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UNCLASSIFIED 1 45 th Space Wing Financial Look Ahead Cecil D. OBryan Jr., P.E. 45 CES/CEZ 17 Jan 13 This Briefing is Unclassified.

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1 UNCLASSIFIED 1 45 th Space Wing Financial Look Ahead Cecil D. OBryan Jr., P.E. 45 CES/CEZ 17 Jan 13 This Briefing is Unclassified

2 UNCLASSIFIED 2 Overview Purpose: Provide SAME members with an overview of funding sources, existing contracts, and contract avenues Provide SAME members a look at potential design and construction projects for FY13 Agenda: Terminology and Fund Sources FY13 MILCON Outlook AFSPC and AFCEC Time Lines and Strategy Contracting Avenues Potential Multi Year Contracts Potential FY13 Construction Program

3 UNCLASSIFIED 3 Fund Sources and Terminology Sustainment Restoration and Modernization (SRM): Sustainment is maintenance Restoration and Modernization is repair and new work Bulk of our projects Repair, maintenance, and construction of small structures Sometimes referred to as Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Sources: AFSPC, Wing and Mission Partners Non-Appropriated Funds (NAF): Not your tax dollarsprofits from club facilities (Tides, Golf Course, Bowling Alley) Used to support these activities Sources: Local and centrally managed DBEH (Cape Canaveral), SXHT(Patrick), YXTK(Ascension), ALMY(Antigua), NYRL (Malabar), JJAE (Jonathan Dickenson)

4 UNCLASSIFIED 4 Where Our Funds Come From 45 SW Air Force SRM Mission Partners Special Programs MedicalNAFEnergyMILCON This all changes with sequestration

5 UNCLASSIFIED 5 MAJCOM Pri FY13 RM & SUS > $5M SRM Matrix HAF Pri FB Pri Funded Projects FY11 SRM $ - HAFMAJCOMS Wings/PRV FB Pri Funded Projects FY12 RM RM Matrix HAF Pri FB Pri Funded Projects MAJCOM Pri FY14 RM & all SUS SRM Matrix HAF Pri FB Pri Funded Projects (Proposed) How SRM Dollars Flow

6 UNCLASSIFIED 6 Whats Does This Year Have in Store for Us Potentially new open ended AE Contractmost likely 8A Centralization does not include small projectsCE is working on how to address and fund these requirements Centralization of large sustainment projectsreduced everyone's distribution to fund this new class of projects R&M Funding and large sustainment project funded on a scorenot our local priorities

7 UNCLASSIFIED 7 AFSPC Strategy and Timelines Initial Distribution Authority to advertise (R&M, Energy & Demo) mid Nov Authority to advertise (Sustainment) 30 Jan Straddle Authority issued (Jun/Jul) Straddle A-- Funds are guaranteed for last quarter FY13 or 1st qtr FY14 Straddle B-- Funds not guaranteed

8 UNCLASSIFIED 8 Contract Avenues Open ended A-E Services (CDE) Request for Proposal (RFP) – Price Performance Trade-Off Simplified Acquisition of Base Engineering Requirements (SABER) Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ)-Paving, Roofing, Paint 8A, Hub Zone, SDVOB, Women Owned Army Corps of Engineers Infrastructure, Operations, Maintenance and Services Contract (IOMS) – INDYNE Eastern Range Technical Support Contract (ERTS) - CSR Range Architect-Engineering and Inspection Services (RAEIS)-TBD Launch Operations Support Contract (LOSC)- SCLS Navy (NAVFAC) AFCEC GSA

9 UNCLASSIFIED 9 FY13 Funds Received Project NbrProject TitleFund Source ALMY051902Construct Fence, Telemetry Boresight Antenna SMC DBEH041643Maintain R/W Clear Zone, Phase 2 SRM DBEH051514Maintain Airfield Markings, CCAFS SRM DBEH111705Repair Roofs, CCAFS SRM DBEH111720Maintain Paint/Finishes SRM DBEH121710Repair Roads & Parking, CCAFS SRM SXHT071037P2Repair Pavement on Rescue Road, Phase 2 SRM SXHT111023Construct Lighting, Tennis CourtNAF SXHT111049Const Lighting, S. Housing Adult Softball FieldNAF SXHT111051Repair South Housing Soccer Field and ParkingNAF SXHT121074BRepair Warfit FieldNAF SXHT121074CConstruct Well at Warfit FieldNAF SXHT095000Repair Marina Docks D, E & F NAF SXHT941012BRepair South Airfield Overrun SRM SXHT111045Repair/Upgrade Lighting/Controls, Central Various Energy SXHT071068Repair Electrical Panel & Feeders, Facility 988Energy SXHT111096Repair Water Distribution System Leaks Energy YXTK111900Repair Lighting Various Energy YXTK111901Repair AC Units Various Energy

