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Solar Thermal Alliance of Colorado (STAC) Clean Energy Action March 17, 2011 Becky English.

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1 Solar Thermal Alliance of Colorado (STAC) Clean Energy Action March 17, 2011 Becky English

2 Solar Thermal Alliance of Colorado (STAC) & Others…

3 Agenda ACT ONE – Solar Thermal (ST) Today I.Welcome II.COSEIA and CRES III.The Big Picture: Opportunities/Challenges ACT TWO – The Future IV.STAC Vision V. The Roadmap VI. Participation in the process

4 COSEIA Background Established in 1989, the Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association (COSEIA) is the voice of the solar industry in Colorado. COSEIA works to expand the use of solar technologies across Colorado. COSEIA advances solar policy, removes market barriers, highlights emerging trends, and improves education and outreach. Together, with more than 200 member organizations, we're developing one of the fastest growing solar markets in the world. Our mission is to expand solar markets and generate jobs & prosperity for the people of Colorado. Colorado Solar Energy Industry Association (COSEIA)

5 CRES Background Established in 1996 CRES mission is to educate and disseminate the economic and environmental benefits of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. Colorado Renewable Energy Society The CRES Board, staff and membership have extensive resources and expertise in sustainable technologies. Board members reach across 125 organizations including: National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) University of Colorado Small businesses and green professionals in Metro Denver and throughout Colorado CRES has the ability to marshal 1,000 potential member volunteers to support initiatives.


7 The Big Picture Typical Home in Colorado: Majority of energy in heating functions $1,500 of NG = 1,200 therms = 35,000 kWh/year $1,200 of Electricity = 11,000 kWh/year

8 The Big Picture (cont.) ST Addresses Heating Needs: 50,000 panels in the early 80s Hot water – domestic, commercial Combination hot water/space heating – forced air systems, boilers Pool & Spa heating Process heat – CSP, Evacuated Tubes …displacing NG, Propane & Electricity.

9 Big Picture (cont.) ST Addresses Other Applications: Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) – electric power AC Sterling Engine Tracking Systems for Process Heat

10 Big Picture (cont.) ST Efficiency: Panels capture 70% of Suns heat 4x10 Panel = 2.5 kW capacity Adapts to partial tree shade Energy storage Reduces Peak Demand/Improves Grid Capacity Compared to… Coal Plant 30% Solar PV 17% Gas combustion car engine __%

11 Big Picture (cont.) Colorado–We are the ST State: ST Performance: the Delta T Unique combination of environmental factors: Strong Solar Radiation More sunny days Warm day-time temps Cold ground water Cold nights CO Space heating environment ST Bulls eye is here!

12 Big Picture (cont.) Colorado–We are the ST State: (kWh)

13 Big Picture (cont.) Economic Dev. Opportunity: 2/3 local labor content Well paid jobs for qualified labor 2/3 of materials made in USA Installation expertise – 30 years Manufacturing leaders and start ups Federal Tax Credits for Colorado- Multiplier Effect

14 Big Picture (cont.) THE CHALLENGES

15 Big Picture (cont.) Lack of Image and Awareness: Mistakes of the past Lack of familiarity I would like a solar system…oh…there is more than one type? Amend. 37/RES Focus on Solar PV Lack of media attention

16 Big Picture (cont.) Low cost NG, but changing: Growing local population & consumption Clean Air Clean Jobs Act – 900 MW shift Exports of local resources – e.g. Rockies Express pipeline EPA investigation of Fracking Recent volatility - $0.50 to $1.00/therm National Average $1.35/therm Need to manage limited resources

17 Big Picture (cont.) Zoning & Permitting Hurdles: Acceptance in urban landscape Liabilities of the unfamiliar Inconsistencies across jurisdictions & absence of state license Local market developers hurdle – soft costs & loss of focus

18 Big Picture (cont.) Lack of stable long-term incentives: GEO support: 2009 pilot program, 2010 statewide hot water program Existing CO programs for most RE/EE technologies – RPS, DSM Other state ST programs in AZ, CA, NC, HI Other countries: China 80.2% of ST capacity added, 2007

