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Department of Mechanical Engineering Prepared By: Guided By:

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1 Department of Mechanical Engineering Prepared By: Guided By:


3 We have decided the IDP on Pressure analysis & Heat reduction in boiler after visiting industry KABUTEX PROCESSORS at A K Road Surat. They are using boiler steam for drying the cloth, which is manufactured to sell in the market. Boiler is operating daily on temperature of 200-300 0C and 6 to 7 kg/ of steam pressure. In actual practice they require only 4 to 5 kg/ of pressure. So, by pressure reducing valve they are decreasing the pressure. By analysis of pressure at every stage we will carry out heat loss and try to reduce the heat loss. It is useful to recover heat loss during operation of boiler and take different measure for reducing heat loss and steam loss which increases the efficiency of boiler.

4 Before final selection of project, we visited several Boiler industries for finding mechanical pressure analysis & heat loss reduction in boiler & improving energy efficiency of boiler systems related problems. We want to make a project which have special purpose & use everywhere so finally we selected the project of pressure analysis & heat loss reduction in boiler.

5 Before starting any project planning is done. Planning of a project is complicated task & should be taken care of with great care. The project works largely depend upon its planning. While planning a project, each & every detail should be worked out. We have planned our project as below: 1) Literature Survey 2) working principal of boiler 2) Study about boiler related book and videos 3) Guide by college sir & Industry Guide 4) find the problem and solution and solution

6 DATENAME OF INDUSTRYPROCESSPROBLEM 15-7-2012 Ambica iron work opp. Agro pettrol pump, bombay road, surat. Manufacturer of Agriculture Equipments No problem 19-7-2012 Ikon industries 28, maruti industrial estate, behind solapur compound, rod no.6 surat Manufacturing of Sheet Metal Parts & Fabrication Work No problem 23-7-2012Hetex industries, palsana surat It Manufacture Boilers No problem 25-9-2012 Vasundhra industries near railway crossing lane a.k. road, surat. Dyeing & printing It Creates Heat Loss & Steam Loss Of Boiler

7 Boiler is a closed vessel in which the heat produced by the combustion of fuel is transferred to water for its conversion into steam at the desired temperature and pressure. Broadly speaking, a boiler is a device used for generating :- a)Steam for power generation b)Hot water for heating purpose

8 mechanical power is produced by a heat engine that transforms thermal energy (from combustion of a fuel) into rotational energy Heat (generated in the furnace) is transmitted to the boiler where water forced into the boiler by the feed pump is converted into steam

9 The primary requirements of steam generators or boilers are: a)The water must be contained safely b)The steam must be delivered safely in desired conditions as regards its pressure, temperature, quality and required rate

10 The selection of type and size of a steam boiler depends upon the following factors: The power required and the working pressure Geographical position of the plant Availability of fuel Supply and quality of feed water The probable load factor Space available Labour available Adaptability to the type of furnace and stoker Steam pressure and superheat desired Nature and intensity of draught

11 The Boilers may be classified as under: Horizontal boiler, vertical or inclined boilers Fire tube and water tube boilers Externally fired and internally fired boilers Forced circulation and natural circulation boilers High, medium and low pressure boilers Stationary boiler and portable boiler Single tube boilers and multi tube boilers

12 Feed pump Injector Economiser Air pre-heater Superheater Steam separator

13 Function: Its is a pump which is used to deliver feed water to the boiler. The appliances in common use for delivering the feed-water into the steam boilers are: a) Reciprocating pump b) Rotary pump

14 Function: The function of an injector is to feed water into the boiler. It is also used where the space is not available for the installation of a feed pump

15 Function: An economiser is a device in which the waste heat of the flue gases is utilised for heating the feed water. Economiser are of two types : a)Independent type, and b)Integral type

16 Function: The function of the air pre-heater is to increase the temperature of air before it enters the furnance. It is generally placed after the economiser.


18 During our visit to the industry and discussion with b oiler operator about the problem regarding heat recovery and saving of the fuel. We come to know that they are producing more pressure of steam than required for the process. Which finally loss of heat and fuel. We explain the same analysis for pressure to them.they agree with our analysis, which gives us boost to solve their problem. More pressure of steam producing loss of cost of the industry. Which can be saved and finally per year it comes to lot of energy saving and cost saving to this industry. We successes to explain the same to the industry management, they agree to adopt our solution mentioned in our following topic.



21 Feed water is held in the desecrator (1) tank to help remove dissolved oxygen and is then treated (2) prior to entering the boiler (4). There are two types of boilers - water tube and fire tube. Water tube boilers heat water in tubes and the hot combustion gases are contained in the space around the tubes. Fire tube boilers on the other hand have hot combustion gases contained inside tubes and the water is circulated around these. An economizer (3) pre-heats feed water using the flue gases from the boilers chimney. The water is heated in the boiler (4) to produce hot water and/or steam that can be used directly in the process or sent to a heat-exchanger (5). The heat-exchanger transfers the heat from the circulating boiler water to another media such as the product, as indirect process use. Any condensate (6) (steam that has condensed) is captured and returned to the desecrator for reuse. Because the buildup of contaminants in the circulating water can cause biological growth, corrosion and scale, a portion of the circulating water is blown down (7)

22 1) A Text Of Thermal Engineering; R. S. KHURMI, J. K. GUPTA 2) Energy Hand Book, Second Edition, Von Nostrand Reinhold Company - Robert L.Loftness 3 )Industrial Boilers, Longman Scientific Technical 1999 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) boiler-and-efficiency/ 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 15)


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