10 UNCLASSIFIED 10 Project NbrProject Title DBEH051685Const Lightning Protection, Wastewater Treatment Plant DBEH061537Repair Storm Drain, AF Wharf DBEH091610Construct HVAC System At MSA#2 Storage Magazine DBEH101549Repair Fire Water Line, ITL Area, (LET) DBEH101706Repair Transformers and Switches, CX 40 (LET) DBEH131735Repair High Voltage Transformers (LET) DBEH101739Demolish Lawn Mower Equip Bldg CX 30, Facility DBEH121572Demolish Lube Storage, Facility MultiRepair Storm Damage, PAFB, CCAFS SXHT071033Repair Hangar 313 SXHT081048Repair Mill And Overlay Apron, N & S Ramps, Bldg 810 SXHT101090CRepair/Expand Base Stormwater Canals SXHT121001Repair HVAC, Dining Facility B350 SXHT121015Maintain Paint Various Facilities SXHT121059Airfield Paint/Rubber Removal SXHT121136Rpr Kitchen Hoods, Airman Dining Hall SXHT131000Construct Emergency Booster Pump Station YXTK091812Repair Electrical Distribution Line, TLM Hill YXTK111809Repair Potable Water Header Piping Potential SRM Funding

11 UNCLASSIFIED 11 Potential SRM Straddle Projects Project NbrProject Title DBEH041608BRepair Airfield Ops, Fac DBEH041608CConstruct Addition, Airfield Ops DBEH101515Repair Entry Control Windows, MOC DBEH101518Repair Ladders XY, MOC, PS-7 Towers, CCAFS DBEH101538Repair HVAC, Airfield Control Tower DBEH101593Repair MOC Roof To HURCON Standards, Fac DBEH101600Cons Water Line From Fac To Fac 1207a (LET) DBEH111513BRepair Water Lines, W Industrial Area (LET) DBEH111532Repair Air Lock Doors At NPF, Fac DBEH111626Repair Fire Protection, Fac 60705, Comm Spt DBEH111633Cons Vehicle Barriers, CCAFS DBEH112708Repair Lightning Towers, Tel IV DBEH121574Repair Interior EOD Facility, (Companion) DBEH121638Construct Addition To EOD Facility, (Companion) DBEH121641Repair Exterior EOD Facility, (Companion) DBEH121673Repair Lift Stations, ITL Area

12 UNCLASSIFIED 12 Potential SRM Straddle Projects Project NbrProject Title DBEH141710FY14 IDIQ- Paving/Parking/Restriping, CCAFS DBEH141735Repair High Voltage Transformer (LET) SXHT001020Repair Fire Supp Sys, Bldg 981 SXHT011039Repair/Construct VQ, Bldg 265 SXHT061022Repair Fire Protection System Bldg 533 SXHT071001Repair/Replace Sewer Mains And Pump SXHT101040Repair Concrete Support Columns, Chiller Bldg 925 SXHT101090Maintain/Dredge S. Base Stormwater Canals SXHT101094Construct/Relocate Airfield Rotating Beacon SXHT111009Repair 1st Floor NE Corner Bldg 423 SXHT121017Repair Roofs, Various Facilities, PAFB SXHT121037Maintain/Repair Streets/Parking, Various, PAFB SXHT891050Repair/Construct VQ, Bldg 404 YXTK041808Repair, Corrosion Control, Bottle Gas Storage Fac YXTK101811Repair Roofs, Various YXTK121802Repair Handholds & Covers, Runway Lighting System YXTK932800Construct Potable Water Storage Tank

13 UNCLASSIFIED 13 Potential Demo/Consolidation Focus Fund Project Number Project TitleScopeFund Source DBEH101739Demolish Lawn Mower Equip Bldg CX 30, Facility SF AF DBEH121572Demolish Lube Storage, Facility SF AF DBEH Demolish HLDD II CX 17A MST, Facility ,787 SFNASA DBEH081611Demolish HLDD II Delta Lab, Facility ,676 SFNASA DBEH081626Demolish HLDD II Misc Group 33,925 SFNASA DBEH081615Demolish HLDD II Facility ,571 SFNASA

