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CFB Firing of Petcoke for Repower Applications By Scott L. Darling Commercial Director Foster Wheeler North America Corporation.

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1 CFB Firing of Petcoke for Repower Applications By Scott L. Darling Commercial Director Foster Wheeler North America Corporation

2 Fuel Use In Electricity Generation Increasing Natural Gas Demand Driven By Utilities For Electricity Generation

3 Source: EIA The number of producing gas wells has tripled since 1971, while production has declined, clear indication that existing basins are becoming tired… Natural gas deregulated Number of Producing Natural Gas Wells in U.S.

4 Source: EIA Domestic production peaked back in 1971… U.S. Dry Natural Gas Production

5 Sources: EIA, Wall Street Journal Floor below $2 Floor above $4 Natural Gas Price Is Rising

6 High Fuel Price Gas is a premium fuel Increased demand, limited supply has increased gas prices Typical gas price; $4-6/mm Btu Volatile Fuel Price Weather and other effects can produce significant gas price spikes Low Boiler Efficiency High H 2 content means high H 2 O vaporization losses Gas-Fired Boilers: High Operating Costs

7 Low Fuel Price Coke is a refinery byproduct Coke price close to delivery cost Typical coke price < $1.00/mm Btu Relatively Stable Fuel Price Similar to coal Broad Fuel Flexibility Can co-fire opportunity fuels such as biomass, etc. High Boiler Efficiency Low H 2 content means low H 2 O vaporization losses Coke-Fired CFB Boilers: Low-Cost Fuel Provides Low Operating Costs

8 CFB Repowering Requires Low Investment Cost Replace gas-fired boilers with CFB boilers, by adding the following equipment; New CFB boiler w/ baghouse Solid fuel storage, handling Limestone and ash storage, handling Foundations, electrical, controls Re-use existing turbine-generator, balance of plant equipment

9 CFB Repowering Requires Low Investment Cost

10 Coke-Fired CFB Repowering: Operating Cost Savings Provide Rapid Payback of Investment Costs Payback Calculations Based on: Gas Price Range:$4 – 7/mm Btu Coke Price:$0.75/mm Btu Boiler (Plant) Size:35 – 100 MWe (net) Capital Cost:$960 - $1250/low Payback: Simple Payback

11 Coke Fired CFB Repowering Provides Rapid Payback of Investment Cost

12 Petcoke Fired CFB: Lower Power Cost Than NGCC 20 Year Levelized COE ($.75/mmBtu) ($4.00/mmBtu)

13 Leading the World in CFB Technology

14 * Equivalent to over 27,500 MWe Excludes CFBs Designed in China Number of CFB Boilers Year of Sale Source: McCoy Power Reports CFB Technology Is Mature: Over 480 CFB Boilers Worldwide*

15 Based on MWe Source: McCoy Power Reports Foster Wheeler: Market Leader In CFB Technology Foster Wheeler 47% B&W 2% Babcock Borsig 2% Kvaerner 7% Lurgi/Lentjes 12% Alstom 30%

16 Over 200 Units in Design/Operation 300 MWe Units in Operation 460 MWe Unit in Design Units in Service Over 24 Years Experience with a Range of Fuels High Availability Demonstrated Sizes to 600 MWe Offered Foster Wheeler: Leading The World In CFB Technology

17 Oil Refinery Bottoms Natural Gas Peat Agricultural Waste –Woodwaste –Rice Husks –Bagasse Pith Tires Sludge Refuse Derived Fuel Coal –Anthracite –Bituminous –Sub-Bituminous –Lignite Waste Coal –Bituminous Gob –Anthracite Culm Petroleum Coke –Delayed –Fluid Oil Shale CFB Technology Offers Fuel Flexibility

18 Feature Low Furnace Temps. Hot Circulating Solids Long Solid Residence Time Benefit Low NO x Low SO 2 Fuel Flexibility Handles Poor Fuels Simple Feed Systems Good Fuel Burnout Good Sorbent Utilization o F ft/sec Air Limestone 1/20 x 0 Air Flue Gas o F Fuel 1/2 x 0 CFB Process Design Offers Significant Advantages

