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Alkhorayef Database & Engineering Pump Tool. Secure Data Access Worldwide.

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1 Alkhorayef Database & Engineering Pump Tool

2 Secure Data Access Worldwide

3 Complete Cycle of Field Operations from Shipment to Dismantle

4 Field Operations, Surveillance Engineering Catalogs, Inventory Well & Reservoir Data

5 Easy Access to any piece of equipment 100% History Tracking of Serialized Equipment Cable S/N Generator (including cutting and splicing) Inventory Analysis and Forecasting Incoming Inspection Module Create & Manage custom categories of equipment Centralized Inventory for All Business Units

6 Well & Reservoir Data in one place General Reservoir Performance Fluids Directional Survey Perforations Tubings/Casings Units Preference Setup

7 Online Engineering Catalogs Ancillary Equipment Any type of Completion Products, Wellsite Equipment Artificial Lift Systems, Tools and Consumables ESP Datasheets & Performances

8 Quick Access Toolbar Users & Profiles Management System and Engineering References API and SI Units Converter Pump Sizing Application

9 One-Click to All Operations

10 Monitoring of Production & Equipment Downhole/Surface Parameters Field Production Analysis Real-time (SCADA, GPRS, … )*

11 Comprehensive Reports Operations & Reliability

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