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ICANN Presentation Bucharest, Romania June 26, 2002.

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1 ICANN Presentation Bucharest, Romania June 26, 2002

2 Overview Who we are Highlights of our bid Supporters of our bid Why ICANN should choose us Questions

3 Who we are The.Org Foundation is a nonprofit founded specifically to be registry Our initial team: –Melessa Rogers, Sheila Richardson, Bob Duffy –eNom, Inc –.Org supporters –Microsoft –Terry Drayton

4 Highlights of our bid Strong technical and financial capability: –eNom: over 1 million names registered, –Proven performance: 50-100M DNS lookups daily –Improved services (ex: real time zone updates) –Microsoft support: technical and financial Service to community: –Lowest price, superb service at $4.95/name –100% of proceeds plus matching funds to.orgs –100% of Foundation board directly elected by.orgs

5 More Highlights of our bid Enhanced competition –New registry –Equivalent access, no cost transfers Differentiation TLD –EPP polling mechanism: by.orgs for.orgs –Innovative opt-in marketing, self identification Matching Funds –Expect to at least double the ICANN endowment –To access to Internet technologies worldwide

6 Our Supporters We believe our bid will become the consensus choice among –Non-commercial.Organizations –Registrars –Governments –Academics –Commercial Enterprises

7 Why ICANN should chose us Simply the best bid –Very strong technically –Best price, best service for community –Broad (and growing) spectrum of support –Introduces a stable new registry to ICANN Only bid that provides community with complete control of its own registry

8 Questions Our team is here to answer questions or send them via e-mail to Well post this presentation together with the Q&A from this and other sessions at We welcome your questions and comments

9 Thank You for your time and consideration

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