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Capital Improvement Task Force Update

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1 Capital Improvement Task Force Update

2 Capital Improvement Task Force
• The Council established the Capital Improvement Task Force (CITF) at the Annual Meeting, held in February 2012. The charge of the CITF is to assess deferred maintenance and capital improvement needs of our facility and to prepare recommendations for consideration by the congregation.

3 Teaming With HGA • At a special congregational meeting in June, the congregation voted to hire the engineering firm of Hammel,Green & Abrahamson (HGA) to help evaluate our issues and develop a long range plan for addressing them. Our work with HGA began in early June and is being completed this month. We held six meetings over the summer with HGA.

4 Our Goals • At our first meeting with HGA we established our goal – create a “structurally sound, safe, comfortable and dry facility.” We want to meet this goal by being good stewards of our facility and making wise decisions for the future.

5 Our Priorities Defined
• Major issues were ranked in the following order: Roof / Gutter System Water Drainage / Building Leaks / Erosion Structural (Building Settlement) Parking Lot HVAC / Electrical & Plumbing

6 Timeline June July August Sept. 23 Discovery & Analysis
Range of Options Summary Findings Hired HGA

7 Summary Findings Roof/ Gutter System Findings Options Status
Roofing damaged due to hail and improper repairs over the years Gutters damaged due to ice dams Interior finishes (ceiling and walls) damaged due to ice dams. Ice dams are a result of a too warm roof, which is a result of lack of insulation or ventilation. Options Repair and replace damaged slates, flashing and gutters. Install roof insulation on 1963 addition. Status Request for Proposal (RFP) under review. Sent to select contractors Sept. 28 Bids Due

8 Summary Findings Water Drainage / Building Leaks / Erosion Findings
Storm water from downspouts isn’t directed away from building Erosion from too much storm water directed to a specific location (at the stairs, at the north slope, and in the parking lot) Waterproofing systems (at the choir room) deteriorated over the years Options Repair and replace gutters and downspouts. Connect/direct downspouts to retention system (rain gardens) Install foundation drainage Install waterproofing Combination of rain gardens/ infiltration/ and storm water management Status Concepts are estimated for price

9 Summary Findings Structural Findings Options Status
Masonry cracking on the exterior walls and plaster cracking on the interior walls of the chapel Floor slab settlement in the Colonial Room Soil borings reveal a layer of clay under the chapel foundation Geotechnical consultant concluded that the structural settlement is due to the clay consolidation, and that the consolidation is complete Options Add insulation under window wells to avoid frost expansion As insurance against future settlement, add structural stabilization for foundations Status Soil boring and geotechnical evaluation is completed Options for additional stabilization are estimated for price

10 Summary Findings Parking Lot Findings Options Status
Sinkholes have developed due to amount and velocity of storm water running over the parking surface Soil settlement results in uneven parking surface Multiple entrances and exits creates a confusing parking circulation pattern Options Revised parking layout to provide streamlined vehicle circulation, mitigate run-off, and allow for improved and inviting landscaping. Status Revised parking lot concept is estimated for price

11 Summary Findings HVAC and Electrical Systems Findings Options Status
The heating systems consists of steam boilers that are past expected life but are in good shape and are not in danger of failing Ventilation system in sanctuary is undersized per current standards and noisy The original electrical service should be replaced due to age, although there is no imminent need of replacement Options Replace the steam boilers with higher efficiency hot water boilers Modify return air path to quiet the sanctuary ventilation system Replace the 400 amp electrical service and panel boards serving the 1950 and 1960’s addition. Status Replacement cost estimates have been priced.

12 Existing Roof / Gutter Issues
Damaged/Missing Tiles Damaged Dormers and Flashing Damaged Gutters

13 Roof / Gutter Improvements
Repair damaged areas Install insulation & replace roof Roof Repairs Insulate Roof

14 Existing Drainage / Leaks / Erosion –Issues
Poor Downspout Function Wet Building Damaged Site

15 Existing Drainage / Leaks / Erosion –Issues
Downspout Locations

16 Drainage / Leaks / Erosion –Improvements
At Grade Discharge: slope away from building Below Grade Collection: gather and route Downspout Solutions

17 Drainage / Leaks / Erosion –Improvements
Rain Garden Gather Downspouts and direct to Raingarden Waterproof Choir Room Foundation Drainage Downspout & Drainage System

18 Landscape at the Choir Room

19 Downspout and Drainage System
Accessible Patio (pedestal pavers) Ornamental Plantings Waterproofed Choir Room Rain Garden Foundation Drainage Downspout and Drainage System

20 Patio above Choir Room

21 Memorial Garden Option

22 Existing Structural Issues
Chapel Settlement – Exterior Cracks Interior Cracks

23 Soil Borings Results- Did discover a clay layer under the chapel, didn’t discover a high water table, did discover sandy soil under parking lot

24 Survey Elevations at Colonial Room
0.01’ -0.18’ -0.08’

25 Structural Improvements

26 Parking Lot

27 Parking and Landscaping Concept Site Plan

28 Parking and Landscaping Improvements
Rain Gardens Improved Parking Lot Play Areas Trees

29 Storm Water Management
Rain garden Underground storm piping Storm water detention Cistern Infiltrate and retain as much as possible, slowly discharge the rest

30 Storm Water Management

31 Mechanical and Electrical Existing Issues
Old, but still in workable condition

32 Preliminary Cost Estimates

33 Preliminary Cost Estimates
Cost Estimates based on HGA’s concept documents

34 Next Steps - Project 1: Roof and Gutter Repairs
Wednesday, September 26, 6:30 p.m. Informational meeting in the Gathering Space September 28: Send out RFPs October 18,19: Interview contractors November 4: Congregation votes on recommended plan and contractor

35 Long Range Plan- Project 2: Waterproofing and Stabilization
January 20th, Adult Education: Long range plan presentation and Project #2 Informational Meeting regarding Waterproofing and Stabilization Spring Building Improvement Campaign

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