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1 Diesel Fuel Price Adjustment Special Provision Summary of New Revisions

2 Categories Special Provisions prior to 2/10: –Category A - Earthwork –Category B - Subbase and Aggregate Base Courses –Category C - Flexible Bases, Pavements, & Shoulders –Category D - Rigid Bases, Pavements, & Shoulders –Category E - Structures

3 Categories New Revisions: –Category A split into: Small Excavation - 50,000 to 1,000,000 CY Large Excavation - > 1,000,000 CY –Flexible Base Replacement (316), Stone Matrix Asphalt (419), & Manual Bituminous Patching (450) added to Category C –Concrete Pavement Patching (516) added to Category D

4 Categories New Revisions: –ATPB (360) & CTPB (303) moved from Categories C & D (respectively) to Category B –Milling (491 & 492) added as new Category F –*Notes added to Categories B, C, & D to: Exclude ineligible work items Explain how adjustment will be computed when work is measured & paid for under varying units of measure (e.g. on a Material Used Basis or on an Area Basis).

5 Categories Excluded Work Items: –Presplit Blasting items associated with Section 203 (Category A) –Cleaning Existing Ditches item associated with Section 204 (Category A) –Shoulder Backfill items associated with Sections 654 & 656 (Category C) –Patching Joint, New Pavement Joint, & Subbase Material for Concrete Pavement Patching items associated with Section 516 (Category D)

6 Categories Items Paid on Material Used Basis: –Coarse Aggregate and Bituminous Material items associated with Cold- Recycled Base Course (Sections 341 & 342) –Coarse Aggregate for... and Bituminous Material for... items associated with FB-1 Wearing & Binder, Seal Coats, & Surface Treatments (Sections 439, 440, 470, 471, 480, & 481) Adjustment will be computed based on the Coarse Aggregate / Coarse Aggregate for... item quantity only.

7 Categories Items Paid on an Area Basis Where Depth is Not Indicated in Item Description: –Seal Coats and Surface Treatments (Sections 470, 471, 480, & 481) A depth equal to the maximum allowable size of the type of aggregate used, as specified in Section 703.2, Table C, will be assumed.

8 Fuel Usage Factors Category A –Small Excavation: 0.34 gal/CY –Large Excavation: 0.25 gal/CY Category B –Increased from 0.62 to 0.71 gal/Ton Category C –Reduced from 2.98 to 2.00 gal/Ton

9 Fuel Usage Factors Category D –Increased from 0.98 to 1.77 gal/CY Category E –Reduced from 8.00 to 4.00 gal/$1000 of work performed Category F –Established at 1.15 gal/CY

10 Conversion Factors Category B (CY -> Tons) –New CF established at 3,240 lbs./CY Category C (SY -> Tons) –Reduced from 120 to 110 lbs / inch of depth / SY Category F (SY -> CY) –Established 2 inches as average depth for variable depth milling (Sect. 491). –Established 1 inch as average depth for profile milling (Sect. 492).

11 Category E Structures Consider all work identified on S-drawing / BPAA-drawing –Lump sum item (8xxx-xxxx) with one or more associated items; or –Rehab work tabbed as one or more separate contract items Exclude: –Fabricated Structural Steel –Prestressed Concrete Bridge Beams –Bearings & Bearing Pads –Design-related work

12 Category E Structures Include: –Items on S-drawing or BPAA-drawing tabbed as Roadway Items; and –Removal, Painting & Containment, and Causeways (whether or not tabbed on S- drawing or BPAA-drawing). Value of all applicable Structure work for the project must exceed $1,000,000.

13 Category E - Example 1 A project includes the following contract items: Item:8600-0007Item Type:Contract Item Description:RETAINING WALL, AS DESIGNED, S-25499Unit Price:$2,769,000.00 Item:9070-0050Item Type:Contract Item Description: ZONE PAINTING EXISTING STRUCTURAL STEEL USING ORGANIC ZINC COATING Unit Price:$100,000.00 Item:9075-0001Item Type:Contract Item Description:CONTAINMENTUnit Price:$35,000.00

14 Category E - Example 1 Item 8600-0007 has the following Component Item Schedule: SeqItemDescriptionUoMQuantityUnit PriceTotal 108600-0007CLASS 3 EXCAVATIONCY376.000$200.02$75,207.52 208600-0007PREFABRICATED BASE DRAINLF1210.249$10.20$12,344.54 308600-0007CLASS AA CEMENT CONCRETECY550.000$499.00$274,450.00 408600-0007LEAN CEMENT CONCRETECY.000$0.00 508600-0007SELECTED BORROW EXCAVATION, STRUCTURE BACKFILLCY3620.000$50.00$181,000.00 608600-000736" DIAMETER DRILLED CAISSONS, SHAFT SECTIONLF3667.000$130.00$476,710.00 708600-000730" DIAMETER ROCK SOCKETSLF237.000$240.00$56,880.00 808600-0007FABRICATED STRUCTURAL STEELLB727056.000$1.20$872,467.20 908600-0007WOOD LAGGINGSF9379.000$11.00$103,169.00 1008600-0007ROCK ANCHORSEACH79.000$9,073.06$716,771.74

15 Category E - Example 1 The value of all Structure work for the project is computed as follows: –Retaining Wall (LS) $2,769,000.00 –Fabricated Structural Steel($ 872,467.20) –Painting Existing Structural Steel $ 100,000.00 –Containment $ 35,000.00 –Total Value $2,031,532.80 The Total Value of all Structure work exceeds $1,000,000 –Payments made under the above items, excluding the Fab Steel component item, are subject to price adjustment under Category E.

16 Payment / Rebate Price Adjustments to be computed on a quarterly basis. –Initial adjustment quarter to begin as of the month/year when the first item of applicable work is performed. –New adjustment quarters to begin every 3 months thereafter. Quarterly price adjustments amounting to less than $1,000 will be disregarded.

17 Payment / Rebate Example: –Consider a project that includes items for Class 1 Excavation, Milling, and Superpave HMA Wearing Course. –If Class 1 Excavation operation is the first of these items to be initiated and work begins in August 2012: Initial Adjustment Quarter: August thru October 2012 New Adjustment Quarters would begin in November 2012, February 2013, May 2013, etc.

18 Implementation Revised specification has been approved by FHWA and is to be included in all projects let after February 25, 2010. A revised Excel spreadsheet has been provided by BoCM.

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