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Ozone and nitrogen deposition from Colorados Craig powerstation.

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1 Ozone and nitrogen deposition from Colorados Craig powerstation

2 NOx from Craig The Craig powerstation is the largest uncontrolled NOx source in the state (~18k tons/yr) NPS is lobbying EPA for stricter controls (i.e., SCR on all three boilers) What is the impact in terms of Ozone Nitrogen dep PM nitrate

3 Approach Reduce NO and NO2 emissions from Craig w.r.t. three proposed scenarios NPS option is most stringent with full SCR Reduce NOx from ~18k tons/yr to ~3k tons/yr Run CAMx for a year (2005) with 12km 4CAQTF inputs

4 Regional N dep from Craig

5 ROMO N dep from Craig

6 Peak ozone impacts from Craig

7 Ozone from Craig at Flat Tops WA

8 VOC vs. NOx from OMI HCHO NO2 HCHO/NO2 HCHO and NO2 can be detected from the OMI satellite, and provide indicator species to help assess whether a region is VOC or NOx limited. HCHO/NO2 > 1 Suggests NOx limited (Duncan et al., 2010) Craig

9 ROMO nitrate from Craig

10 Summary Given VOC/NOx ratios in northwestern CO, NOx controls should be effective for reducing ozone, N dep, and haze NOx emissions from O&G development in the region (Uintah, Piceance, and SW Wyo) are also a concern Emissions at the surface: shorter transport? This sector is growing, and NOx controls may be harder to apply

11 Summary (contd) The benefits from full SCR at Craig could be significant: Ozone: 2 – 6 ppb (8 hr avrg) ozone reduction at Flat Tops WA 1 – 2 ppb at ROMO N dep: 0.2 kg N/ha/yr reduction at Mt Zirkel 0.14 kg N/ha/yr reduction at ROMO PM nitrate: 0.6 ug/m3 reduction at ROMO

12 Summary (contd) Nitrate behavior seems a little strange N dep at ROMO was ~linear w.r.t. to reductions Next time should use plume-in-grid to better capture high NOx chemistry

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