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GC-MSD Introducing the new 7890B/5977A Badr Astiphan

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1 GC-MSD Introducing the new 7890B/5977A Badr Astiphan
GCMS Product Sales Specialist cell Agilent Confidential January 8, 2013

2 We are First in GC Continuously innovating
Units Installed >250,000 GC >60,000 MS 7000 GC Triple Quad 7200 GC QTOF Low Thermal Mass Technology 1970’s 1980’s 1990’s 2000’s 2010’s Multi-Mode Inlet Retention Time Locking 2nd Gen Linear Electron Capture Detector 6890 GC Electronic Pneumatic Control Capillary Flow Technology Inert MS Ion Source Hyperbolic Gold Quad 5970 MSD AutoInjection Fused Silica Capillary Column 5840 GC 5890 GC 5880 GC Microprocessor Control Agilent Confidential January 8, 2013

3 The industry standard GCMS
7890A/5975C GC/MSD: The Most Popular GC/MS in the World The industry standard GCMS Over 20,000 5975 systems since 2005 Agilent Confidential January 8, 2013

4 Agilent 5977 MSD Agilent Confidential January 8, 2013

5 Proven Technologies Improving the Industry Standards for GC/SQ
Gold Quartz Quad Triple Axis Detector High Temperature Inert Source Unique Entrance Lens Design All of 5975’s features also built in 5977, such as “Gold Quad”, SIM/Scan, Gain tuning, Triple-Axis Detector, Trace Ion Detection, Auto CI, etc.. Agilent Confidential January 8, 2013

6 High Temperature Ion Source
Solid inert material – not a coating Not damaged by multiple cleanings Programmable to 350ºC Improved response for many compounds More robust operation for “dirty” samples Better response for “sticky” compounds Sharper peaks for high boilers (late eluters) Polyaromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) … more performance for a wide range of applications Agilent Confidential January 8, 2013

7 Unique Entrance Lens Eliminates Pre-filter
New, improved lens Agilent Confidential January 8, 2013

8 Unique Entrance Lens Eliminates Pre-filter
Fringe fields Agilent Confidential January 8, 2013

9 Quartz – Gold – Hyperbolic and Beautiful!
Why quartz? Low coefficient of linear expansion (expansivity; α) dL = α L0 dt [t = ºC; dL = change in length (m); L0 = length at 0 ºC] Why gold? Inert material with excellent electrical properties for high voltage Why hyperbolic? Ideal electrical field is generated by hyperbolic surfaces (NOT ROUND) Much more than just a beautiful piece of glass Round Quad Agilent Confidential January 8, 2013

10 Triple-Axis Detector Offset Z Y X
With a combination of three axes and appropriate shielding, noise from secondary particles can be reduced to a minimum Offset Z X Y ion beam Agilent Confidential January 8, 2013

11 Triple Channel EM Exit of the triple channels
Triple channels improve signal amplification Lower initial EM voltage required Triple channels increase life Lower cost of operation Collector removed to show exit passages Collector Agilent Confidential January 8, 2013

12 Expanded Capabilities: 7890B/5977A Improving the Industry Standards for GC/SQ
Higher Ion Count Extractor EI source Increased ion count S/N > 1500:1 IDL < 10 fg (industry first) Improved thermal profile Save Time & Energy Sequence Scheduler “Standby” post run “Ready to run” from standby “Bake Mode” as needed Factory backflush option Fast Vent capability DS42i rough pump“standby” power reduction Better Vacuum by Agilent Pump New Agilent V304 Turbo TwisTorr Molecular Drag technology Improved pumping light gases H2 (220 L/s); He (255 L/s) Agilent Floating Suspension Longer life Quiet operation Faster Scanning 20,000 u/s But never equal to the 7200 Q-TOF speed or ‘scan’ sensitivity Safety/Protection Vacuum failure  Shut off gas (He or H2) 7890B GC “Direct Communications Features EMF, calculator, etc. Agilent Confidential January 8, 2013

13 New Extractor Ion Source for 5977
Why the Extractor EI Source? Increase in ion count True increase in sensitivity Better trace level precision Lower IDL and MDL Proven sensitivity increase demonstrated with over Series GC/TQ! Agilent Confidential January 8, 2013

