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Community Pilots ~ Efficiency Program Outcomes. Program Offers Residential –Comprehensive Residential program Inexpensive audit Direct install Building.

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1 Community Pilots ~ Efficiency Program Outcomes

2 Program Offers Residential –Comprehensive Residential program Inexpensive audit Direct install Building shell Furnace, boilers, water heaters –HVAC bonuses –In-Home Displays 2

3 Program Offers Business –Small Business Audit Energy Audit Direct install –Enhanced Business Incentives Lighting LED PC Network Management Custom –Staffing Grant 3

4 CommunityTargetActual% of Target Brillion kWh276,549.5877,708317% kW64.68178.79276% Therms44,050.444,00699% Allouez kWh456,638.34949,326214% kW68.08207.83305% Therms57,661.1152,238264% Plover kWh249,907.41,022,261412% kW58.21120.27207% Therms51,058.157,054117% 4 Community Pilot Focus on Energy - Energy Savings Targets

5 Community Reward 5

6 Shared Goal Tangible Reward Peer pressure to participate 6

7 Community Reward 7

8 Home Energy Review – Energy Advocate 8

9 Home Energy Review Behavior Direct Install Audit Shell Mechanical Install Option Shell Mechanical Bids 9 Options Rewards Verification Post Test Completion

10 Home Energy Review Assessment and Audit –$25 Allouez and Plover –Audit Free and Assessment $150 in Brillion Incentives –60% of project cost –50-90% in Brillion based on income 10

11 Energy Advocate Audit Options Bids Rewards Completion 11

12 Energy Advocate Guide customer through process People person first –Energy expert second Follow up with customers who have stalled on a step 12

13 Energy Advocate Rave reviews from customers High audit conversion rates Creating community advocates 13

14 Staffing Grant 14

15 15 Staffing Grant Original Design –Up to $80k available per customer –Phase 1 (3 month) - $20k –Phase 2 grant of 2.5x energy saved –iCanConserve could request refund on phase 1 –Staffed person could work on multiple targets/companies

16 Staffing Grant Barriers –Unknown targets and energy potential –Approval of limited term hiring –No guarantee on funding –Short time to get projects completed 16

17 17 Staffing Grant Next Steps –Community leaders were still interested in participating –Local colleges were interested in offering internship credits

18 Staffing Grant Solutions –Target School and Government Buildings –UWSP and NWTC provided internships to students –Interns were employed by Implementer –Tasked to create prioritized project plan 18

19 Staffing Grant Interns –Completed audits on buildings –Armed with auditing tools –Able to complete direct installs –Could handhold projects through completion 19

20 Staffing Grant Brillion High School will save $7,772 and 85,472 kilowatt hours (kWh) per year. The high school will receive $18,437 in Focus on Energy incentives for approved lighting and vending machine efficiency projects. Lighting upgrades, low-flow aerators and motor replacement improvements at nine Plover (9) park buildings will save $2,132 and 24,596 kilowatt hours (kWH) per year. Recommended improvements qualified for $3,052 in Focus on Energy incentives. 20

21 Staffing Grant Results –New generation of energy managers –Recommendations and immediate completion of many projects –Annual savings $8.5k in Brillion $3,4k in Allouez $6.4k in Plover 21

22 Business Engagement 22

23 Business Engagement Barriers to customer project –Capital –Expertise –Priorities overrule energy 23

24 Business Engagement Looking for a trustworthy source Need technical help with recommendations Perceived value in custom solutions 24

25 Business Engagement Address the expertise –Allocate additional time to the face-to-face interactions –Build trust by finding the customers best interest –Offer everything: direct installs, audits, and project management 25

26 Business Engagement Address the need for capital –Aggressive incentive rate –Formula rate designed to be Program Administer Cost Test positive –Present as a custom solution 26

27 Business Engagement Make it a priority – Deadline based tiered incentive: Tier 3 submitted before June 30 Tier 2 submitted before September 30 Tier 1 submitted before December 31 27

28 Business Engagement $/kWh$/kW$/thermIncentive Cap Tier 14.5 ¢ 15045 ¢ 50% of project Tier 213.5 ¢ $450$1.3550% of project Tier 322.5 ¢ $750$2.2575% of project 28

29 Business Engagement Results –Processed $400k in business incentives for 2012 –Increased kW by 1700% from 2011 –Increased kWh by 3500% from 2011 –Negligible impact on therms 29

30 Questions Ben Dickson CB&I 608-230-7022 30

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