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Introducing the Company

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1 Introducing the Company

2 Company Profile X-Ray Imatek (XRI) is a company aimed to research, develop, market and manufacture the ultimate detector technology for digital x-ray imaging. More than three decades of research experience. XRI provides its own products portfolio as well as customized systems for third party companies. XRI aims to position the company among the market leaders thanks to its innovative technology, ethics and high quality standards. X-Ray Imatek is located in the Eureka Building, at the UAB Research Park in Bellaterra, Barcelona

3 Credentials One of the main competitive values of XRI is a multidisciplinary team of highly skilled people. Another great one are the sinergies with some prestigious research institutes in the new technologies area.

4 Technology The Medipix2/Timepix Main Features
The Medipix2/Timepix CMOS ASIC is a photon counting chip developed by an international Collaboration consisting of 17 research institutes and over 75 scientists at CERN, Switzerland. X-Ray Imatek span off IFAE, one of the initial members of the Medipix Collaboration. The Medipix2/Timepix assembled in a baby board. Main Features · Pixels: 256 x 256 (65,536) · Pixel Size: 55 x 55μm · Area: (14.1 x 14.1) mm2 · Sensors: Si, CdTe, CdZte… It is a pixel-detector readout chip consisting of 256 x 256 identical elements, each working in single photon counting mode for positive or negative input charge signals. Each pixel occupies a total area of 55μm x 55μm where a 20μm octagonal opening connects the detector and the amplifier via bump bonding. · Count Rate: 1 MHz · Low Noise: < 75 e- · Low Power: <1 W/chip · Charge Collection: e-, h+

5 Most Common Applications
Low Dose Radiation By direct capturing the photon in the semi-conductor material, our technology uses all of the information contained in that photon. Bump-bonding the semi-conductor material to the pixel electronics allows us to employ different kinds of detector material depending on the application. By improving the DQE of the detector in each application we can significantly reduce the radiation dose when needed, specially in medical applications. Most Common Applications • Applications in particle physics • Non Destructive Testing • X-Ray Imaging • Astrophysics

6 Large Area Detection Large Area Field of View (FOV)
The Timepix chip only covers an area of roughly 2 cm2. In order to obtain large images, X-Ray Imatek has developed a multichip design built on a mechanical table which performs a 2D scan. This movement allows the detector to cover any area of interest in less than 1,5 sec. The user is unaware of the 2D motion and the full reconstructed image is presented as if it was taken with a monolithic detector X-Ray Imatek's technology developed for this detector provides a series of breakthrough advances in digital detectors by introducing: - A modular design that provides size flexibility and reduces costs. - An electronics design allowing direct x-ray capture, and photon counting, which significantly improves image quality. - The capability to use different semiconductor materials to maximize image quality while minimizing the radiation dose.

7 Sample Images taken with the XRI-1

8 Products Features: · 55μm Pixel Pitch · 65K and 262K Image Resolution · High DQE · Selectable Pixel Operation Modes · High Contrast · Fast Adquisition · Up to 500 fps. · Variable Energy Threshold · Several Output Formats The X-Ray Imatek’s XRI Series are the first affordable and completely portable x-ray detectors assembled with the succesful Medipix2 chip. Built either with a Silicon or CdTe sensor, it can be used for many purposes with a high level of performance.

9 The XRI Series Ready-to-Use
Every XRI-UNO and QUATRO is a complete system ready to work, they only require a PC (Microsoft Windows OS) and a compatible outlet to operate. The power supply and USB cable needed are included with the unit. There is no need of additional power supplies or any other accessory to operate the system. The XRI Software suite included allows you to switch between the operation modes, calibrate the unit and select the image format acquisition. 

10 Our Markets Aerospace Academic & Research Medical Imaging
Researh Institutes Universities Facilities Medical Imaging Mammography Biopsy Analisys Scientific Instrumentation XRD, SAXS, WAXS LEEM, PEEM Industrial Inspection Quality Control PCB Inspection Food Inspection Security & Defense Liquid and explosives detection. Aerospace New materials development. Real Time Dosimetry

11 Main business Lines Research & Development Customized Detectors
XRI moves constantly to achieve new state-of-the-art technology according to the market needs: XRI-1 Detector Neutron detectors Retail Products Focused on research for institutes and companies, our product portfolio it’s a ready-to-use complete solution: XRI-UNOSi XRI-UNOCdTe XRI-QUATROSi XRI-QUATROCdTe OEM Services Customized Detectors Flip-Chip / Bump Bonding Timepix assemblies

12 Our Costumers


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