14 Comparison of Inert and Extractor Ion Source
Repeller (Push) Extractor Lens (Pull) Extractor Source Ionization area Ions Drawout Plate Ion Focus Lens Entrance Lens Mass Filter More ions to Mass Filter Inert Ion Source Agilent Confidential January 8, 2013

15 Extractor Source “Etune” Sensitivity Increase
Blue – Extractor 40ppb solution (SVOC) Red – Standard 40ppb solution (SVOC) Agilent Confidential January 6, 2013

16 More improvements on 5977’s Extractor Ion Source: Improved Thermal Profile
Why is this important? Better performance of high boilers i.e. PAH even at lower concentration! Good repeatability of PAH even at the trace level (5ppb)!! 10 Injections 80 min analysis Improvement for better Mass Spectrometer of Gas Chromatograph January 15, 2013

17 Comparing repeatability of 80min Method
5975 result Two years ago 5977 result 5977 result 200ppb PAH 5ppb PAH Phthalates analysis with 5977 GC/MSD Oct 2012

18 Key features of “Direct Communication” between 7890B and 5977A
Sleep/Wake mode Sleep mode saves power (320W  190W) Lower lab operating cost Safety Control If 5977A MSD pump fail, 7890B will shut off the gas supply Helium carrier gas : gas waste is eliminated Hydrogen carrier gas: risk of explosion is reduced Cool Down MSD Faster (FastVent) When MSD Vent Cycle started, GC will cool down MSD analyzer at the optimum gas flow to MSD.  40% faster when cooling down from 280C to 100C (< 25 min) Agilent Confidential January 8, 2013

19 Time saved using Fast Vent
Saving Energy and Time Power saved Time saved using Fast Vent Power( VA) Source Temp FastVent Vent Time(min) Time saved

20 Better HW Features: Agilent Turbo Pump (V304)
Innovation for: Higher pumping performance especially for He and H2 High reliability lower cost of operation Agilent Quality Standard TwisTorr 304 FS Press release : Agilent Confidential January 8, 2013

21 TwisTorr 304 FS: Vacuum Design
8 EDM turbo stages (rotor) designed to optimize pumping speed for light gases 8 Turbo stators made by pressed SST sheet technology 3 TwisTorr drag stages (spiral channels) designed for high compression ratio performances Agilent’s new patent-pending Floating Suspension for robust, low noise operation

22 Better HW Features: Agilent Rough Pumps
New DS42i New IDP-3c High performance Energy saving design “Inverter” not compatible with diff pump High performance Oil-free scroll pump NH3 CI compatible with Agilent Quality Standards Agilent Confidential January 8, 2013

23 Agilent Inert Flow Path … From Injection to Detection
…now from a single supplier Ultra Inert Inlet Liner New Ultimetal Inlet Weldment, Shell and Transfer Lines Ultimetal – TCD, FPD, NPD/FID Jets Ultra Inert Gold Seal Ultimetal Capillary Flow Technology Devices, Ultimate Union Ultra Inert GC Column Agilent Confidential January 8, 2013

24 Programmable Helium Conservation Module
Works with Gas Saver function of 7890 based GC Standby Method can be programmed after the sequence ends Analytical methods are unchanged since Helium is still the carrier during the run

25 5977A GC/MSD IDL Specification
IDL is a statistically derived value from the precision (%RSD) of 8 consecutive, splitless injections of 100fg OFN at 99 % confidence level. The more precise instruments (lower %RSD) will generate lower IDLs. The Agilent 7890B/5977A with an ALS or CTC autosampler has the following specifications: Ion Source type High Vacuum pump type IDL of OFN by 8 replicates of ALS* Extractor Source Turbo Pump 10fg Inert Source 24fg Diffusion Pump 30fg These are installation specification, performed on customer site, immediately after installation and carry a lot more value than a reference specs. *Systems without an Autosampler will have only S/N specification. January 15, 2013

