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Updating UFC 3-460-03 Maintenance of Petroleum Systems PETRO 2013 – Alexandria, VA.

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1 Updating UFC 3-460-03 Maintenance of Petroleum Systems PETRO 2013 – Alexandria, VA

2 Unified Facilities Criteria – Provide planning, design, construction, sustainment, restoration, and modernization criteria – Intended to be Tri-Service guidance documents – Called guidance but are more often considered rules – UFCs cover a wide range of subjects including Cathodic Protection, Force Protection, Fire Protection, etc. – Found on the Whole Building Design Guide website

3 UFCs for POL Systems UFC 3-460-01 – Design: Petroleum Fuel Facilities – Major update published in 2010 with minor changes as recent as TWO weeks ago. – Managed and maintained by the DoD Fuel Facilities Engineering Panel. Four voting members Air Force Fuels Facilities Subject Matter Expert (HQ AFCEC/COS) Headquarters, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, POL Facilities Proponent (CECW-EC) NAVFAC POL Facility Subject Matter Expert (NAVFAC EXWC, PW54) DLA Installation Support for Energy (DLA DS-FEI) Also includes several other coordinating members

4 UFC 3-460-01 True Tri-Service standard – Recognizes Service Headquarters, Specific Subject Matter Experts who are responsible for implementation, but also providing additional for specific applications. – While considered guidance the document does include a procedure for obtaining waivers. Substantive deviations from this UFC must first be presented to the appropriate Service SME, then reviewed/approved by the FFEP. – In short the document is intended to be followed by all unless you have approval to deviate.

5 3-460-03 Operation & Maintenance: Maintenance of Petroleum Systems Adopted in 2003 as a UFC. The document was reformatted, but is primarily the USAF Manual 85-16 written in 1981. While labeled as a UFC, the document was not officially adopted by the other services. The current document focuses heavily on aviation fuels and hydrant systems. It is also very specific on Roles and Responsibilities, describing the responsibilities of POL, LFM, BCE and other parties within the USAF organization at the time it was published.

6 Navy MO-230 Maintenance and Operation of Petroleum Fuel Facilities Last updated in 1990, this document continues today to serve as the primary guidance on maintenance operations of Navy Fuel Facilities. The document includes guidance on typical Naval fuel facilities including: – Piers & Wharves – Off Shore Mooring Systems – Tank Truck/Rail Loading/Offloading – Automotive Fueling Systems – Base Utility Fueling Systems – Ballast Water Handling Systems

7 Army TM 5-678 Repairs & Utilities: Petroleum, Oils, and Lubricants (POL) Last officially updated in 1965. There was a project begun in the 1980s to update the document, but it was never completed. The document focused on ground vehicle fueling systems, but also included some discussion on aviation fuel systems, diesel operated generators and boilers. It described hydraulic dispensing as one type of system in place at the time.

8 Hydraulic Dispensing System

9 UFC 3-460-03 – New Action With the publication of the new Design UFC, the next step is to create a true tri-service maintenance document. DLA-Energy is funding the effort to help standardize the maintenance requirements for fuel facilities across the services and at DLA-Energy facilities. The new document will define maintenance requirements regardless of who is responsible for execution: active duty personnel, base operating contractors, DLA-E contractors, etc.

10 Gap Analysis The first task was to compare the documents… The comparison also included several other documents, both DoD and commercial. – UFC 3-460-03 – MO-230 – TM 5-678 – NATO STANAG 3609, Edition 5 – USAFE Jet Fuel Storage – Maintenance & Repair Other documents also considered: – TO 37-1-1 – ATA 103 – EI/JIG 1530

11 Gap Analysis Significant differences exist in the current documents on high level issues – Roles and Responsibilities Some documents are very prescriptive – Operational Task versus Maintenance Task Certain tasks may be considered operations by certain services – Some of todays fuels and fuel systems are not covered Ethanol, Biodiesel, CNG, etc. Cut and Cover tanks Additive Injection Systems

12 Gap Analysis

13 Moving Forward The new UFC will: – Be more enforceable across all services A wide variety of fuel facilities will be described – Be specific, measurable Timing to repeat tasks will be defined, not regularly – Follow a similar outline as 3-460-01

14 Updated 3-460-03 Roles & Responsibilities – A role is a position or job defined by a set of responsibilities. – A responsibility is a task or duty required of a designated party. Different branches of the military organize and delegate tasks and responsibilities to service specific fueling personnel.

15 Updated 3-460-03 The new document will include a wide range of tasks required to maintain both the fuel system and fuel quality. – Maintenance tasks are actions taken to prevent to ensure system integrity and operational readiness, delay system outages and/or improve the current fueling system. – Operating tasks are actions taken to control and run the current fueling system and maintain fuel quality.

16 Updated 3-460-03 General Outline – Introduction – General – Bulk Fuel Facilities – Aircraft Fuel Facilities – Marine Fuel Facilities – Pipelines & Piping – Ground Fueling Facilities – Atmospheric Storage Tanks – Miscellaneous Use Tanks – Alternative Fuel Facilities – Support Facilities – Major Rehabilitation – Temporary Deactivation – Facility Closure – Project Programming – Personnel Qualifications

17 Updated 3-460-03 General – Safety – Fuel Types & Quality Control – Environmental Protection – Developing a site specific maintenance plan – Developing an Emergency Action Plan – Documentation and Recordkeeping

18 Updated 3-460-03 Appendices List of Referenced Documents Acronyms Maintenance Matrix Cross reference to sections in the document.

19 To offer input Talk to your nearby FFEP member – Terri Regin, NAVFAC EXWC – Paul Kerl, DLA-Energy, Facilities Support – CAPT James Wood, AFCEC – Tim Gordon, US Army Submit comments and thoughts to your service SME – Jim Hugar, Army Petroleum Center – Lia Walton, NAVSUP Energy – John Anna, AF Petroleum Agency

20 Updating UFC 3-460-03 Maintenance of Petroleum Systems Dean Flessas, Vice President 678 336 7740

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