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Presented By : Joan Chamberlain Executive Director.

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1 Presented By : Joan Chamberlain Executive Director

2 Facility Information Located in Berlin, New Hampshire 19 th century Irish Catholic church, converted to an Arts Center in 2000 Approximately 6,000 ft 2 Previously heated using fuel oil boilers and steam radiators Converted to hot water distribution and wood pellet boilers in Fall 2012

3 Biomass System Information Two 191,000 Btu/Hour wood pellet boilers 300 gallons of hot water thermal storage Two 6 ton flexible wood pellet storage bags

4 Project at a Glance Funding NCRC&D / WERC Grant $80,020 Berlin Better Buildings $38,862 Retail Merchants Association of New Hampshire $31,090 Northern Forest Center $10,000 Benefits Project Savings: $10,600 annual energy savings + over $100,000 in avoided costs Energy Profile (annual): > 5,000 gal #2 offset ($19,000) 35 tons of wood pellets used ($8,400) >25 Tonne Net CO2 Reduction

5 Lessons Learned What we did right: Biomass Heating is cutting edge for rural communities, with a learning curve for all involved. It is important to ask clarifying questions and develop a team approach in all phases of project. Importance of an on-site Project Manager responsible for communications with funders, Board of Directors, Facilities Committee and Contractors. Leveraged investments in the Biomass Heating System to attract funding for an additional $44,000 to insulate the building, increasing efficiency even more. What we could have done better: More attention given to system balancing, on-site follow-up, and training once system went operational for the winter season. BIGGEST Why didnt we think of that? : Installed height of boiler air intake pipes & wood pellet delivery pipes too low for North/Eves side of building without pipe extensions or protective roofs during North Country snow season!


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