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A "New" Way of Training and System Staging THiNK Simulation.

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1 A "New" Way of Training and System Staging THiNK Simulation

2 Applications n Staging Tool n Logic Verification n Controller Ranges n Operator Interface Refinement n Improved Operating Procedures n Operations Troubleshooting

3 Control System Startup Problems Without Checkout

4 Control System Startup Problems With Checkout

5 Process Simulator n Model n Interface n Control Processor 3 Basic Parts

6 The Model -- THINK n Simultaneous Equation Solver n Mass and Pressure Flow Network n Real Time or Faster n Low, Medium and High Fidelity

7 Interfaces Available n Allen-Bradley PLC5's n Bailey Infi-90 n Foxboro IA n Honeywell Plantscape n ABB n GE-FANUC n OPC server/client and others

8 DCS Controls DCS Virtual I/O DCS Controls PLC Logics Process Simulation Simulation Network Operator Console Control Network Hardware Layout

9 Applied Areas n Recovery Boilers n Fluidized Bed Boiler n Power Boilers n Chlorine Dioxide Plant n Bleach Plants n Batch and Continuous Digesters n Steam Headers n Kilns n High Temperature Furnaces

10 Simulator Training Uses n Normal Operations n Startup/Shutdown Sequences n Process Upset Recovery Procedures n System Interlocks and Alarm Settings n Improved Awareness of Process Dynamics

11 Simulator Advantages n Model Easily Updated n Multiple Uses n Accepted by Operators

12 THiNK Thermal Hydraulic Integrated NetworK

13 Advanced Solution Methods: n First Principles n Modified Finite Element Method n Conservation of Mass, Energy and Momentum n Crash Proof Simulation Numerics

14 Advanced Dynamics Modeling For: n Two-Phase Flow n Subcooled Fluids/Superheated Vapor n Track Multiple Components n Chemical Reactions n Separation of Components

15 Build Process Simulation with THiNK: n Equipment Libraries n Drag & Drop Model Building n Built-in Mass, Energy, and Momentum Conservation n Easy to Maintain

16 THiNK Models: n Flexible Graphical User Interface n Model Fidelity Varies with Needs n Re-configurable for Training, Checkout, or Process Design

17 Appropriate Simulation for Process Plant: n Power n Pulp and Paper n Chemical/Specialty Chemical n Discrete Manufacturing n Continuous and Batch

18 THiNK in Check-out and Training:

19 THiNK in Process Optimization:

20 THiNK Approach: n New simulation technology n Low price performance ratio n Minimizes risks associated with - control system commissioning - plant operation.

21 THiNK Summary: Definition: Thermal Hydraulic Integrated NetworK is an advanced, first principles, precision simulation engine and is used for modeling boilers, piping networks, turbines, condensers, and heat exchangers commonly found in process plants. It solves the time and spatially dependent thermal hydraulic equations for the conservation of mass, momentum, and energy using a modification of the Finite Element Method (FEM). THINK uses an implicit method for integrating the equations in time to allow large simulation time steps for real or faster than real time simulation.. Applications:Task-specific simulators for control system checkout, process plant optimization, and operator training in manufacturing, chemical, pulp and paper, specialty chemical, and energy industries.

22 THiNK Demo: for demo email: or call 770-475-5770 n Tank and Level n Desuperheater n Species Separation n Steam Headers

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