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RTC Partnering Forum Andy Cairns Project Manager Corporate Change Team 23 rd February 2010.

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1 RTC Partnering Forum Andy Cairns Project Manager Corporate Change Team 23 rd February 2010

2 Carbon Management Plan

3 Presentation Overview A new agenda for Salford City Council/ strategic partners (responding to climate change – green thinking - sustainability) A new language and new stakeholders Lessons learned What are you doing?

4 New Language – New Concepts Carbon tonnes/ carbon footprint Operational carbon/ embodied carbon Decarbonisation/ carbon stairway/ zero carbon Carbon reduction commitment/ carbon literacy Carbon credits/ emissions trading Sustainability/ green infrastructure/ biodiversity Micro-generation/ biomass/ smart energy Mitigation/ adaptation/ capitalisation

5 Tonnes of Carbon Carbon tonne = 1000 kilos of carbon dioxide Equal to 100,000 balloons or enough to fill 6 double- decker buses Average annual production of CO2 for each Salford resident = 6.4 (2006) SCC operations generate 34,000 tonnes of CO2 annually (2007) Collectively Salford residents produce 1,444,000 tonnes of CO2 annually (2006)

6 Carbon management planning Action by local authorities will be critical to the achievement of the Governments climate change objectives, such as the long term goal to reduce CO2 emissions by 80% by 2050 in the draft climate change bill. This Carbon Management Plan (CMP) outlines Salford City Councils commitment to a 40% reduction in CO2 over the next 5 years.

7 Context and drivers for carbon management Community leadership Display energy certificates Carbon reduction commitment NI185 – percentage CO2 reduction from local authority operations NI186 – per capita CO2 emissions in the local authority area Local Area Agreement Financial Control

8 Council – Carbon Management Programme Breakdown of stationary emissions for baseline year 2007

9 Comparison of actual costs with business as usual BAU Difference £4,71M

10 The Project Escalator.

11 Voltage Optimisation Civic Centre

12 Other areas of activity Biomass Boilers (schools) Ground source heat pumps (Broughton Hub) Combined Heat and Power ? (civic campus) Photovoltaic cells PV Eco Schools Behavioural Change Affordable Warmth Strategy (Community Energy Savings Programme ?) Recycling

13 Renewables Renewable technology potential. Photovoltaic ( wall / rooftop) Solar Panels ( thermal heating) Wind Turbine CHP / Biomass Boilers Ground Sourced Heat Hydro Assessment of opportunities in Salford Schools Councils CMP Salix Town Hall Cost effectiveness vs. behavioural change ? Establishing a market ? Jobs ?

14 Carbon Management Plan for 2010/11 Project 2010/2011 Costs Voltage Optimisation £53,622 Heating Controls and Zoning £60,000 Loft & Cavity Wall Insulation £15,000 Lighting Upgrades £52,500 Behavioural Change £20,000 Hybrid / Alternate Vehicles/Vehicle Maximiser £47,000 ICT Passive cooling for data centre £60,000 £308,122

15 Behavioural change The aim of the switch it off campaign was to reduce the carbon footprint of the council by encouraging employees to switch off PCs, office lights and any other electrical equipment at the end of each day. The one newsletter for council staffThe one Intranet homepage Intranet web pages switch it offswitch it off One council briefing Post its Posters Calendars

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