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Lundi le 8 avril lundi le 8 avril lundi le 8 avril.

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1 Lundi le 8 avril lundi le 8 avril lundi le 8 avril

2 5 th week of 5 th 6 weeks Mon. 4/8-Poster due +10 Tues. 4/9 Poster +5 Wed. 4/10Thurs. 4/11Fri. 4/12 F 1 Scrapbook due. +5 Early Oral grades-early +5 Notes: Avoir ER PP & Twilight, ER book work: Pg. 101 (14, 15) Pg. 107 (2,4) Pg. 110 (9, 10), Pg. 111 (11). Hand back borrowed words. F 1 S/B-100 Oral grades Over Avoir,Bk. Work- completion-self ck Do: 141, 143, 145-46, 152 H/W: Borrowed words sentences F 1 S/B-90 Oral grades Due: 141-152 & BORROWED WORDS SENTENCES NOTES: Articles: 153-55, 56- 59, Review Vocab-PP, New- Do: 153-156.H/W: study F 1 S/B-80 Due: 153-59 Notes 100, Bor. Wrds-50 Quiz: vocab, ER, Avoir (not articles) Over articles 156-159 orally F 1 S/B-70 Review 156-59 Review for test Unit 4 lessons 9 & 10-Monday! TEST MONDAY! F 2R Bonus poster +10 Grade verbchart See powerpoint for rest of work. F 2R Bonus poster +5 Review vocab-text & slides. QUIZ verbs F 2R Textbook work Vocab review F2R Audio practice Quiz vocab F 2R Test prep day/format TEST Monday F 2 Review verbs Text & song practice See powerpoint for rest of work F 2 Quiz verbs Review vocab H/W: Bor. Words sentences F 2 Notes: Object pronouns Textbook work Due-B/W sents F 2 Quiz: vocab Audio practice Text practice F 2 Test prep day TEST MONDAY! F 3 Unit 4 notes-vocab Finish La Parure 2. See video A F 3 Unit 4 notes-finish vocab La Parure 3 F 3 Notes: Future tense. La Parure 4 F 3 Notes: conditional tense. La Parure 5 F 3 Finish La Parure transl. See video B

3 F 2 R Poster due for +10 1.Warmup: 5 new verbs * (get your verbcharts back). NEED NOTES: 228, 244! 2.Review of 5 new verbs ** 3.Grade Verbchart on board H/W: Study for quiz on verbs tomorrow! Test Mon. then re-tests all week as we learn DOPS/IDOPS. Showing 5 FFF next week

4 ***F 2 ALL: QUIZ tomorrow! SAMPLE OF QUIZ: you will write the infinitive, conjugate with all 6 subjects and then write the past participle! 1. To know facts 2. To read 3. To say/tell 4. To know people/places 5. To write

5 * F 2R & PreAP: Warmup Translate: 1.Je lis un livre. I read/am reading/do read a book. 2.Tu connais ce café? (D0)You know this café? 3.Ils savent la leçon. They know the lesson. 4.Vous dites la verité? You say/tell the truth? 5.Nous écrivons une lettre. We write a letter. 6.Il a dit un mensonge. He told/did tell/has told a lie. 7.Victor Hugo a écrit un roman. VH wrote a novel. 8.Jai lu la bande desinée. I (did/have) read the cartoon/comic strip/comics 9.Elle a connu le restaurant. She knew/has known, did know the restaurant. 10.Vous avez su le poème. You have known/knew/did know the poem.

6 ** F 2 all: 5 new verbs from unit 4: 2. To read: Lire-Je lis, Tu lis, Il lit, Nous lisons, Vous lisez, Ils lisent. PP: Lu 3. To say/tell: Dire-Je dis, Tu dis, Il dit, Nous disons, Vous dites, Ils disent. PP: Dit 5. To write: Écrire-Jécris, Tu écris, Il écrit, Nous écrivons, Vous écrivez, Ils écrivent. PP: écrit 1. To know: Savoir-Je sais, Tu sais, Il sait, Nous savons, Vous savez, Ils savent. PP: Su 4. To know: Connaître-Je connais, Tu connais, Il connaît, Nous connaissons, Vous connaissez, Ils connaissent. PP: Connu

7 F 2 PreAP Bonus poster +10 1.Warmup: 5 new verbs * 2.Review of 5 new verbs ** 3.Notes: text pg. 228, 244 4.If time, song practice! F_2_je_ne_regrette_rien_rubric.doc F_2_je_ne_regrette_rien_rubric.doc H/W: Due Wed borrowed K words in sentences. (Quiz on borrowed words next Wed.!) Mon: TEST, then Showing 5 FFF all next week & practicing song.

8 F 3-5 th week! Poster +10 1.Unité 4-les notes du vocabulaire page 152! 2.La parure 2-5 Finissez cette semaine! 3.Voyez: La conte: aT7Ks aT7Ks

9 F 1-5 th week! Poster +10 Turn in Scrapbook for 105! 1. Notes: AVOIR pg. 152, green & yellow box-2 Xs F, 1X E. 2. Over ER verbs-see two powerpoints :ER PP **F 1 other ER VERBS REVIEW.pptxF 1 other ER VERBS REVIEW.pptx 3. Over Topic oral grade. *** F 1 SPEAKING PACKET.pdfF 1 SPEAKING PACKET.pdf 4. ER book work: Pg. 101 (14, 15) Pg. 107 (2,4) Pg. 110 (9, 10), Pg. 111 (11). 5. An early bird topic oral grades? H/W: Finish your ER book work. Do scrapbook if not done! Practice 4 oral grade tomorrow! 6 th only: h?v=f-3QQTM76Xk h?v=f-3QQTM76Xk h?v=F5Zr_mdRIiU&feature=play er_embedded Both- Vocabulary: http://www.y watch?v=9lssL bGVQvo

10 F 1 PG. 101 Example of ex. 14! WRITE QUESTION: Est-ce que tu aimes nager? Aimes-tu nager? WRITE ANSWER: Oui, jaime nager! (Non, je naime pas nager)

11 F 1-NOTES: AVOIR-to have

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