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The MicroGrid Solution at 29 Palms

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1 The MicroGrid Solution at 29 Palms
General Electric & MAGTFTC MCAGCC PWD February 12, 2012

2 Project Team* Sumit Bose, PI, GE Global Research
Marques Russell, Twentynine Palms Engineer-in-Charge Daniel Kariuki, Gary Morrissett, Chris Spears - Twentynine Palms DPW Office, Brandon Saunders (JCI), Aaron Ezrilov (Resolute). Murali Baggu, Chip Cotton, David Doerge, Rayette Fisher, John Garrity, Sahika Genc, Rick Piel, David Wardwell, Herman Wiegman: GE Global Research Bob Bisceglia, Amir Hajimiragha, Walter Jeschke, Marcel Marian, Michael Miller, Matt Proctor, Bobby Sagoo, Brian Wilson: GE Digital Energy Engineering, Projects Eliot Assimakopoulos, Shefali Patel, GE Digital Energy, Commercial Larry Krause, GE Intelligent Platforms *Alphabetically arranged for multiple people in an organization

3 MAGTFTC / MCAGCC Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Command / Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center


5 Mission Statements MAGTFTC: Manages the MAGTF Training Program (TP) and conducts service-level MAGTF combined arms training in order to enhance the combat readiness of the operating forces and support the Commandant of the Marine Corps’ responsibilities to national security. MCAGCC: Provides and manages facilities, service and support to forces and families permanently assigned or participating in training aboard the Combat Center in order to ensure readiness of the MAGTF as well as the welfare of personnel and families.

6 ESTCP/GE Demonstration
2 year, $2 million contract MCAGCC is leading the Marine Corps and Navy in the areas of energy efficiency and security MCAGCC long range plan parallels scope Most of the infrastructure required for an effective MicroGrid already exists

7 Generation Resources at Site

8 Possible Loads Warehouses

9 Developed HMI -Electrical Distribution

10 Developed HMI – Microgrid Assets

11 Current Status

12 Key Assets Bulk Grid Electrical Distribution AA-Sub EE-Sub CHP Joshua
Heights N-Sub Fairway Heights HQ Loop Chilled Water Chillers CH Boilers BESS CoGen1 Battery Energy Storage Critical Loads +/- Heat Recovery PV HTHW Photovoltaic Arrays

13 Phase 1: Technical Highlights
Advanced Energy Management for Distribution-based Resources: Completed all the following new features of microgrid: Optimal Dispatch of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) both during grid-connected and islanded conditions – development complete Dispatch capability of electrical and thermal assets - completed Built-in hooks of future enhancements like new CHP, new PV and energy storage (more things to optimize) - completed Interface of GE equipment with Legacy Systems from JCI, Rockwell etc. Testing in mixed type of communication media: wireless, Ethernet Testing Mixed type of protocols: Modbus, Bacnet, RSLinx Mixed mode of operations: Advisory, Automated, Manual and Legacy Initial Building Energy Management interface using Cimplicity completed

14 Introduction – Optimal Dispatch

15 Front Panel HMI Annunciator Setup Program User Interface
U90+ and Peripherals Front Panel HMI Annunciator Setup Program User Interface Viewpoint Monitoring

16 Communications & Cyber Security
Analytics (As Needed) Proficy CIMPLICITY Microsoft SQL Server COM Data Storage ODBC Point Management OPC Client Modbus (Slave) OPC Client OPC Client CMCS (Application Server) FactoryTalk® Enervista Integrator Industrial Gateway Server BACnet Rockwell Proprietary Modbus (Master) BACnet CCS PLC U90+ JCI NAE SMART PANELS

17 Phase II – Integrated Volt/Var Control

18 Dynamic Programming (DP) based Volt/VAR Control
In each iteration, the control signals to cap-banks (on or off) is generated. Runs power flow and calculates the cost functions for all the possibilities Calculates the incremental benefit with the best solution and performs an iteration if the benefits is less than a preset minimum value. The least cost function solution is the best solution and used to set the optimal IVVC schedule of the cap-banks Typically the cost function is a combination or reduced grid import of VARs, reduced number of voltage violations and reduced losses in the cables

19 Baseline case powers (Jul 15 2010)
Baseline Q consumed from the grid 2000 kVar

20 Baseline case voltages (Jul 15 2010)
Number of min Volt violations: Number of max Volt violations:

21 Baseline case Voltages (Aug 15 2010)
Number of min Volt violations: Number of max Volt violations:

22 DP results for Jul Peak Q consumed from grid reduced to 500 kVar

23 Results of DP on Voltages (Jul 15 2010)
Number of min Volt violations: Number of max Volt violations:

24 Results of DP on capacitor operation (Jul 15 2010)
DP run-time 68 Secs, 2 iterations

25 DP results for Aug Cap banks supplying half of Q during CHP loss

26 Results of DP on Voltages (Aug 15 2010)
Number of min Volt violations: Number of max Volt violations:

27 Results of DP on capacitor operation (Aug 15 2010)
DP run-time 69 seconds, 2 iterations

28 Next Steps: Finalize Implementation Plan

29 Phase III – Battery Energy Storage System
1.5 year, $2 million contract DurathonTM sodium metal halide technology High temperature capable (up to 50*C ambient w/o derating) High Cycle life (2400 cycles to -8% energy delivery) Modular and Scalable architecture, grow with the load Proposal: a Durathon equipped BESS 1000 kVA apparent power rating 576 kWh energy storage Option for a total of 1.2MWh energy storage Volt/VAR, phase imbalance, and real power injection capable Grid-Tie Herman’s contribution 8/31

30 Technical Objectives Primary Technical Objectives:
Increase Power Factor of Co-Generation facility Increase overall Solar Power Plant capacity factor, specifically during islanded operation Provide peak-shaving during high demand periods and reduce peak demand charges Secondary Technical Objectives: Assess sodium-metal-halide energy storage technology in a grid-tied utility application. Develop and exercise algorithm's for Voltage support Frequency regulation Low voltage ride through (LVRT) Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) operation. Kyle’s contribution 9/7

31 Thank You!

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