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3 French is the international language of cooking, fashion, theatre, the visual arts, dance and architecture. It offers access to great works of literature, as well as films and songs, in the original French. French is the language of Victor Hugo, Molière, Edith Piaf, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Zinedine Zidane. People all over the world know Monet, Renoir, Coco Chanel, Marion Cotillard & more!

4 Sept. 3-6 th week (2 nd week of 1 st 6 weeks) OFF F 1 -S & S check Notes (2) Review ABCs, numbers, colors, greetings. H/W: Handout-colors & fix sentences. F 1 Get texts Review all H/W: Handouts F 1 Review all Handouts in Intro game H/W: Study F 1 Quiz-#s, colors, greets Finish Intro game Next: Oral grade Projects out OFFF 2 R -S & S check Phonics Warmup: Je me Prés If time: Vocab-F 1 and/or Skit H/W: Fix sentences F 2 R Get texts Phonics Je me présente #s, days, months, seasons review F 2 R Review all Intro game F 2 R Quiz on #s, days, months, seasons Intro game-finish Next: School vocab OFFF 2 PreAP- S&S in. Phonics Borrowed words Vocab –F 1 Q & A w/partner H/W: Fix sentences & do bor. Words G F 2 PreAP –Texts! Sentences & B/W due! Q & A in Phonics #s, days, months, seasons review F 2 PreAP Review all Intro game F 2 PreAP Quiz on #s, days, months, seasons Intro game-finish Sam video Next: School vocab & Quiz F 1 vocab OFFF 3 S & S in? Phonics Verb review Sentences H/W: Fix all F 3 Sentences in Verb review Read /get text H/W: Study F 3 Quiz- 5 verbs Pg.5 adjectives Review idioms with verbs Intro game F 3 Quiz on idioms Finish intro game Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri

5 Les règles de la classe! (CLASS RULES) 1. Students must ARRIVE ON TIME, BE SEATED AT THE BELL! Students will be counted tardy if theyre running into the classroom as the tardy bell rings. 2. Students must CHECK THE BOARD, GET OUT H/W & PASS UP HOMEWORK, or START WARM-UP OR NOTES –Remember: INK ONLY & FULL HEADING/NUMBER. 3. Students must raise their hand to speak, and it must related to what we are learning & appropriate, unless I have called upon you to speak & USE TIMEOUT SIGN FOR RR. 4. Students are to stay in desk and room at the dismissal bell until I dismiss the class. The bell does NOT mean you can run out the door! 5. NO Passes UNTIL END OF CLASS! Students must go to the restroom between classes & if late, take a tardy or go at the very end of class, but NOT during roll call, collection of homework or instruction. You are allowed just ONE pass per week!

6 6. NO GUM, FOOD, DRINK, WATER BOTTLES! Should a student chew it, its an N in conduct. After that, its a write up for NON-COMPLIANCE! Students must eat at lunchtime & in commons area only! 7. No electronic devices, musical devices, CD players, mp3 players, any type of headphones, wires, playing cards, grooming in class, or sleeping in class.. ALL Phones that ring or are visible will be collected immediately to give to AP. 7. No electronic devices, musical devices, CD players, mp3 players, any type of headphones, wires, playing cards, grooming in class, or sleeping in class.. ALL Phones that ring or are visible will be collected immediately to give to AP. 8. Students must turn in work at BEGINNING of the class, not when we are learning new material. If you have it, its a 100 for completion or if I grade it, it starts at 100. If the student does not dont have it, he/she MUST submit a blank paper with title of the work-with both his your name/number on it anyway, and then he/she will get a ZERO. The next day when the student turns it in, its worth a 50. After that, it is a ZERO. 9. If the student is absent, he/she gets ONE day for each day absent to make it up the work. ALL MAKE UPS TESTS ARE DONE THE DAY THE STUDENT RETURNS FROM AN EXCUSED ABSENCE. RE-TESTS are done by appointment with me within 5 days of grade notification, or you can schedule with another foreign language teacher. Students can only earn up to a 75%. 10. ALWAYS respect your teacher, classmates & KISD rules! Strike 1- warning. Strike 2-Parent contact. Strike 3-Office referral! Rules PG. 2

7 SUPPLY LIST-LABEL ALL ITEMS! 1 Binder (1) soft or hard OR 1 plastic folder 1 THREE subject WIRELESS WIDE RULE notebook (Can be found at Walgreens, not Walmart!) 1 pkg. of WIDE RULE white paper 4-5 black or blue pens (use daily) 2+ red grading pens 4-5 Pencils (Only use for scantron tests) French 1 & 2 only: flashcards (lined or unlined, any color) French 1 only- 10+ colored pencils ALL- 1 large box of Kleenex OPTIONAL: FLASHDRIVE! Choose one!


