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gang-related violence political violence cross-border violenceorganized crime and trafficking.

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3 gang-related violence political violence cross-border violenceorganized crime and trafficking


5 Many useful experiences of what works and what does not – Mozambique to Timor Leste, Chile to Indonesia to N. Ireland, g7+ statements

6 Core tools: Restoring confidence Signals: Future policy and priorities Signals: Immediate actions Supporting actions Citizen security/human security goals Key principles and realistic timelines for reforms Mix of state, community, NGO and international capacity Credible appointments Transparency in expenditures Budget allocations to priority areas Redeployment of security forces/new functions and services Removal of abusive/discriminatory policies Risk and priority assessments Communicating costs of inaction Simple plans and progress measures on 2-3 early results Strategic communication

7 CORE TOOLS: TRANSFORMING INSTITUTIONS Citizen securityJusticeJobs and associated services Foundational reforms and best-fit approaches Security sector reform: Designed to deliver citizen security benefits with realistic performance outcomes; dismantling criminal networks; rural and community policing Justice sector reform: independence and link to security reforms; basic caseload processing; extending justice services Phasing anti-corruption measures: demonstrate national resources can be used for public good; use of social accountability mechanisms Multisectoral community empowerment programs Employment programs Humanitarian delivery and social protection Macroeconomic policy focused on consumer price volatility and employment

8 INDICATOR Years to threshold at pace of: fastest 20fastest over threshold bureaucratic quality2012 corruption 2714 military in politics 1710 government effectiveness 3613 rule of law 4117

9 9 International efforts have helped diminish global violence but are often… Too slow… Too volatile… Too quick to exit… Too stove-piped… Too post-conflict focused…insufficient emphasis on armed violence reduction across a range of contexts

10 Reorient assistance and address international capacity gaps Mainstream armed violence reduction in development programming Move from rhetoric of coordination to joint programs that link institution-building for justice, security and jobs

11 Speed Volatility Partnerships Risk and results: – Better indicators of risks and results to inform dialogue with recipient and donor country stakeholders – Key is direct measurement of insecurity and citizen trust in institutions Practical initiatives (e.g. Bank operationalization, Civcap)

12 Cross-border programming and regional capacity- building Added teeth on illicit global financial flows Joint action on investigations and prosecutions between the jurisdictions

13 Respond to messages from citizen dissatisfaction and protests Use experiences of middle income and least developed countries in reforms Revive consensus on norms through global and regional bodies and recognise leadership in violence prevention

14 1.5 billion people live in countries affected by repeated cycles of political and criminal violencecausing human trauma and disrupting development. Strengthening the institutions that provide citizen security, justice and jobsand alleviating the international stresses that undermine themis crucial to break cycles of violence. At country level, balancing short-term measures to restore confidence and long- term institution-building is key. Four tracks of international reform: Increase assistance to build legitimate institutions that provide security, justice and jobs Reform internal agency procedures Act globally and regionally, in particular on trafficking Forge a new consensus between OECD, middle income and least developed countries

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