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A work made by 9 groups of pupils (14 years old), who participate in the Comenius project : « Travelling: the way to Europe » The tourist guide of Vihiers.

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1 A work made by 9 groups of pupils (14 years old), who participate in the Comenius project : « Travelling: the way to Europe » The tourist guide of Vihiers and the surrounding villages (historic aspect).

2 A cooperation between: the History class, the French class and the English class

3 This is the schedule of work : Make a report about the war memorial of my village 1) Take some picture of the memorial. 2) Describe the memorial. 3) Translate the work in English for the Comenius partners.

4 Group n°1

5 The War Memorial of Vihiers Vihiers is a village situated: -1°) In Europe - 2°)In France - 3°)In region of Pays de la Loire

6 Europe

7 France The region « Pays de la Loire »

8 The region The village of Vihiers

9 College Vallee Lys The village of Vihiers

10 The memorial of Vihiers represents a soldier This monument is compound of elements :

11 He is holding in his rights hand a laurel wreath wich represents the victory. He holds in his lefts hand a gun behind him. The character is a man Its a french-soldier We can think he shouts the victory. Behind the character, there is an altar where thereare names of the deads soldiers of World War II. Under the character there is writing : « Children for the native land. ( ). By the side of the character there are others names of soldiers during the war of and the war of Algeria.

12 Slide show making of Laura and Lidiya…

13 Group n°2

14 Vihierss war memorial

15 The soldier has got a foot forward, as if he was ready to run and attack his enemy. Thanks to his position and his face, we can notice that the soldier is determined.

16 He wears a round helmet. He wears medals in the shape of stars. He wears a uniform of soldier. The laurel wreath represents the virtues of soldiers. In his right hand, a rifle.

17 56 names of people who took part in World War I, appear on the sides of the War memorial.

18 The 3 others events by the memorial are : 1) The World War II from 1939 to 1945 (8 deads for this war) 2) The Indochinas War from 1946 to 1954 (1 dead for this war) 3) The Algerias War (1 dead for this war also)

19 On the facade, we can see a tribute for the people who died during the World War I : « Vihiers to his children dead for the native country ».

20 Designed by Manon Avrillault, Tanguy Plaçais and Dylan Billy.

21 Group n°3


23 Representation of a soldier

24 A crown of laurels

25 A crown of laurels Representation of a soldier Registration of all soldiers killed or missing during the wars

26 A crown of laurels Representation of a soldier Registration of all soldiers killed or missing during the wars As the monument « Has Vihiers his children died for France »

27 Names of dead during the first World war:

28 FROUIN Henri Clément GASCHET Édouard GAUDICHEAU Ferdinand Albert GOHIER Marcel GORRICHON Célestin Victor GOTAINER Chaïa GOTAINER-WARECH Sura GOUBIN Maurice GUILLOT Eugène HAVARD Charles HUMEAU Paul Gustave JEANNEAU Victor LALANNE Marcel LAMOUR Émile Ambroise Joseph LANDAIS Henri

29 BONNIN François Louis BOURCIER Albert Eugène BROSSIER Joseph BURG Louis CALLARD Etienne Roger Eugène CHATEAU Léopold Emilien Henri CHAUVIGNÉ Pierre Louis CHENÉ René CONCHE Clément DEVY Léon Louis François DUBOIS Henri Emile Joseph FONTENEAU René Louis FORGET Victor Emile FOURNIER Valentin

30 Names of dead during the second world war:

31 AUBRON Charles AUBRON Joseph AUDUSSE Jean Félix BARBAULT Louis Henri BARBIER Victor BARRANGER Jean Ernest Gabriel Joseph BAUMARD François Louis BAZANTAY Casimir Léon Henri BEDOUET Victor Eugène BERNIER Joseph Albert Henri BESNARD François Georges BIDON Pierre Marie François BLOUIN Jean BONNET Guy

32 The war memorial titled « Vihiers based memorial » is in front of the city hall. The monument is represented by a statue of a soldier holding in his right hand a laurels wreath that shews sign of victory, courage. On this monument is inscribed many names and dates of deaths and disappearence during the first, the second world war, the war in Algeria and Indochina. More than 56 different names are engraved for each war.

33 Virginie Wendy et Florine

34 Group n°4

35 Les Cerqueux sous Passavants war memorial

36 Situation of the war memorial The war memorial is in the cemetery, to the left of the entrance. The cemetery is at the exit of Cerqueux s/s Passavant, in the direction of Tremont.

37 Description of the monument The war memorial is an obelisk surrounded with shells. It measures approximately 3m50 and it was sculptured on tuffeau (rock of our region). There is also a bouquet of laurels sculptured on the height of the monument to express the victory.


