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The Stem Cell Theory of Renewal

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1 The Stem Cell Theory of Renewal

2 STEMTech the World Leader in Adult Stem Cell Nutrition Science
STEMTech HealthSciences Inc. was founded in 2005 STEMTech has expanded with offices in more than 20 countries STEMTech received national recognition in 2010 by making Inc.’s coveted Inc. 5,000 list of fastest-growing privately held companies in America (ranked 1,484 out of over 29 million companies).

3 Meet Christian Drapeau – STEMTech’s Stem Cell Scientist, Speaker, Author
Christian Drapeau is America's best known advocate for Adult Stem Cell research and the medical applications of Adult Stem Cells. He gained recognition when his breakthrough theory of Adult Stem Cells gained widespread interest across the scientific and medical communities. Christian is a frequent speaker at scientific and business events worldwide. He holds a BS in Neurophysiology from McGill University and a Master of Science in Neurology and Neurosurgery from the Montreal Neurological Institute.

4 What are stem cells? That is the question being asked by
Everyone … Everywhere. Newspaper, Radio, Magazines, Internet and the 6 o'clock news. 4

5 Stem Cells are the body’s “master” cells
– able to become any type of cell in the body Embryonic Stem Cells: Extracted from 8-10 day old embryos (controversial) Adult Stem Cells: Present in body from the day of birth (natural renewal system) 5

6 What is an Adult Stem Cell?
Naturally produced in bone marrow Released to renew body tissue Changes into the target tissue Natural Renewal Process 6

7 Scientific Data … any cell in body
Adult Stem Cells are able to differentiate into: eye, brain, pancreas, liver, bone, muscle, skin, heart, nerve, hair, kidney, etc… … any cell in body 7

8 In 2005 STEMTech Launched StemEnhance®
The World’s First & Only Scientifically Proven Stem Cell Nutrition Product Proprietary concentrate of Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA for short) AFA grows in a pristine environment in the US Pacific Northwest Consumed safely for over 3 decades US Patented and Clinically - studied 8

9 Within minutes of taking 2 capsules of StemEnhance® you release million new Adult Stem Cells into your bloodstream … a 25% - 30% increase. * 2 caps = 1 gram Adult Stem Cells circulate and function to replace dysfunctional cells, thus fulfilling the natural process of maintaining optimal health.

10 StemEnhance® 2 Capsules = 3 - 4 million new Adult Stem Cells
in the blood within minutes ↑ 25% - 30% Stem Cells 10

11 Scientific Validation
Published study in the Journal of Cardiovascular Revascularization Medicine (vol. 8, 2007) StemEnhance® supports the natural release of your own Adult Stem Cells from the bone marrow. StemEnhance® is a dietary supplement and as such has not been evaluated by the FDA. StemEnhance® is not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat any illness or disease 11

12 Christian Drapeau continued to do his research in the laboratory.
For another 5 years Christian experimented with different plants from around the world. He discovered the best combination of plant ingredients that worked synergistically for a higher and longer lasting adult stem cell release.

13 SE2 is new Advanced Formula
containing StemRelease™ Complex, a patent-pending blend of proprietary nutrient-dense concentrates of Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA Concentrate) … PLUS three ingredients now discovered to work in partnership with AFA Concentrate to support a more significant increase in the release of adult stem cells.:

14 U.S. patents 6,814,961/7,651,690/8,034,328 and patent-pending
Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA Concentrate) is documented to support the natural release of adult stem cells from bone marrow. Undaria pinnatifida is a marine alga from pristine ocean environments around the world well known to support the immune system. Fucoidan from Undaria Pinnatifida has been documented to support a long-lasting increase in the number of circulating stem cells. Polygonum multiflorum is an herb with a long history of use to support health and rejuvenation. An extract of Polygonum multiflorum was recently documented to support the release of adult stem cells from the bone marrow. Cordyceps sinensis is a mushroom that has been associated with stamina and longevity, and a wide variety of health benefits. When used with AFA Concentrate, Fucoidan from Undaria pinnatifida and Polygonum multiflorum extract, it has been documented to synergistically support adult stem cell release. U.S. patents 6,814,961/7,651,690/8,034,328 and patent-pending

15 In a double-blind crossover study, our SE2
StemRelease™ Complex showed superior results. Tests show SE2 supports the release of millions MORE adult stem cells…for a longer period of time.

