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Howard County Economic Development Authority The Center for Business and Technology Development

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1 Howard County Economic Development Authority The Center for Business and Technology Development

2 Howard County Economic Development Authority Who am I? Vic Hess - Senior Vice President, Small Business, Howard County Economic Development Authority Background: Education in Engineering and Computer Science George Washington University Drucker Graduate School of Management Started my career in engineering for major technology corporations Held senior positions in engineering, sales, marketing and executive management Principal in four technology-based entrepreneurial startups Consultant to major industry leaders as well as numerous small companies

3 The Center, houses two operations, The Business Resource Center which was founded in 1995 and The NeoTech Incubator founded in 2000 and is dedicated to the discovery, nurturing, growth and success of entrepreneurship in Howard County

4 Howard County Economic Development Authority Assistance to entrepreneurs through its Business Resource Center Facilities for high-tech start-up companies in its NeoTech Incubator One-on-one counseling Networking groups Support services for small and minority owned businesses Meeting, conference and training facilities Business resource library with online internet access Seminars and workshops designed for entrepreneurs International trade assistance Access to funding sources In-house SCORE, SBDC, JREF and ITC offices

5 Howard County Economic Development Authority Seminars and Training Programs Develop Your First Business Plan Smart Start To Business Success Franchising-The Safe Business! Marketing Basics Navigating the Certification Maze Understanding Patents and Patent Application Process Procurement: Federal, State, and Local Government Contracting Proposal Development Workshop The Federal Government Technical Proposal Export Howard County: Focus on Small Business

6 Howard County Economic Development Authority The NeoTech Incubator was created to assist start-up firms in the areas of computer hardware, software development, telecommunications, the Internet and Web development. NeoTech's Mission is to establish an environment such that small companies, start-up companies, and first-time entrepreneurs can grow, prosper and create jobs in Howard County. NeoTech's goal is to accelerate the formation of investable, sustainable technology-based businesses by providing entrepreneurs with the specialized infrastructure, guidance and networking contacts necessary to launch and realize their vision. NeoTech clients can increase their probability of success by complementing their technical expertise with the experience, mentoring and counseling from full-time and volunteer business professionals who have "been there and done that."

7 Howard County Economic Development Authority Receptionist Conference Rooms Large Capacity (30) Conference/Seminar Room Audio-Visual Equipment Small Business Library Internet/Cable Access Copy Center Kitchen Facilities Secured Facility 24/7 Access Financial Lending Resources Advisory Board/Mentoring Program Individual Counseling Networking Activities Educational Resources Access to Local Universities, Colleges and Research Establishments In-depth Seminars Services

8 Howard County Economic Development Authority

9 Resident Programs Entrepreneurial Development Program / Systematic Entrepreneurship - is an incubator business program for interactive development of technology- based entrepreneurship. Howard County Technology Council - Networking for Howard County high- tech executives. Angels and Eggs - Interaction opportunity for Maryland incubator companies and angel investors. Technology Leadership Consortium – A group of local Technology leaders Focused on the advancement of technology and business in the region. Prep - A program for the entrepreneur who has a viable idea but does not have the essential business plan CEO Roundtable - Monthly gathering of incubator company executives to discuss common issues.

10 Howard County Economic Development Authority Advisor / Mentor Program – Professionals with targeted experience that serve as industry experts providing advice and guidance to NeoTech clients. Affiliate Program – Open to all qualified Howard County businesses. Companies can qualify for the NeoTech Entrepreneurial Development Program or The Centers Federal Small Business Initiative. Associate Program – Professional Service providers offering services can register and participate in this program. Connect Program – A series of programs that CONNECT the Center with targeted resources. Federal Small Business Initiative – Cooperative business development in the federal sector providing centralized opportunity identification and management infrastructure for selected small businesses. Federal Small Business Alliance – Companies targeting the federal market segment that wish to integrate into the key initiatives of The Center.

11 Howard County Economic Development Authority

12 Operations Advisory Board Review Consultation Assessment Market Assessment Vision Of Capability Design For New Capability Performance Assessment Application Platform for Growth Graduate HVH GWV7.18.06.1 Plan to Action Growth BALANCEDSCORECARD BALANCEDSCORECARD HCEDA Confidential © Development Resources, LLC 2006 Systematic Entrepreneurship Graduate Executive Affiliate Application The Learning Organization / Strategic Planning Graduate Plan Development CustomersInternal ProcessesLearning and Growth Legal Human Resources Affiliate Application Finance Marketing The Learning Organization (TLO) & Balanced ScoreCard (BSC) Acceptable Business Plan Finance Advisor Mentor Capital Connect Board of Advisors Professional Associate Support Tech Connect Executive Connect Networking Federal Connect SCORE SBDC JREF NeoTech StaffAdvisory Board Advisor / Mentor Strategy Review Priority Issues Key Result Areas Programs Metered Measured Monitored Results Value Proposition / Business Framework / Performance Capability Consultant / Advisor Knowledge To KnowledgeSustainable Competitive AdvantageConcepts and MethodsConsultant / Advisor Stage I A Stage I B Stage II Stage III The Network

13 Howard County Economic Development Authority Current NeoTech Incubator Entrance Requirements n Capacity to pay for the space and services n Relative potential for fast growth and significant job creation once outside the Incubator n Information Technology focus and fit with existing tenants n Realistic and achievable business plan n Full-time venture n Can be coached

14 Howard County Economic Development Authority Approximately 1000 entrepreneurs annually receive assistance from The Center For Business and Technology Development 20 Resident Technology Companies 10 Affiliate Technology Companies

15 Howard County Economic Development Authority Expansion 2007 will see an expansion of approximately 40% more space available for new companies

16 Howard County Economic Development Authority We are always looking for a few more entrepreneurs! The Center for Business and Technology Development 9250 Bendix Road Columbia Maryland 410-313-6550

17 Howard County Economic Development Authority Thank You Questions? Vic Hess 410-313-6550

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