26 Why IDL specification is useful for the 5977 in SIM?
Influence of Noise in S/N specs In SIM (or MS/MS) when the Noise is too low, such as during acquisition of an OFN standard, S/N results may not give the best characterization If the noise level is insignificant - varies a lot and too low- the derived value from it (S/N) also becomes insignificant Value of IDL IDL is derived from reproducibility/precision results, the same metrics most users utilize every day in their work. The IDL statistical process is the same used for Method Detection Limit calculations, and the %RSD values are tools to monitor analytical performance IDL characterizes the whole system – AS, GC, MS- giving confidence in overall reliability. It is the results of 8 consecutive injections, unlike S/N in a single shut, which can be influenced by many parameters/conditions January 15, 2013

27 The Influence of the low Noise on S/N values Same Data File, RMS, 5 Second Noise Region
A 0.01 min. shift in the noise region resulted a 6000 higher S/N value. When the noise is insignificant (low), the derived S/N value is also insignificant! Noise region: 5.65min min S/N: 10785 Noise region: 5.66min min S/N: 3335 S/N S/N Noise region: 5.65min-5.73 min Noise region: 5.66min-5.74 min January 15, 2013 Confidential, November 14, 2012

28 Market Leading Performance Premium Value: The Best Just Got Better
Detector Performance MSD Scan 1500:1 S/N; SIM 10 fg IDL – Best in Class with IDL tested at installation when ALS or Combi available (with Extractor Source) FID <1.4 pg C/sec ECD <4.4 fg/sec FPD <2.5 pg S/sec; <45 fg P/sec SCD <0.5 pg S/sec NPD Best for P, 0.08 pg/sec N beat only by Thermo 0.05 pg/sec– but only using OUR Blos bead! TCD 400 pg/mL No one can now offer a better specification package than Agilent Agilent Confidential January 8, 2013

29 Better science from Agilent
Market’s Best S/N (SNR) > 1500:1 Market’s Best Scan Rate = 20,000 u/s Market’s ONLY IDL < 10 fg Better science from Agilent Statistical confirmation of entire system’s performance Agilent Confidential January 8, 2013

30 Mass Hunter GC/MSD Software
MassHunter Qual MassHunter Quant MH CS MSD ChemStation DA MassHunter GC/MS Acquisition And Use Either MassHunter Data Analysis OR MSD ChemStation Data Analysis G1701FA Agilent Confidential January 8, 2013

31 MSD ChemStation DA MSD ChemStation Standard interface Quantitation
QEdit Macros Reports Library Searching MSD ChemStation DA Agilent Confidential January 8, 2013

32 MassHunter WorkStation Qualitative Analysis
Data Navigator Chromatogram Results Method Explorer Method Editor Spectrum Results Agilent Confidential January 8, 2013

33 Mass Hunter Quantitative Analysis
The Quant Batch screen looks like this. Results Information Results Information for the batch can be displayed. Visual guides highlight specific data that fall outside specific, predefined conditions. Compound Information displays graphical representation of the peak, qualifier information, spectral information, and the ISTD. Visual guides help identify associated data problems. Compound Information Batch Information (i.e., Calibration Curve) Batch Information provides easy visualization and customization of relevant desired data. Agilent Confidential January 8, 2013

34 Unknowns Analysis Agilent Confidential January 8, 2013

35 MassHunter Excel Reporting
Excel Based (Excel 2010 supported) MassHunter application exports data in XML and graphics files Templates define report formatting Over 100 shipping report templates Reports can be altered for desired information & appearance Customization using Excel features (function, formatting, code) Computer Based Training for report customization by users Some customization available through Agilent Agilent Confidential January 8, 2013

36 Application Notes Agilent Confidential January 8, 2013

37 Flexibility: Performance and Budget
Highest GC Performance & MS Performance 5977A EI 5977A EI/CI 7890B GC Extractor source DS42i Balance of Price, GC performance, & MS performance 5977A Turbo MS 5977A Diff MS 7890B GC Inert source Lowest Price Performance Meets Method Requirement 5977E Turbo MS 5977E Diff MS 7820A Stainless source

38 Maintenance and Support Issues
Agilent Confidential January 8, 2013

39 Q&A Discussion Agilent Confidential January 8, 2013

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