16 Experience Wellness Like Never Before
Optimizing the number of circulating Adult Stem Cells every day is the best thing you can do to support your body’s own Natural Renewal System. 16

17 StemFlo® helps support optimal blood flow by providing the following:
Digests Fibrin, Reduces Oxidative Stress, Helps Detoxify the Body. By helping to keep the highways and byways of our circulatory system free and clear, StemFlo® supports the smooth “trafficking” of adult stem cells everywhere in the body. In clinical studies, StemFlo® was shown to improve blood circulation within 30 minutes of consumption. The study showed increased blood circulation in capillaries as well as substantial reduction in blood markers associated with fibrin production and oxidative stress.

18 Best Enrollment Options Fast Start Pack Distributor Kit Good Better
Australian Dollars Enrollment Options AU$ free postage Distributor Kit, forms and brochures Distributor Kit Good Better Business Development System AU$75.00 free postage Registration Distributor Kit – Discover booklet, brochures, forms, CD's and DVD's Best AU$ free postage Includes Distributor Kit, Business Development System, Brochures, forms, CD’s, DVD’s, 6 Bottles of SE2, Includes the set up fee for your Personal Website & Shopping Cart. (The Fast Start Combo Pack gives 3 SE2® and 3 StemFlo®) Fast Start Pack Valued at $560.00 18

19 Enrollment Options (part 2)
Here’s what your Director Leadership Pack includes: •Registration as distributor with STEMTech Australia, Ltd. ◦Purchase product at distributor prices •81 bottles of SE2® $3,928.50 •Associate Distributor Kit (see above) $31.25 •Business Development Training System (see above) $75.00 80 Brochures (total from all included kits) $12.00 •Distributor Business Suite Personalized Website with Retail Shopping Cart ◦Back Office Tracking/Mgt Tools/Reports ◦$12.50/month Hosting Fee [waived if you are on AutoShip] $162.50 •Point Value (PV) – 5,000 – advances you to Director title •Bonus Value (BV) – 2,200 Total value of these products: AU$4,209.25 Plus … AU$ Rebate - This is calculated on 20% of the products BV (Refer to StepUp Programme in the compensation plans) (Averaging out for to be AU$34.00 for a bottle of SE2) Directors Leadership Pack AU$3, free postage Enrollment Options (part 2) Australian Dollars

20 Member’s Price SE2 Distributor AutoShip Price: $45.50
Non AutoShip Price:  $48.50 6 x  Pack Price: $45.50  Retail Price:  $60.00 DermaStem Autoship price: $90 Non Autoship Price:$95 Director’s Pack AU$ c 81 x Bottles of SE2. Great for retailers such as health food stores or practitioners. Pro Retailers Pack $2,318.18c 60 x Bottles & brochures. Including bonus works out to be about $35 a bottle. Director & Pro Retailers Packs must ordered by phone. Free delivery on both these packages. STEMTech Customer Service. Toll Free Phone Number : N.Z. office open 12 hours Monday to Friday. Retail Price: $130

21 Joining Promotion Until End of December
Multi Pack AU$299.00 SE2 ®, StemFlo® & DermaStem ®) DermaStem® AU$299.00 Registration as distributor with STEMTech Purchase product at distributor prices 3 bottles of DermaStem® $270.00 Associate Distributor Kit $31.25 Business Development Training System (see above) $75.00 Distributor Business Suite Personalized Website Retail Shopping Cart Back Office Tracking/Mgt Tools/Reports $12.50/month hosting Fee [waived if you are on AutoShip] $162.50 Point Value (PV) – 250 – advances you to Supervisor Title Bonus Value (BV) – 80 Total value of these products: AU$538.75 Registration as distributor with STEMTech Purchase product at distributor prices 1 bottles of DermaStem® $90.00 2 bottles of SE2® $97.00 1 bottles of StemFlo® $48.50 Associate Distributor Kit $31.25 Business Development Training System (see above) $75.00 Distributor Business Suite Personalized Website Retail Shopping Cart Back Office Tracking/Mgt Tools/Reports $12.50/month hosting Fee [waived if you are on AutoShip] $162.50 Point Value (PV) – 250 – advances you to Supervisor Title Bonus Value (BV) – 80 Total value of these products: AU$504.25

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