39 Inscriptions On the facade is engraved a commemorative tablet in memory of the " Children Deaths for the Homeland ". On other faces of the monument, appear: - the names of the deaths of the first war ( 32 names), - of the 2nd world war ( 3 names), - of the Algerian War ( 3 names).


41 Group n°5

42 La Plaines war memorial

43 La Plaines war memorial is situated next to the Church and near the main road.

44 The memorial is tall, it is 3 meters high, it is in marble and its grey. The family names are written color gold to be emphasized. There is nothing engraved on the memorial, but an emblem is situated on the 4 walls of the monument.

45 For the World War I, there are 60 names: some of the names are familiar to us. Billy Legeay Chauveau

46 For the World War II, there are 8 names and a little engraving who represents the World War. It looks like a crown, like Jules Cesars.

47 The monument is maintained by the municipality: what shows the interest which the municipality carries to his loyal fighters died for the homeland. Flowers are arranged on the base of the monument.

48 Except for these two events commemorated by this monument, there is, at the top, a dedication, written roughly to stand out well:

49 Axel and Momo

50 Group n°6

51 Cerqueux Sous Passavants War Memorial.

52 Situation of the War memorial Cerqueux Sous Passavants War Memorial is in the cemetery, 4 shells are all around the War Memorial. On the memorial are engraved flowers and a cross.

53 Informations written on the Monument. 32 names of people who died in the World War I 4 names of peoples who died in the World War II 3 names are engraved in memory of Algeria War.

54 Dedication « Les Cerqueux sous passavant, à ses enfants morts pour la patrie en »: (to his children died for the homeland in )

55 Élodie Henry

56 Group n°7

57 The war memorial of Somloire

58 The dead memorial of Somloire is located on the Memory place. The memorial is next to the post office. There is on the memorial a tool soldier holding a rifle. The memorial is between two a wosder post. In the woonden post is a french flag. Situation of the war memorial

59 There is a 45 names for the first world war, 2 for the second world war, 6 for the Indochine war, 1 for the algerian war. Informations

60 ALBERTEAU Henri ALBERTEAU Louis AUNEAU Élie BENESTREAU Louis BIGOT Armand BILY Henry BLANCHAIN Louis Alexis BLOUIN Joseph BREGEON Georges Henri Indochine CAILLEAU Joseph COCHARD Aimé Henri Joseph COMBREAU Baptiste COQUIN Louis COTTENCEAU L COUSSEAU Joseph CRÉTIN Marcel The names of the dead man:


62 NEAU Eugène NOMPÈRE DE CHAMPIGNY Henri Paul Louis Jean Marie Indochine OUVRARD René PAINEAU Pierre PAPIN Guizagne PIARD Georges RIPOCHE René ROUSSEAU Gabriel SIMONNEAU Raymond ? SOULARD Élie TIJOU Charles TIJOU Joseph VASLIN François-Alexis VIGNERON Camille VINCENT Louis

63 By Fabien, Jason and Helene.

64 Group n°8

65 The war memorial of Nueil sur Layon


67 A soldier holding a rifle The cross symbolise the eternal rest The dedication for the deads of Nueil sur Layon Peoples names dead during the World War I People s names dead during the World War II and Indochina

68 The war memorial of the Nueil sur Layons town is situated near the cemetery entrance. Its made in chalk. This war memorial is very well maintened (like the whole cemetery). On its top, there is a cross. A soldier is standing, holding a rifle between his arms, his feet is on a helmet. He is looking toward the sky, he looks proud and toughtful.

69 There are 69 deads names during the World War I. They are written in gold, on the marble (who is a little craked). On top names, we can see a cross and two branchs of laurel, who represent the valour and the courage of Nueils soldiers.

70 The War memorial also evoke the deads during the World War II and Indochina. In total, there are: 4 dead for the World War II and 2 for the war of Indochina. They are inscribed on slates.

71 « In memory of Nueils children dead for their country from 1914 to 1918 » By Noémie and Dimitri

72 Group n°9

73 St Paul du Boiss War Memorial

74 Names of soldiers dead during the World War I Names of people who died during the World War II Names of a soldier who died in the Algeria War A message for the dead children A shell A christian cross

75 St Paul du Boiss War memorial is next to the church wich is next to the cimetery. It looks like a big cross with golden engravings. 4 little grey shells are all around the war memorial.

76 On the first plaque, just below the cross, there is a dedication : « To the memory of St Paul du Boiss children » On the second plaque, 44 names of people who died in the World War I are engraved. On the third plaque only 1 name of a person who died during the WWII is engraved. On the last plaque, only 1 name is engraved in the memory of Algeria War. Below the 4 plaques, 2 steps support the monument.

77 Ophélie and Mélanie

78 End of the works Sources internet: Icô Google

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