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Aarhus Industrial Technologies Conference 2012 19th June 2012 Insight into SPIRE.

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1 Aarhus Industrial Technologies Conference 2012 19th June 2012 Insight into SPIRE

2 CMI: 200-years of industrial experience CMI, thousands of tailor-made solutions for ever more sustainable, more efficient and more reliable equipment.

3 CMI Energy Scope of supply Heat Recovery Steam Generators for steam/gaz powerplants – vertical technology (<2002) Heat Recovery Steam Generators for steam/gaz powerplants – horizontal technology (2004-acquisition) Boilers for thermo-solar powerplants (2009-organic) More than 500 CMI Heat Recovery Steam Generators in the world

4 CMI Industry (1/2) Processing lines Coating and Processing lines for the steel industry (<2002) International project main contractor for industrial equipment (2010- organic) Thermal treatments Reheating furnaces for hot rolling mills (<2002) Furnaces and thermal solutions for industrial equipment (2005-3 acquisitions) Chemical treatments Surface treatment equipment, acid regeneration plant (2004/2005-3 acquisitions) Achieved >2002

5 CMI Industry (2/2) Rolling Mills Cold rolling mills complex (2008- acquisition) Environmental solutions Energy efficiency solutions for industrial processes (2010-organic) Industrial Effluent Treatment (2012) OEM for industrial equipment projects - Complex for the downstream steel industry

6 Special interventions and services on industrial equipment Steel Industry (<2002) Conventional powerplants (<2002) Rail (<2002) Nuclear powerplants (2009-organic) Windturbines (2008-organic) Local maintenance & repairs in the mechanical, welding, piping fields CMI Services Achieved >2002 >15 acquisitions of SME since 2002 >1700 specialists dedicated to industrial equipment

7 Resource and energy efficiency innovations Sustainable technologies developed : Boilers for thermosolar powerplant (2009) Windturbines : assembly and maintenance on & offshore (2008) Range of solutions to reduce energy consumption and harmful emission of plants (2010) Torrefaction furnaces : wood becomes a substitute for coal (2010) Industrial Effluent Treatment (2012)

8 8 A few examples Customer/Process Rotary Hearth Furnace for high quality pipes Objectives Thermal and mechanical revamping Performances + 20 % output 20% of energy savings BEFORE MODIFICATION AFTER MODIFICATION

9 A few examples (*) Calculations based on a natural gas price of 35/MWhH Heat recovery on the waste gases of a continuous annealing line furnace Return On Investment (*) Less than 1.5 year 7.6 tons/hour of saturated steam

10 10 CMI Group Presentation – April 2008 Welcome to the CMI Group

11 A few exemples Full environmental design of a hot dip galvanizing line Yearly gain vs. Conventional solutions: 57 GWh i.e. > 5,000 T.O.E. Regenerative flameless and low NOx burners

12 EUnited: European Engineering Industries Association

13 EUnited Metallurgy

14 SPIRE: Sustainable Process Industry What is SPIRE ? SPIRE = Sustainable Process Industry in Resource and Energy Efficiency European Industrial Competitiveness A proposal for a European Private Public Partnership (PPP) dedicated to innovation in resource and energy efficiency in the process industries Its objective: To develop the enabling technologies and solutions along the value chain, required to reach long term sustainability for Europe in terms of global competitiveness, ecology and employment. SPIRE Sustainable Process Industry European Industrial Competitiveness through Resource and Energy Efficiency

15 Origin of SPIRE – Prima Mobile Industrys response to real, tangible and urgent needs Together with policy makers, Industry has a responsibility and unique ability to respond to the challenges to manage resources and energy, especially when rare or finite, by providing adapted solutions More specifically SPIRE is addressing three fundamental European challenges: 1.urgency to create growth and increase the competitiveness of Europe in a global market, 2.need to rejuvenate the European process industry that is the basis of the European economy in terms of turnover, employment and generation of technologies for all industrial sectors 3.imperative to reduce resource and energy inefficiency and the environmental impact of industrial activities.

16 Cross sectoral participation Strong industry engagement, large participation, commitment cross sectors and boundaries 10 industry sectors have contributed to the development of SPIRE Steel Chemicals Minerals Glass Metals Water… European Technology Platforms and Industry Associations Big & small companies have joined forces for innovations in resource and energy efficiency SPIRE will develop into a practical roadmap, to help ensure that EU innovation projects address the right needs and achieve optimal impact from 2013 to 2018.

17 Association SPIRE: Confirmed Members AssociationsScienceIndustry

18 Groundbreaking proposal: 2 ambitions SPIRE has two ambitions by 2030: 1.Reduction in fossil energy intensity of up to 30% from current levels 2.Reduction in non-renewable, primary raw material intensity of up to 20% from current levels Both ambitions will contribute to efficiency improvement in CO2-equivalent footprints of up to 40% by 2030. Potential improvements extend beyond industry

19 Commitment to match ambitions SPIRE is an effective driver to: Involve large corporate, top-academia and high-tech SMEs to activate the value chain and facilitate effective uptake of the PPP results in the market. Modernize the European industrial landscape Bring manufacturing back to Europe Make solutions available for SMEs or less performing sectors with the aim to make the EU process industry the n°1 global competitor.

20 Focused on innovation answers SPIRE is focused on innovation and answers to a wide range of major EU policies It is a good, pertinent vehicle to flesh out various political strategies e.g. SPIRE ambitions will bring huge benefits to the European economy, society and environment. It will help Europe become more sustainable and competitive at global scale. Innovation Union Resource Efficiency Low carbon economy New industrial policies

21 Long term positive impact Achieving SPIREs ambitions will have long-term, positive impact on EU economy: More than 450 thousand enterprises, large and small Over 6.8 million employees More than 1,600 billion turnover Involves 20% of the European Economy Breakthrough developments will have wide-ranging implications for: Business stimulate entrepreneurship in Europe, create new markets Employment create more jobs in the process industries Academia encourage world class research and a better transformation of its results into marketed products High-tech SMEs provide new eco-efficient process technologies A twin gain for Europe: industry will pursue exploitation of generated intellectual property and technology first in Europe.

22 Conclusion: CMI & EUnited in Spire SPIRE, a way to pursue bilateral partnerships in your supply chain A driving force across the main industry sectors A common challenge towards Europes 20/20 goals Engage with SPIRE

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