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Citect SCADA Pricing Synergist SCADA Inc Version 1.4 – October 3, 2012

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1 Citect SCADA Pricing Synergist SCADA Inc Version 1.4 – October 3, 2012
Change Name Date 1 This Presentation is © 2005 – 2007 Citect Pty Ltd

2 #1 Rule: Always work with your local Schneider Sales Representative to properly price and license your Vijeo Citect SCADA licenses

3 USB License Keys Contain License CALs “Client Access Licenses”
CALs are shared across the network to any server that require it Typical CALS: Full License Required to run an IO / Alarm / Report / Trend server Includes 1 client license which can run locally on the server (Or can be used by another computer if the Computer Setup Wizard Full License box is checked) Client Control Client View Only Client Web / Internet Control Client Web / Internet View Only Client

4 SCADA Point Count Maximum number of runtime variable tags that can be used by your system Memory or Disk variable do NOT count against your points

5 Citect’s “Dynamic” Point Count
Citect / Vijeo Citect 7.0 and higher use a “dynamic-point licensing” model (See Knowledgebase article Q4939 ) Citect uses the Dynamic Runtime count of all tags used Alarms Trends Reports Events Page Tags Super Genies TagRead() and TagWrite() Cicode functions DDE, OPC, ODBC, ADO or the CTAPI (Historian) In Vijeo Citect SCADA 7.0+ the “Dynamic Runtime Tag” count is now tag based not PLC address based. There are a few important implications of this method of “Dynamic” tag counting: Two tags that use the same PLC address will be counted twice. If two trend tags use the same variable tag, it will be counted once. If five alarms use the same tag, the variable tag will only be counted once. If a CiCode file uses a variable tag several times, the variable tag will only be counted once. Vijeo Citect SCADA Local Variables / Disk Variables Citect SCADA “Local variables”, “Disk IO variable tags” and “Memory Variable Tags” can be counted against the “Dynamic Runtime Tag” count if they contain a value that originated in a PLC. If you use a PLC ( say an M340) based tag and write it to a local variable, the local variable will be counted as a “Dynamic Runtime Tag” the first time it is evaluated as an expression. Dynamic Runtime Count This Presentation is © 2005 – 2007 Citect Pty Ltd

6 Variable count != Point count
1200 Variable Tags defined in your project may not require a 1200 point license. The runtime Dynamic point count in your project is often much lower than your total variable count. WARNING: If the Runtime Dynamic Point Count is ever greater than the license’s point count, a license error will occur and Citect will shutdown. !

7 Version Licensing Changes
V2.0 - V6.10 V7.0, V7.10, V7.20 V7.3+ Static Tag Count Compile Time Dynamic Runtime Count Sum of Dynamic Runtime Count of Each Process Dynamic Runtime Count

8 Tag Count in Citect 7.3+ No more “Double Point” counting in multi-process mode Tags shared by different processes in multi-process mode will now be only counted once

9 Viewing The Dynamic Count
Using the Citect Kernel’s “General” View you can see the current Dynamic count (you may need to resize the window)

10 Helpful Citect.ini Parameters
[General]WatermarkedPointCount Enables displaying of “watermark messages” when the dynamic point count reaches the limit set points [General]PointCountHigh Percentage at which “watermark message” will be displayed [General]PointCountHighHigh Percentage at which a 2nd “watermark message” will be displayed [General]PointLimitMsg Determine weather Citect will stop the point limit from being exceeded or simply shutdown. *DISABLED BY DEFAULT

11 Citect CAL License Types
Full Licenses Control Client Licenses Web Control Client Licenses View-Only Client Licenses Web View-Only Client Licenses Speciality Drivers Historian Ampla

12 Full Licenses Full Licenses
A Full license is a scalable HMI/SCADA system that can be used across all industries. It provides users and Integrators a fullyfeatured, flexible HMI/SCADA system that includes over 100 drivers.

13 How Citect Validates a License

14 Example License Key SCADA Point Count 42,000
CALs for 1x Full Licenses, 1x Control Client, 1x View Only Client …

15 1 Full + Dongle key Per Server
Each Physically Separated Server will Require 1 Full License 4 Servers = 4 Dongle Keys with 4 full licenses 42,000 SCADA POINT COUNT = 4 Full Licenses 1 Display Client 41,392 IO POINTS

16 Required License Key Here is the required license key for 41,392 points, 4 Servers and 1 Control Client We will need 4 licenses with this configuration X 4

17 License With 6 Client CALs
Client Licenses Clients typically retrieve their licenses from the IO Server’s license key 42,000 SCADA POINT COUNT 1 Full License With 6 Client CALs 38,832 IO POINTS

18 Required License Key Here is the required license key for 38,832 points, 1 Server and 6 Control Client We only have 1 server so we only need 1 key with 6 client CALs

19 Software Keys In Citect / Vijeo Citect 7.30 we now have the option of using Software keys Please contact your local Schneider Sales Representative for more details.

20 Pricing Citect Licensing
Three Components to Citect Licenses: Support Units License Price USB Key Price This Presentation is © 2005 – 2007 Citect Pty Ltd

Support Units SUPPORT UNIT x UNIT COST Listed next to the license price of all software is a “Support Unit”. Multiply the support units by the associated dollar support level price. This Presentation is © 2005 – 2007 Citect Pty Ltd

22 Support Unit Types Silver Gold Gold Plus Citect Upgrades Not Provided
Upgrades Provided Day time support only Gold Plus 24 / 7 Support

23 Support Unit Part Numbers
VJC = Vijeo Citect SCADA CIT = Citect SCADA Support Type Price Citect / VijeoCitect Part Numbers Historian Part Numbers Facilities Part Number Silver $ XXX109102 VJH109102 CIT109139 Gold $$ XXX109103 VJH109103 CIT109125 GoldPlus $$$ XXX109138 VJH109130 CIT109126

24 Support Unit Part Example
1500 Point Full License Citect SCADA Gold Plus Support

25 Sample Support Unit Calculation
$$$ $

26 Solution Support Unit Calculation
84 Support Units X $ per Gold Plus Unit

27 Single Key Version Upgrade Only
Allows the customer to do a one-time upgrade to the latest version and does not include access to the website or Technical Support Engineers. The upgrade only can be purchased on an individual key but must purchase upgrade for all licenses on the key.

28 Support Reinstatement
If a site has expired more than 3 months then a reinstatement fee applies. This is because upgrades are included in the Gold or GoldPlus Support Offerings. In addition, the first year of Gold or GoldPlus Support must be purchased and then the new support dates will be valid a year from purchase date.

29 Citect SCADA License Example
1500 Point Full License Citect SCADA $$$

30 USB Key Example

31 Citect License Total Estimate Example
1500 Point Full License Citect SCADA Gold Plus Support USB License Key

32 Citect License Total Calculation
$$$ $

33 Citect License Total Solution
$ X 84 Gold Plus Support $$$ License $ USB Key $$$$$$ Total

34 Citect License Example #2
New Vijeo Citect Customer purchasing a 1,500 point Full 2 floating View-Only Clients 1 year of GoldPlus support USB License Key

35 Citect License Example #2 Solution

36 Citect Example #3 Multi-Key Order Example
New CitectSCADA Customer purchasing an Unlimited point Full Redundant Full license, 1 Web View-Only Clients, 1 Redundant Web View-Only Clients 2 stand alone Unlimited Control Clients Software key packs (USB)

37 Citect Multi-Key #3 Solution

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