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Lundi, le 16 avril Last chance for French Club T-shirts! 15.00 due tomorrow! Cash only with name/size.

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1 Lundi, le 16 avril Last chance for French Club T-shirts! 15.00 due tomorrow! Cash only with name/size.

2 F 1 F 1-OBJ: vocabulary/grammar/verbs-chap. 5 1. TURN IN YOUR GRAMMAR PACKET Fun: 2.Y/T: Describing people: 2.Notes: Ch.5 vocabulary pgs. 196,197,199,200 (as I pass back papers/scrapbooks) 3.PRACTICE: Oral pkt. (extras are on my site:) Quiz: Bor/Words E on Wed!! Well review tomorrow! Thurs/Fri-Oral grade! No homework tonight! 1. Get your binders in order though, 2.stock up on 150-200 flashcards,3. get a flashdrive, and 4. make sure to have a white or yellow poster board bought! Youll be doing a family tree poster, Five Famous Frenchmen show, an Oral grade and One test this 6 weeks!

3 F 2R & PreAP F 2R: Obj:Verbs/DOPS & IDOPS FUN: : 1.Due: Passé Composé page! See P/C review : PreAP: 2.Notes-Lire/Dire/Ecrire pg. 238 (10 min) 3.Y/T: Review of IDOPS/IDOPS: 4. Time? Pg. 218/220/222 orally H/W: Flashcards unit 4 vocabulary- Wed. PreAP:Flashcards & Bor. Words K quiz-Wed.

4 F 3 F 3: Goals: Grammar review/Vocabulary/Reading FUN: 1. Prenez les notes: 190-191 (10 min) IDOP/DOP: Elle me dit: 2.Pg. 176-185 Lisons! (20 min) Colloquial expressions:

5 F 4 F 4 Goals: Grammar/Verbs/Writing Foux de Fa Fa: Colloquial expressions: 1.Essay: Instruc: 135 (use 137, 150, 157) ---jeudi! -----ET Faites une histoire: 2.Notes pg. 166

6 FRAP Y/T: Foux de Fa Fa & Colloquial expressions (avec F 4) Ce soir: practiquer FRAP 1.E-mail-courriel 2. Les examens, etc. (absent)

7 FRAP pg. 2 E-mail : Courriel : mél : mail : email ou Lettre The students will have 15 minutes to write the response to the email - This is not an essay! It should be FORMAL!! In the email, the student should answer two questions and they should also ask one question before ending the email. At the end they should use a formal closure such as: "Je vous prie d'agréer, Monsieur / Madame mes salutations les plus distinguées" etc.

8 FRAP pg. 3-- E-mail 1 FRAP EMAIL Vous avez un message.doc

9 FRAP pg. 4 E-Mail 2 Frap Email 2.doc

10 Edith Piaf 1 Edith sang. And this tiny creature, so miserable and scrawny, so wounded and shattered by life, so guilty and yet so innocent of her sins and misfortunes---this little creature knocked us out…that voice, which betrayed her worries and revealed the depths of her solitude, ultimately made her sincere. That voice made us love her. For theres no point denying it: we did love her. We know that her voice so filled with distress, so full of torment, was really a voice of love. ----Jean Noli ature=related ature=related

11 Edith Piaf 2 She spent her whole life taking revenge on her frightful youth. Bruno Coquatrix I think you have to play for love with bitter tears. Edith Piaf She was a woman who rose from the most humble origins. Nothing she ever did really affected that. She integrated the people into her every emotion Moustaki EpQ EpQ

12 Piaf the Immortal 3 For me sleeping is a waste of time. Im afraid to sleep. Its kind of a death. I hate to sleep. Edith Piaf For me, singing is a way of escaping. Its another world. Im no longer on Earth. Edith Piaf Every time she sings you have the feeling shes wrenching her soul from her body for the last time. Jean Cocteau IPp4 IPp4

13 Edith Piaf-4 Death is the beginning of something. Edith Piaf She thought her life belonged to the public. Theo Serapo I wouldnt mind at all coming back to earh after death. Edith Piaf 7dc&feature=related 7dc&feature=related HQI HQI

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