19 Foster Wheeler CFB: Improved Performance With Less Equipment

20 Plant Size FuelRemarks NISCO 2 x 120 MWePet CokeReplaced Gas-Fired (Louisiana)Boilers Turow3 x 235 MWeBrown CoalReplaced Coal-Fired (Poland) PC Boilers Centerior-Bay Shore1 x 180 MWePet CokeReplaced Coal-Fired (Ohio)PC Boilers JEA-Northside2 x 300 MWePet CokeReplaced Oil/Gas Fired (Florida)Boilers SIPC1 x 120 MWeWaste CoalReplaced Coal-Fired (Illinois)Cyclone Boilers Foster Wheeler Has Significant Experience With CFB Repowering

21 Location Westlake, Louisiana (USA) Unique Features IPP Project With EPC Contractor Repowering of 25+ Year Old Gas Fired Plant 2 x 120 MWe CFB Boilers Worlds Largest Petcoke-fired CFBs IPP Project Based on Petcoke From Nearby Refineries (Citgo, Conoco) Low Cost Fuel and Commercial Uses for CFB Ash NISCO: First Petcoke Repower

22 Capacity, Mwe (g)2 x 120 Steam Flow, (SH/RH)825/727 Steam Pressure, psig (SH/RH)1625/464 Steam Temperature, °F (SH/RH) 1005/1005 Major Dimensions Furnace Height, ft.112 Furnace Width, ft.42 Furnace Depth, ft.20 Cyclone Diameter, ft.18.7 NISCO: First Petcoke Firing

23 Fuel Coke Moisture, % wt10.6 Ash, % wt0.3 Sulfur, % wt4.5 HHV, Btu/lb13,454 Schedule Contract AwardNovember 1989 Start of ErectionJune 1990 Commercial OperationAugust 1992 Availability Boiler Availability, 96.1% NISCO: First Petcoke Repower

24 ParametersGuaranteeTest Capacity, klb/hr Boiler Efficiency, % NO x, lb/10 6 Btu SO 2, % Removal (lb/10 6 Btu) 90 (0.39) > 91 (0.38) CO, lb/10 6 Btu Hydrocarbons, lb/10 6 Btu Limestone Flow, klb/hr< 38< 19.5 NISCO: First Petcoke Repower

25 Location Jacksonville, Florida, USA Unique Features –Replaces Two 275 MWe Oil/Gas-Fired Boilers With two MWe Coal/Petroleum Coke Fired CFB Boilers (Northside Units 1 and 2) –Worlds Largest CFB Boilers in Operation –DOE Cost Sharing For Unit 2 (Part of Clean Coal Technology Program) –After Repower, Northside Emissions Will Be 10% Lower Than Current (Even Though Unit 2 Currently Out of Service) JEA: Utility CFB Repower



28 Capacity, Mwe (g)2 x 300 Steam Flow, klb/hr (SH/RH)1991/1771 Steam Pressure, psi (SH/RH)2620/580 Steam Temperature, °F (SH/RH) 1005/1005 Major Dimensions Furnace Height, ft115 Furnace Width, ft85 Furnace Depth, ft 22 Cyclone Diameter, ft3 x 24 JEA: Utility CFB Repower

29 FuelPetcoke Coal Moisture, % wt Ash, % wt Sulfur, % wt Volatiles, % wt HHV, Btu/lb14,00012,690 Emissions SO lb/10 6 Btu NO x 0.09 lb/10 6 Btu Schedule Contract AwardAugust 1999 Start of ErectionJune 2000 Commercial OperationMay/July 2002 JEA: Utility CFB Repower

30 PARAMETERS GUARANTEETEST Capacity, klb/hr (SH/RH)1993/ /1734 Boiler Efficiency, % (Coke/Coal)90.16/ /88.20 SO 2 Capture, % (Coke/Coal) Boiler90/9089.5/99.4 Boiler & Scrubber98/9898.5/99.7 SO 2, lb/10 6 Btu (Coke/Coal) Boiler0.75/ /0.023 Boiler & Scrubber0.15/ /0.010 NO x, lb/10 6 Btu (Coke/Coal)0.09/ /0.04 CO, lb/10 6 Btu (Coke/Coal)0.22/ /0.06

31 Repowering with Foster Wheeler CFB Boilers: A Key Strategy to Reduce Costs Natural gas prices are high and likely to remain high Switching from gas to solid fuel drastically reduces operating costs Repowering with CFB boilers minimizes investment cost Reduced operating cost rapidly pay back the repowering investment FW has the most CFB experience in the industry FW has the most mature, efficient, reliable CFB design in the industry

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