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Server Trends Daniel

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1 Server Trends Daniel Bowers @Daniel_Bowers

2 Agenda Server Trends Performance Power Efficiency Price Pizzabox Performance Trends Subsystem Trends CPU Memory Power Other Trends

3 Server Performance Trends, 2007 - 2012

4 Same chart, but logarithmic scale

5 Comparing Trends vs. Moores Law Moores Law is one of these 3: - Transistors on a chip double every 2 years - Transistors on a chip double every 18 months - Chip Performance doubles every 18 months

6 Server Performance Trends, 2007 - 2012

7 6 IDEAS TRENDS: PERFORMANCE March 2012 Server Efficiency Trend, 2007 - 2012

8 7 IDEAS TRENDS: PERFORMANCE March 2012 Server Efficiency Trend, 2007 - 2012 Same chart, but logarithmic scale

9 8 IDEAS TRENDS: PERFORMANCE March 2012 Server Efficiency Trend, 2007 - 2012 Testing Koomeys Law

10 9 IDEAS TRENDS: PERFORMANCE March 2012 Server Price Trend, 2007 - 2012

11 Pizzabox Performance Trends

12 Source: Gartner RPE2 for select HP ProLiant DL360 generations 2-socket x86 server performance in the last decade 100-fold increase

13 Server Trend: 2 socket x86 rack servers Data Source: Me Photo source: Wikipedia HP SystemPro/33 (1989) HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8 (2012)

14 Server Trend: 2 socket x86 rack servers Data Source: Me Photo source: Wikipedia HP SystemPro/33 (1989) Internal Disk Capacity Memory Capacity Clock * Cores Memory Bandwidth

15 Server Trend: Just for Reference

16 CPU Trends

17 CPU Frequency Server CPU Frequency by system announcement date, 1998 – 2012 Not including mainframe, GPUs, and other outliers MHz

18 4-Chip Server Performance by Architecture Slide Redacted from Copies

19 4-Chip Server Performance by Architecture Itanium Opteron Xeon SPARC POWER Performance (RPE2, log scale) Xeon, SPARC are moving averages Itanium, Opteron, POWER are power trends

20 x86 Processor Prices Today, Intel accounts for ~90% of x86 server CPU shipments, down from ~70% in 2006 Performance-per- dollar is capped by technology but set by competition

21 CPU Trends More stuff on chip - More and faster memory channels - I/O interfaces (e.g. PCIe) - Accelerators (e.g. Encryption, Decimal Floating Point) - On-chip GPUs and vector engines Processor power modes - Control at individual core level - Control for uncore - Additional low-power states - Turbo modes - Frequency, voltage scaling GPUs in servers Hyperscale Computing

22 Energy-Efficient Servers / Microservers - x86 and non-x86 - Vendors building server ARM ecosystem GPU & vector processors - Robust user base for specific apps Very different power efficiency curves - Optimized for energy per transaction Will consume X % of server market - Ask 3 experts, get 4 values of X Quiz: ARM & MIPS processors are already in your data center. Where??

23 Intel Public Roadmap for Itanium & Xeon Source:

24 Oracle Public Roadmap for SPARC Source:

25 IBM Roadmap for POWER Source:

26 Memory Trends

27 Per-DIMM capacity rising Explosion of DRAM DIMM options to choose from Memory power overtaking CPU power Other trends Fixing memory bandwidth gap: -Memory compression techniques -Direct-to-Memory CPU bypass techniques Addition of flash tier below DRAM In-memory computing What happens next? -DDR4, 3D chip stacking, PCM / MRAM / memristers

28 Why You Dont Need more DIMM slots Source: HP

29 Reset your DIMM standards quarterly! Source: Gartner Technology Planner as of 8 Feb 2013 DIMM Used HP List Price (USD) 2GB DDR3-1600 1Rx8 UDIMM1,568 2GB DDR3-1333 1Rx8 LV UDIMM1,440 4GB DDR3-1600 2Rx8 UDIMM1,424 4GB DDR3-1333 2Rx8 LV UDIMM1,264 4GB DDR3-1333 1Rx4 LV RDIMM1,584 4GB DDR3-1600 1Rx4 RDIMM1,840 8GB DDR3-1333 2Rx8 LV UDIMM1,512 8GB DDR3-1600 2Rx8 UDIMM1,512 8GB DDR3-1333 2Rx4 LV RDIMM1,352 8GB DDR3-1600 1Rx4 RDIMM1,512 8GB DDR3-1600 2Rx4 RDIMM1,432 16GB DDR3-1333 2Rx4 LV RDIMM1,276 16GB DDR3-1600 2Rx4 RDIMM1,316 32GB DDR3-1333 4Rx4 LV LRDIMM2,798 16GB DDR3-1333 2Rx4 HCDIMM2,196 Different options to optimize capacity, price, power, throughput Example: HP DL380p Gen8 10 DIMM types, 5 capacities Some ways to deploy 64 GB of memory:

30 Memory Power: 5% to 35% Power for Options for an IBM x3650 M4 with 2ch E5-2680 64GB, 2 HDDs 768GB, 16 drives, 6 I/O cards Power by Component, HP Blade with 2 processors, 48GB of memory

31 DRAM Futures Samsung Server DIMM roadmap (2012) Source: JEDEC (

32 DRAM: What Happens Next? What happens next? -8Gb density (~2013), 16Gb (~2015) -3D stacking DIMMs Memory-atop-CPU Hybrid Memory Cubes - Hybrid Memory (combinations of DRAM + NVRAM) - Phase-change memory, magnetic RAM, memristers Picture Source: EETimes Picture Source:

33 Power Trends

34 Energy Required by IT infrastructure Energy used to power -Servers 45% -Storage 29% -Networking26% Inside servers, individual processors are much more efficient, but consuming more absolute power. Source: Gartner estimate 2012

35 2-socket x86 server power trend Source: HP Whitepaper, Power efficiency and Power Management in HP ProLiant servers

36 Server power efficiency trend Server performance per watt, 2007 - 2012 SPECpower results, Four most recent x86 server generations 5x increase in 4 yrs Doubles every 7 quarters

37 Power Consumption Configuration: 2ch Top Bin processor Base Configuration: Minimum required to boot. Maximum Configuration: Filled with options with highest power More power-hungry options are available

38 Power Supplies Right-Sizing: Smaller power supplies for smaller loads Source: Dell Whitepaper, 12G Power Efficiency How To,

39 Power Supplies Zone of highest efficiency is getting wider Source: HP Whitepaper

40 Other Trends in Server Performance

41 10 Technologies Impacting Server Trends 1. Public Cloud / Off-Premises Cloud 2. VMware Farms as the Server 3. Converged / Integrated / Fabric-Based Systems 4. Appliances 5. New Vendors: ODMs 6. OpenCompute Project 7. Flash Getting Stuck Everywhere 8. Crazy #*@$ like High-Frequency Trading 9. Scale-up x86 10.The Millennium that Mainframes Finally Die

42 41 Questions?

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