We have repaired gas meters for Sui Southern Gas Co. Ltd. © MISL 2009

10 Facilities Available © MISL 2009
The facilities of our sister concern MECO, with a covered up area of 90,000 sq. ft., are available for our use. Test Bench: For setting pressures of the valves off–line. The Test Bench is capable of 3000 PSIG testing. Flow Provers Paint shop, covering an area of 3600 sq ft. Conveyor belt driven with camel-mounted oven-shop. Shearing machine 8 ft. 13 ft brake press, 60 ton mechanical press, 25 ton mechanical press. © MISL 2009

11 Facilities Available (cont.)
Vacuum pumps – 6 units Lathes with chucks up to 2 ft. diameter. Electric Generator (70 kW) Several milling machines. Mold making equipment. Polyurethane foaming machine Six electric welding equipment, several gas welding equipment © MISL 2009

12 Dresser Inc. Products Dresser Roots ® TXT Mooney Regulators Becker
Rotary Gas Meters Electronic Gas Volume Correctors Pressure Loggers Meter Provers Roots Blowers TXT Texsteam Chemical Injection Pumps Mooney Regulators Pilot Operated Regulators Commercial/Industrial Meter Skids A worldwide leader for rotary & reciprocating control valve, safety & safety relief valve instruments. Becker Control Valves RP Series Valve Actuators Becker Pilots, Positioners & Instruments © MISL 2009

13 Crane Group Products VALVES Centerline Flowseal Saunders Noz-Chek
Butterfly Valves Flowseal High-Performance Butterfly Valves Triple Offset Butterfly Valves Check Valves Saunders Non-Return Valves Dual plate Wafer Check Valves High Performance Wafer Non- Slam Check Valves Noz-Chek High Performance Non-SIam Nozzle Check Valves Saunders Diaphragm Valves for industrial and aseptic application Ball Valves 2 Way Valves Machined Block Valves ACTUATORS Actuators & Actuator Accessories Revo Pneumatic Actuators / Automation © MISL 2009

14 Crane Group (Cont.) POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT PUMPS ELRO Peristaltic Pumps
Cast Metal Pumps Plastic Pumps Stainless Steel Pumps High-Pressure Pumps Drum Pumps Dual Pumps Powder Pumps DEPA Accessories / Automation ELRO Peristaltic Pumps Serving industries such as the chemical, building, environmental and power industries. © MISL 2009

15 SPX – Plenty® Mixers & Pumps
Plenty® is the worldwide leader in Side Entry Mixers. Common Applications: Crude Oil Bottom Sludge & Water (BS&W) Control Blending Maintain homogeneity of refinery finished or intermediate products Heat Transfer/Temperature Uniformity Plenty® also produces a line of rotary positive displacement pumps for use in oil and gas, petrochemical and sugar industries. © MISL 2009

16 SPX – LIGHTNIN® Mixers LIGHTNIN has over 80 years of unrivalled experience in mixing technology, process knowledge and technological innovation. LIGHTNIN enjoys a global reputation for durable, long-lasting mixers, agitators, aerators, and flocculators for fluid processing systems. They offer a full spectrum of impeller designs for diverse applications. Types: Portable/Fixed Mount Mixers, Sanitary Mixers, Static Mixers, Heavy Mixers Common Applications: Chemical Processing, Flue Gas Desulferization, Food & Beverage, Mining & Minerals, Oil & Petroleum, Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology, Pulp & Paper Industries, Water & Wastewater Treatment © MISL 2009

17 SPX – APV Heat Exchangers
The first commercially successful plate-and-frame heat exchanger in the world was introduced in 1923 by APV Compact & durable design High efficiency due to full concurrent flow Easy to clean Resistant to thermal stress Largest PHEs in the market Applications: Gas Compression, Gas/Oil/Water Separation, Dehydration/Desalting, Desulphurization © MISL 2009

18 IHS Inc. IHS Inc is a business information services company, based in the US with an annual turnover of US$688 million. IHS has served the following major areas for over 45 years: © MISL 2009

19 Contacts Karachi Head Office
500/14 Sarwar Shaheed Road, Sir Jehangir Kothari Mansion Saddar, Karachi-74400 Telephone: , , Fax: Lahore Regional Office 395 Shadman (Opposite Target Centre), Jail Road, Lahore Telephone: , Rawalpindi Regional Office 5/9 The Mall, Rawalpindi Telephone: Website: © MISL 2009

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