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Namrata Barai June 17 th 2010. What is MITACS? National research network funded by federal and provincial governments Federal government funds NCE, international.

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1 Namrata Barai June 17 th 2010

2 What is MITACS? National research network funded by federal and provincial governments Federal government funds NCE, international operations and internships Provinces fund internships and training Connects Canadian researchers with companies and other organizations Original focus exclusively mathematical sciences Internship program now expanded to include all academic disciplines and industrial sectors

3 Core Business Mathematical sciences research projects Large-scale, multi-year, multi-partner MITACS ACCELERATE Cross-Canada, cross-disciplinary internship program MITACS International Globalink, etc. Skills Enhancement Program Networking & Technical Training Mathematics outreach

4 What is MITACS ACCELERATE? Innovative made-in- Canada program Links university faculty and grad students/PDFs with any department or discipline with Canadian companies Focus - short-term research projects

5 Company/Organization identifies the research problem MITACS assists in identifying the appropriate expertise at the universities Internships are funded equally by the company and MITACS with each contributing $7.5K $15K is provided to professor as a research grant Minimum of $10K given to student as stipend Remaining funds -additional costs associated with project Student spends portion of their time on site with company How does it work?

6 More details.. Partner eligibility For Profit companies, Industry associations, Crown Corp Not for Profit, Government, Community agencies, Hospitals Streamlined application process No application deadline 4 weeks turn around with peer review process Internship can start at anytime Building blocks for larger projects Each 4 month internship can be stacked together to create 8-24 month projects Research in any field Business areas- Marketing, HR, Operations Social Sciences and Humanities

7 Even more details… Very Flexible Non industry partners with significant industry interaction On site interaction can be substituted with field Work Multiple partners (industry + non Industry) Do not need a student to apply, as long as student is in place prior to start of internship. Cluster programs – Larger company contribution leads to higher matching ratio (1:1.7) Minimum of 30K from company and 3 students involved

8 Research projects are company driven Leverages existing R&D budgets HR recruitment tool; connecting you with potential employees Facilitates new relationships with university-based researchers No application deadlines; proposals accepted any time The MITACS Advantage

9 How MITACS ACCELERATE works identify research opportunities access research expertise collaborative research CANADIAN INDUSTRY CANADIAN UNIVERSITY

10 Steaming ahead with Multi-Fuel Power Boilers NORPAC Control Ltd specializes in industrial process optimization The goal of this internship was to find ways to improve the operational efficiency of multi-fuel power boilers. The intern was tasked to compare existing control algorithms for modelling and optimizing multi-fuel power boilers to recently published control algorithms in the academic literature.

11 Steaming ahead with Multi-Fuel Power Boilers Result: This exercise resulted in recommendations to incorporate some recent results into the existing optimization control modules. After additional testing, the new algorithms will be fully encapsulated in the boiler optimization software package and ready for general

12 Other Manufacturing examples Identifying and Prioritizing Critical to Quality Characteristics Partner: Research in Motion Discipline: Statistics Process Optimization of Kraft / Dissolving Pulp Manufacturing Partner: AV Nackawic Discipline: Engineering Multivariate Analysis for Manufacturing Excursion Detection with Complex Equipment Containing Sub-Systems Partner: Triant Technologies Inc. Discipline: Statistics Does reducing postural variability lead to an increase in the prevalence of work-related injuries in lean automotive assembly? Partner: Pinnacle Rehabilitation Discipline: Kinesiology

13 Why MITACS? Entrepreneurial Front-line staff across country Bilingual Nimble Results-oriented Innovative

14 537 scientists 1,080 graduate students and post-doctoral fellows 375 partners including: Companies Government (federal and provincial) Not-for-profits Hospitals and research institutes 50 Canadian universities 15 international universities The MITACS Community

15 MITACS… 10 years of success Exponential growth in number of internships funded between 2003 - 2008 2003 – 18 internships funded in math sciences 2008 – 243 internships across all academic disciplines Projection for 2009 600+ internships Internships 03-0404-0505-0606-0707-0808-09 Projected 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0

16 More information, please contact Namrata Barai:

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