9 F Stylo/papier (nom, class, date, titre, #, phrases- 13)- put aside. 2. Les sons *** 3. 5 verbes: ** 4. Corrigez les phrases et les verbes! H/W: Corrigez les papiers! (donnez-moi les 1er pages et les papiers nouveaux!)


11 F 2 PreAP 1. Les sons (sounds)** 2. Stylo/papier/ etc. –corrigez… 3. Gallicisms: F 2 Borrowed words G.docxF 2 Borrowed words G.docx 4. F 1 vocabulaire: f_1_vocabulary_unit_1 (2).docxf_1_vocabulary_unit_1 (2).docx 5. Les questions-répondez avec votre partenaire Les devoirs: Les phrases (re-write sentences), Gallicisms G et les Q & R***!

12 F 2, 3 Phonics review ** A À Ä Ai Ais Au An Ain B C Ca Co Cu Ç Ce Ci Ch D E É Et, Er, Ez, È, Ê, Ë, Eu, Eau, En, Eil, Euil(le) F G Ga Go Gu Gi Ge Gn H I in ien J K L LL M N O Oe Oeu Oi Oin Ou On P Ph Q Qu R S T Th Tion U Ui Un V W X Y Z

13 F 2, 3-**Try these sounds: J - jaune – yellow CH - cheval - horse H - huit - eight Ç - français - French È - frère - brother (È is like the 'e' in pet.) É - thé - tea (É is like the 'ay' in day.) EU - bleu – blue OU - rouge - red IN - lapin - rabbit AIN - pain - bread O - rose – pink, Radio EAU - eau - water AU - jaune – yellow watch?v=nup5VwH3YaE&li st=TLo-0ka5DrNKE

14 F2 R (4,7) 1. Paper/Pen out, do heading, ME, & save 2. Warmup: write out 10 questions in French *** 3. Sounds & phonics ** 4. Skit***(move to Tuesday) 5. If time: Vocabulary: f_1_vocabulary_unit_1 (2).docxf_1_vocabulary_unit_1 (2).docx LES DEVOIRS: Re-writes! (turn in rough draft and perfect page)

15 **French 2- warmup: 1. Comment t'appelles-tu? 2. Es-tu un garçon ou une fille? 3. Quel âge as-tu? 4. Quelle est ta nationalité? 5. Où et avec qui habites-tu? 6. Quelle est la date de ta naissance/ Quelle est la date de ton anniversaire? Où es-tu né(e)? 7. Quelle est ta cuisine préférée? 8. Quels sont tes loisirs préférés/Tu aimes faire??? 9. Quel est ton numéro de téléphone? 10. As-tu des frères ou des soeurs? Copiez les questions! Répondez ce soir!

16 ***F 2-R Mini-SKIT(if time) 1. Je mappelle…(name) 2. Jai ….ans (#) 3. Je suis de…(state/country) 4. Je suis ….(adjective or nationality) 5. Jaime…..(verb or thing)

17 F 1 1. Supplies, syllabus, sentences check etc. 2. Notes * accent marks 3. Notes * greetings 4. Review: Colors, ABCs, 123s 5. H/W: Handout on colors and fix your sentences ! (turn in rough draft and your new perfect page!!!)

18 F 1 (5,6)1. NOTES-Accent marks 9/3

19 F 1-Notes: Vocabulaire dUnité 1, leçon A

20 2. Je mappelle …My name is … 3. Comment tappelles-tu?Whats your name? 4. Moime 5. Et toi?and you? ex: - Comment tappelles-tu? - Je mappelle Marie. Et toi? - Moi, Je mappelle Marc. 1. Bonjourhello

21 F 1: review- Colors

22 blanc/blanche noir/noire bleu/bleue rouge jaune

23 vert/verte gris/grise marron orange rose tch?v=Bsvt2Mg6rys

24 /www.youtu m/wa tch?v =Bsvt 2Mg6 rys /www.youtu m/wa tch?v =Bsvt 2Mg6 rys

25 F 1- Review-ABCs & 123s #s:

26 Les nombres

27 Pouvez-vous compter jusquà vingt? (Can you count to 20?) 0 eature=fvwrel eature=fvwrel (number song)

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