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The Application of Gerflor in Healthcare Field

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1 The Application of Gerflor in Healthcare Field
01/04/2017 The Application of Gerflor in Healthcare Field (c) Gerflor Strictly Confidential

2 Gerflor Legend A group built on innovative brands and companies
Taraflex, supplier to the Olympic games since 1976 Mipolam, the first homogeneous flooring since 1937 Gerland Sols invention of self adhesive tiles in 1985 Batiflex, the first flooring solution dedicated to aircraft since 1948 Protecsol Revolutionary surface treatment invented in 1987 for sport (anti burn, anti slip properties) and contract (durability, easy maintenance)

3 Sustainable Solutions
GERFLOR COMMITMENT To develop products which meet and exceed all health and safety requirements for the well being of all our customers and end users Vinyl is one of the only building materials which is 100% recyclable. To develop post manufacturing and post consumer waste recycling programs All new Gerflor product ranges are developed using a full life cycle model to assess their expected environmental impact Gerflor industrial sites are certified ISO 14001 According to ISO Gerflor homogeneous products: TVOC after 28 days < 10µg/m3

4 Our Mission Statement To create, manufacture and market innovative, design-led and eco-responsible solutions for indoor flooring, walls and their finishes. To anticipate the specific needs of the specifiers, users, installers and distributors around the world. To provide competitiveness and success for all our customers.

5 6 manufacturing plants around the world
Worldwide Group 6 manufacturing plants around the world IRELAND GERMANY FRANCE Tarare Provence CHINA SPM MIDDLE EAST (JV)

6 Worldwide Group 23 subsidiaries associated with
a broad network of partner distributors Russia Canada United States Mexico France, UK Spain, Portugal Italy, Germany Austria, Poland Belgium, Netherlands Scandinavia Asia Middle East Brazil Australia

7 200,000 SQM Gerflor floors installed everyday.
Gerflor Everyday 100 MILLION people daily live on a Gerflor Residential flooring. 500 MILLION patients healed everyday on Gerflor floors for Healthcare. 200,000 SQM Gerflor floors installed everyday. 6 MILLION children daily enjoy the benefits Taraflex Sports flooring. 600 MILLION people daily travel on a Gerflor Transport flooring. 10 WORLD CLASS competition games played everyday on a TaraflexTM Sports floor.

8 Job References 4 000 customers … Some examples … Hotel & Golf resort,
Southants Hospital-UK Retirement home France Oxley College - Australia Hotel & Golf resort, Germany Hospital France Mc Donalds « Mc Gym » World SongJiang university town – China BI Business School Norway Private Home Benelux

9 Multi-Specialist of Flooring & Wall
Retail Hotel Healthcare Industry Multi-Use Office Administration Education Retirement homes Housing

10 Gerflor The healthcare multi-specialist
01/04/2017 Gerflor The healthcare multi-specialist (c) Gerflor Strictly Confidential

11 01/04/2017 Gerflor Is The Expert With over 60 years’ experience in the healthcare sector, Gerflor has become a true expert in this field, creating, manufacturing and marketing innovative, decorative and environmentally responsible flooring and related solutions. 500 MILION Patients healed everyday on Gerflor floors for Health care A single supplier solution for hospitals and healthcare facilities • Hospitals • Nursing and retirement homes • Palliative care premises • Rehabilitation facilities • Mental health facilities • Care and support centres for the handicapped. With the combination of proven solutions for flooring, wall, corner, and door protection, handrails and wall covering, Gerflor provides seamless surface protection and a holistic approach to your requirements for: patients healed everyday on Gerflor floors for Healthcare. (c) Gerflor Strictly Confidential

12 Integrated Solutions Gerflor provides the most comprehensive range of:
• Flooring • Wall protection • Handrails • Corner & Door protection • Interior finishes (skirting...) • Technical solutions (adhesives, tools...) Gerflor has perfectly adapted its offer to healthcare establishments expectations. • Unique combination of comfort acoustic / compact flooring • Perfect colour combination of walls and floors In addition, Gerflor offers very specific systems for very specific applications such as: • Shower systems • Stairs • Full coving system

13 01/04/2017 Durbability Gerflor flooring has a high resistance to pressure point loading. Whether static (furniture and beds) or dynamic (wheelchairs, walking frames and trolleys), products made to last: durability of designs, resistance to abrasions, dimensional stability For example, Taralay Premium has the thickest wear layer on the market (>1mm) for multi-layered flooring SPM wall protection products protect against impact from trolleys and wheelchairs, whatever the impact. Sample picture is taken in Hong Kong Sanitorium "We installed Taralay Premium more than 15 years ago, its aspect is truly remarkable" (c) Gerflor Strictly Confidential

