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Cleaveland/Price Motor Operators and Controllers

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1 Cleaveland/Price Motor Operators and Controllers
Automation of Overhead, Padmount, and Underground Switches in Distribution and Transmission Applications

2 Motor Operators Experience designing and manufacturing motor operators since 1981 Designing and manufacturing switch automation motor operators since 1992 Automation products developed in conjunction with utility leaders in automation

3 Established Firsts Electric operators specifically for both distribution and transmission automation Capability of housing both RTU and radio within the motor operator enclosure Operators with true reciprocating motion through the top of enclosure Ability to be retrofitted to the switches of various manufacturers

4 Full Line of Switch Automation Products
ADMO For overhead distribution and transmission switches PTAD For overhead distribution switches PAD For padmounted switches UAD For underground switches RAD For single phase and three phase hydraulic reclosers HHC Handheld controller for underground switches

5 Incorporating Critical Features for Automation Reliability
Dual power source motor Temperature compensated battery charging Automatic battery testing Automatic load disconnect No-Go function Stall-out timer

6 ADMO (Automated Distribution Motor Operators) Available
Motor Operator Type Application Operating Direction Operating Speed Operating Force BR Distribution Reciprocating .4 sec. 800 – 1400 lbs. BR-T Transmission 1.2 sec. 1200 –1800 lbs. BR-TF .7 sec. 1000 –1600 lbs. BT-D Torsional .4 sec. – 90° rotation 7,500 in. lbs BT-T 1.7 sec. – 90° rotation 17,000 in. lbs. BT-TF 7,500 in. lbs.

7 Distribution Installations
Torsional ADMO type BT-D Reciprocating ADMO type BR

8 Reciprocating & Torsional Operation

9 Types of Distribution Switches Operated
A. B. Chance D7, AR S&C OmniRupter S&C AldutiRupter Bridges Cooper Kearney KPF Inertia Engineering

10 Broad Customer Base including:
Southern California Edison Mississippi Power Alabama Power Arizona Public Service Florida Power and Light Georgia Power South Carolina Electric and Gas

11 Transmission Installations
Torsional ADMO types BT-T and BT-TF

12 Types of Transmission Switches Operated
Cleaveland/Price Turner SEECO Kearney KPF Joslyn PASCOR MORPAC Southern States USCO

13 Solar Charging Option for Transmission Switches
Operator can be supplied with a solar detection board and fuse kit 80 W. solar panels available with mounting rack Number of panels dependent upon power demand of RTU and radio and number of sun-hours per day Supplemental battery pack available for carry-over days Size (amp-hours) of battery pack dependent upon power demand and the number of carryover days desired

14 PTAD - Poletop Switch Automation

15 PTAD Application For distribution switches rated to 38 kV
Switch operation without the use of vertical operating pipe Retrofitable to new or existing switches operating with or without vertical operating pipe Adaptable to any switch mounting configuration

16 Superior Operational Features
Constant ready operation state – no mechanism wind-up required Lockout of the motor by using a hotstick from ground level After manual operation, the motor can be re-synchronized with the switch locally or remotely via SCADA True switch position status is always reported

17 Timesaving Installation and Operation Features
No setting of limit switches required during installation No decoupling procedure necessary – the PTAD automatically decouples for manual operation No decoupling procedure required for lockout Decoupling not required to test the motor

18 Status Indications Provided
Switch Open Position Switch Closed Position Remote Status Loss of AC/Charge Alarm Low Battery Alarm No-Go Controller Position Indication

19 PAD - Padmount Automation Switch Controller
for use with ElastaMold and G&W switches

20 PAD Features Utilizes the proven ADMO control package
Multi-way controllers available Adaptable to mount on any padmount switch Provisions for electrical and manual operation Adjustable open & close limits Decoupler / Lock-Out provision Fast and easy installation

21 PAD on G&W 2-way switch

22 PAD on S&C 2-way switch

23 Type of Switches Operated
A B Chance Federal Pacific S&C G&W Canada Power Products

24 UAD – Underground Switch Controllers

25 UAD Features Utilizes the proven ADMO control package
Multi-way controllers available Controller available for pad mounting or submersible in-vault installation Motor adaptable to mount on any underground switch Provisions for electrical and manual operation Simple travel set controls Adjustable open & close limits Lock-Out provision

26 Type of Switches Operated
S&C G&W Elastimold Joslyn Canada Power Products

27 UAD Operation G&W SF6 Switch Elastimold Vacuum Switch
for use with ElastaMold and G&W switches Elastimold Vacuum Switch

28 Extensive Testing Mechanical life testing Mechanical load testing
Extreme heat Surge protection Submersion testing

29 Underground Switch Handheld Control
Submersible Control Safe Out of Vault Switch Operation

30 RAD – Recloser Automation
Retrofit to existing single phase or three phase hydraulic reclosers Easy to install Simple travel set controls Provision for manual operation After manual operation, the motor can be re-synchronized with the switch locally or remotely via SCADA

31 Why Cleaveland/Price?

32 Feature Packed Controllers
Operates any existing or new switch using existing linkage Compatible with any RTU and communication system Surge and electrostatic protection Safety features Provides electrical and manual operation Stall-out timer with auto-reset Modular electronics Lock-out provisions Thermostatically controlled heater

33 Sophisticated Battery Management
Uses a temperature compensated charging system to maintain battery health Automatic battery testing with load applied for true battery voltage measurement Low battery voltage alarm No-Go function Automatic load disconnect

34 Status Indications Provided
Switch Open Position Switch Closed Position Remote Status Loss of AC/Charge Alarm Low Battery Alarm No-Go

35 Product Customization
Choice of RTU Choice of Communications Means Radio Fiber Cellular Phone Custom Mounting Panels Plug & Play Wiring Assortment of Accessories

36 Valued Added Options Available
Complete automation packages DigitaLogic automatic restoration Battery warmer/cooler to extend battery life Field cable assembly for Lindsey sensors LVA board for simple loss of voltage activation

37 Fast and Easy Installation
Measure Degrees of Rotation or Stroke Drill Two Mounting Holes Cut Operating Pipe to Length Mount ADMO to Pole Attach Operating Pipe to ADMO Operate ADMO Manually & Electrically

38 Extensive Type Testing
Mechanical Life Battery Discharge Surge Withstand Radio Interference Extreme Heat Extreme Cold Condensing Humidity Testing Operations after Loss of AC Test Submersion Tests on in-vault controllers Ice Testing Seismic Test Fault Closing

39 Real World Testing Extensive environmental testing of motor operators
Extreme cold to –50°C Extreme heat Extreme humidity Surge conditions

40 Automating With Cleaveland/Price
One Source Supplier for Automating Overhead, Underground and Padmount Switches Automate any Existing Switch Works with any RTU, any SCADA Protocol Extensive Testing with Years of Experience and Proven Reliability Outstanding Customer Service Customized Automation Packages to Fit Your Needs

41 Production Tests Each motor operator is tested for torque or force output Each motor operator has an electronic burn-in period End point testing is performed

42 THE choice for automating switches
Cleaveland/Price THE choice for automating switches

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