14 UNCLASSIFIED 14 Potential Energy Projects Green: Accepted by Command PROJ #TITLE ALMY091912Antigua AS Energy Audit DBEH REPAIR CHILLERS, MOTION PICTURE LAB, FACILITY 1605 DBEH111578Conduct Installation Energy Audit, CCAFS DBEH111594Repair HVAC, Hangar G, Facility 1606 DBEH Repair Lighting, Waste Water Treatment Plant and Hangar R&D DBEH Repair Retro-Commissioning of HVAC PAFB and CCAFS DBEH121504Repair Lighting and Controls, Various Facilities DBEH121506Repair Lighting, LPF Multiple Facilities DBEH121541Repair Energy Management Controls DBEH122002Repair by Replacement Area Lighting DBEH122006Replace Boilers at Heat Plant, Facility SXHT031063REPAIR HVAC, B1364 SXHT091092Conduct Installation Energy Audit, PAFB SXHT111053Repair/Replace Hot Water Boilers, Dorm 505

15 UNCLASSIFIED 15 Potential Energy Projects Green: Accepted by Command PROJ #TITLE SXHT REPAIR BY REPLACEMENT HOT WATER BOILERS, DORM 506 SXHT111000ERepair Water Distribution System, PAFB SXHT Repair by Replacement HVAC, Youth Center B3656 SXHT121077Repair/Replace Taxiway Lighting w/ LED SXHT REPAIR BY REPLACEMENT HOT WATER BOILERS, DORM 503 SXHT REPAIR BY REPLACEMENT HOT WATER BOILERS, DORM 502 SXHT121080Repair by Replacement Area Lighting YXTK Renewable: Repair Water Heaters, Solar, Various YXTK091826Ascension AAF Energy Audit YXTK111802Energy Cons: Repair A/C Units, Various YXTK111827Repair By Replacement Area Lighting YXTK111830Energy Cons: Repair A/C Controls, Various YXTK121812Repair/Replace Taxiway Lighting w/ LED

16 UNCLASSIFIED 16 Environmental Quality Program BaseProject NbrProject Title CCAFSDBEH087257CONS-Complete Stabilization Of Complex 14 Block House CCAFSDBEH097274CONS-Enhance Least Tern Nesting Habitat CCAFSDBEH127203CONS - Conduct 3D Laser Mapping of Launch Facilities CCAFSDBEH127204CONS-Five Year Update, INRMP 2013 CCAFSDBEH127258CONS-Preserve Launch Complex 26, Phase 6 CCAFSDBEH137250CONS-Historic Properties Survey CCAFS CCAFSDBEH137253CONS-Invasive Veg Control, Cogon Grass CCAFSDBEH137254CONS-Invasive Veg Control, BP CCAFSDBEH137255CONS-Preserve Launch Complex 26, Phase 7 CCAFSDBEH CONS-Invasive Control At LC 21/22, LCS 1-4, & Lighthouse MalabarNYRL137267CONS-Mgt, Invasive Species & Fire Fuel Reduction CCAFSDBEH117268P2-Implement TMDL BMP, Phase 2

17 UNCLASSIFIED 17 Quality of Life (QOL) Program Project NbrProject Title SXHT Repair Lodging Office Lobby SXHT Repair Fitness Center Locker Rooms and Showers SXHT131030Renovate Building 335, Airmen Ministries SXHT121135Custom Creations SXHT Repair/Upgrade Beach Facilities, Phase II SXHT Construct/Upgrade Beach Facilities, Phase III SXHT125003A Repair Marina Dock A SXHT125003B Repair Marina Dock B SXHT125003C Repair Marina Dock C SXHT Repair/Renovate HAWC, Building 546 SXHT Repair Pool Bath House, B917 SXHT Repair Family Pool, Facility 919 YXTK Repair Laundry Facility SXHT091081P1 Repair Base Theater, Bldg. 431 SXHT Construct Restrooms, S. Housing Soccer Field SXHT Maintain Tennis Court, So Housing Area ALMY131900Repair/Resurface Basketball Court SXHT121137Construct South Base Pavilion

18 UNCLASSIFIED 18 Mission Partner Project NumberProject TitleFund Source DBEH101548P2Construct Underground Communications Duct BankMission Partner SXHT PAINT INTERIOR (OFFICES,RESTROOMS,OPEN AREAS), BLDG 691Mission Partner SXHT121104Construct Communications Tower, 301st RQSMission Partner SXHT131016MAINTAIN FUELS EQUIPMENTDLA

19 UNCLASSIFIED 19 MILCON FYDPBaseProject NumberProject Title Scope (SM) 2015CCAFSDBEH Range Communications Facility3,216

20 UNCLASSIFIED 20 Questions

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