14 Enhanced Hygiene And Infection Control
Anti-bacterial & fungicidal treated Flooring • Gerflor floor coverings are impregnated with Sanosol anti-bacterial and fungicidal treatment Seamless construction • Gerflor floor coverings and wall protection panels are welded together to provide perfect air tightness for greater hygiene. • Hot welded for a perfect water tightness.    Full coving system for a better hygiene • The coving system makes it easier to clean inside angles and edges. It gives a waterproof connection wall and floor covering.

15 Ease of Maintenance & Reduced Maintenance Eexpenditure
• Low VOC Evercare,one special maintenance treatments patented by Gerflor, protects the floor covering and eliminates the need for costly emulsion dressing throughout the life of the product Mipolam • No wax ever (no restoration) • Highest resistance to scratching • Best resistance to chemicals

16 Patient and Staff Well-Being and Recovery
Provides cushioning underfoot Excellent sound insulation properties: Up to 19dB (Taralay Initial) Significantly reduces impact sound or walking resonance inside

17 Easy Movement of Wheeled Equipment
• Easy movement of beds and trolleys: Wheeled equipment can be easily rolled in all directions. Starting force and pushing reduced by 35%. • Very good dynamic load resistance of hospital beds, etc. • All Gerflor floorings are suitable for Automated Guided Vehicle Systems

18 Wide Palette of Decors/Colors
01/04/2017 Wide Palette of Decors/Colors • 2000 colours in a wide range of designs (wood, plain, marbled, pearlescent) • Coordinated Compact & Comfort version • Coordinated floors, walls and finishes Royal Women’s Hospital in Victoria (Australia) "Gerflor can provide decorative images due to high pressure water cutting customising floors for any area. This was a real addition to the hospital making it very welcoming for patients and staff." (c) Gerflor Strictly Confidential

19 Comprehensive Product Range

20 Gerflor Choose the right product for the right use Key Product Offer

21 Mipolam ① ② Ambinace Ultra, Esprit,Elegance Accord,
① Surface treatment ② 2mm pressed monolayer Evercare™ surface treatment: no wax for life. Modern surface with a matt finish. Group T wear rating compliant (very high resistance to traffic). Bacteriostatic and fungistatic for better hygiene. Available in sheets (also available in tiles). Non-directional design, available in a large choice of colours.

22 Mipolam Ambinace Ultra, Esprit,Elegance Accord, Competitors 测试项目:耐碘酒性能
参考标准:EN423 化学物质:碘酊(2%) 步骤: 取有代表性的样品,面朝上平放在桌面上,铺上直径约为40mm的滤纸,向滤纸上滴1ml~2ml的碘酊,盖上玻璃片,2小时后,除去玻璃片和滤纸,用白色干净棉布擦净试片表面残留的碘酊液体(擦拭时,从四周向中心方向擦拭),如果干布擦拭不掉,再用中性清洁剂、无水乙醇努力擦拭,直至再无法擦掉分毫。如果2小时后,试片表面残留的污渍明显,则重新做上述步骤,时间改为半小时。试验结束后,将试片平放在桌面上,从距离80cm远的地方,以45°的角,从各个方向观察试片表面残留污渍的状况,根据下表进行分级: x级别 清洁后试片表面的状况 0。无残留 1。非常轻微的残留 2。少量残留 3。明显残留 4。非常严重的残留

23 Mipolam ① ② 100% Bio-based plasticizer, Symbioz
① Surface treatment ② Organic inside with bio-based plasticizers 100% Bio-based plasticizer, made of residues from cereals (corn, wheat…) Evercare™ surface treatment: no wax for life. Group T wear rating compliant (very high resistance to traffic). Bacteriostatic and fungistatic for better hygiene. Weight is only 2580g

24 Healthcare Projects

25 Chromatics-HopitalDeCannes France
Indiana-Royal WoemensHospital Au

26 Brazilia-Sanatorium - HK
Indiana-Hopital EnfantsBrabois France

27 博格 石景山医院 Caritas-Hospital - HK

28 Caritas-Hospital - HK

29 Tianjin ophthalmic hospital China

30 01/04/2017 THANK YOU (c) Gerflor Strictly Confidential

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