19 Big Picture (cont.) Solar Thermal Pencils Out Solar Thermal Average Simple Pay BackN.G. (1)N.G. (2)N.G. (3)Propane1Propane2Electricity In Colorado - Average SPB +/-20%$0.74/th$1/therm$1.35/th$2.00/g$3.00/g$0.11/KWh Domestic Hot Water - 2 panels, family of 4272015117 Combi 1 - 6 panels, DHW + space heat272015117 Combi 2 - 9 panels, DHW, space heat + pool181310757 Commercial or multi-family HW - 16 panels181310757 Summer-only pool with pool panels (no ITC)15107536 N.G. (1) = Natural Gas - current Xcel retail price and projection for CO N.G. (2) = Natural Gas - Xcel Peak Retail Price in CO in last two years N.G. (3) = Natural Gas - Average national Price (Source: DOE) Propane1 = low end of typical price in CO (front range, good year) Propane2 = High end of typical price in CO (mountain areas, bad year)

20 Big Picture (cont.) Opportunities outweigh the Challenges We run the risk of being the first generation in history to leave the next generation a problem for which there is no solution. We must have a sense of urgency to seize the low-hanging fruit that saves taxpayer money, preserves the environment and creates economic opportunity. - John Hickenlooper

21 The STAC Vision ACT TWO: The Future Our vision is to make Colorado a global leader in solar thermal adoption, installation, manufacturing, and R&D to boost Colorados economy, generate jobs and help build a sustainable energy future.

22 The STAC Vision Founders Neal Lurie, Executive Director, COSEIA Tony Frank, Executive Director, CRES Laurent Meillon, Capitol Solar Energy Bob Kingston, Re-Align Technologies Abengoa Solar Becky English, CRES Ron Horstman, WAPA Leslie Glustrom, Clean Energy Action Ron Larson, CRES Charlie Montgomery, Colorado Environmental Coalition

23 The STAC Vision Stakeholders Environmental Groups Agriculture/Rural Organizations Academic & Research Institutions Utility & Energy Professionals New Energy Professionals Elected & Regulatory Leaders 200 + indentified stakeholders. Over half have already endorsed STACs vision and objectives.

24 The STAC Vision Current Endorsers: Chuck Ray, SunTrack Solar; Claire Levy, Rep.; Craig Lewis, FIT Coalition; Daimon Vilppu, Simply Efficient; Dan Grossman, Environmental Defense Fund; Irene Perez-Law, ASES; Jeff Lyng, GEO; Jo Bourg, COSEIA; Lee Swenson, Rocky Mountain Farmers Union; Leslie Weiss, Cool Energy; Lorin Van Hall, ASES; Max Tyler, Rep.; Paul Melamed, Vision Sun Design; RJ Harrington, COSEIA; Scott Van Kirk, Vibrant Solar; Susan Perkins, Perkins Energy Law; Tim Merrigan, NREL; Tom Plant, GEO; Tony Frank, CRES; Will Toor, Boulder County Commissioner; Steve Andrews, Westcliff; Tom Corlett, SECRES; John Covert, CO Harvesting Energy Network; Laruent Meillon, Capitol Solar Energy; Sam Weaver, Cool Energy; Mike Morton, Real Good Solar; Nichole Goodman, Alliance for Sustainable CO; Rich LeBlanc, Sky Fuel; Alison Mason, Sky Fuel; Becky English, CRES; Steve Lawrence, CU Boulder; Paul Melamed, Vison Sun Design; Heidi Van Genderen, ACORE; Andy Bardwell, OptiMiser Energy. Organization listed for identification purposes only. Organization may not officially endorse STAC.

25 The Roadmap Creating a Colorado ST Roadmap: Inspiration from New York roadmap with… Vision Opportunities & Challenges Objectives Mechanisms Complete by September 2011

26 The Roadmap New Yorks Road Map:

27 The Roadmap Proposed Roadmap Outline (for discussion): Executive Summary Overview – background, system types, adoption Benefits – economic, environmental Value Chain – stakeholders, flow of goods/services Potential Barriers Roadmap – recommendations, timeline

28 Participation How to participate? Endorse STACs vision & purpose See me for other participation opportunities

29 Thank you for your consideration! For more information please contact: Tony Frank Executive Director Phone: 303.806.5317 Email: Website: Neal Lurie Executive Director Email: Website:

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