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Clarity Chromatography Software

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1 Clarity Chromatography Software
Clarity Introduction Code: P007/28A Date:

2 Clarity Chromatography Software
Compatible with any chromatograph Multiple Instrument version 21 CFR Part 11 compliance Versatile Scalable Code: P007/28A Date:

3 Clarity Chromatography Software
Enables up to four Instruments An allowance of up to 12 signals on each Instrument Optional Extensions Optional Control modules Offline version for data processing Code: P007/28A Date:

4 Why Choose Clarity? Universal solution from a company that is focused solely on chromatography software 3rd generation of chromatography software Thousands of users around the world Extended user support Competitive pricing Code: P007/28A Date:

5 Control Modules and Extensions
GC, HPLC and AS control modules System Suitability Test Photo Diode Array Detectors Gel Permeation Chromatography Elemental Analysis Capillary Electrophoresis NGA natural gas analysis Code: P007/28A Date:

6 GC Control Module Agilent 6890 GC Agilent 5890 GC Agilent 4890 GC
Dani 1000 GC Shimadzu GC17A Shimadzu GC14C ... Code: P007/28A Date:

7 HPLC Control Module Agilent 1100 HPLC Knauer Smartline
LabAlliance pumps Waters pumps Shimadzu pumps ... Code: P007/28A Date:

8 AS Control Module Agilent CTC Spark Holland HTA Dani ...
Code: P007/28A Date:

9 Regulated Environment
CFR 21 Part 11 and GLP Compliance Validation Kit for Operational Qualification Installation Qualification Code: P007/28A Date:

10 GPC Extension Solution for Gel Permeation/Size Exclusion Chromatography Can be used as an extension of any chromatography software supporting AIA export Code: P007/28A Date:

11 PDA Extension Spectral library Peak Purity Isoplot 3D-view
Code: P007/28A Date:

12 CE Extension New options in System Configuration window
New device types supported (for SDK) Code: P007/28A Date:

13 EA Extension Elemental Analysis - determination of CHNOS elements
Solution for elemental analyzers based on combustion/gas chromatography Control of analytical balances Code: P007/28A Date:

14 NGA Extension Natural or LPG Gas Analysis
Calculates the Calorific values according to Natural Gas ISO Natural Gas ASTM D and GPA LPG ASTM D / LPG ISO / EN589-04 Multiple detectors supported Individual or Summary results Export of results Code: P007/28A Date:

15 Solution for Amino Acid Analysis
Example of OEM solution New improved graphical Device monitor Post column derivatization Code: P007/28A Date:

16 Solution for Sample Preparation
General purpose Fraction Collector driver Event table - Valve and Auxiliary pump control Code: P007/28A Date:

17 Validation Kit Designed for Clarity Chromatography SW with U-PAD 1/2, Net-PAD and INT7/9 converters Includes a validator, CD ROM with predefined methods, manual and cable New OQ_Validation_Wizzard SST module necessary for data evaluation Code: P007/28A Date:

18 Clarity Lite Dedicated low cost single instrument solution
Limitations against full Clarity version Compatible with INT7/9 PCI and U-PAD 1/2 USB converters only Easily upgradable to full Clarity Code: P007/28A Date:

19 Hardware INT7 and INT9 PCI A/D 24 bit converters
U-PAD and U-PAD2 USB External converters Net-PAD TCP/IP External converter CB20 D/A converter Code: P007/28A Date:

20 INT7 and INT9 Internal 24 bit A/D converter Designed for PCI slot
Plug and Play Device Up to 4 channels on one board INT9: for fast chromatography Code: P007/28A Date:

21 U-PAD 2 External USB 24 bit A/D converter 2 channels
Powered directly from PC Small size Solution for portable PCs Acqusition frequency up to 400 HZ Code: P007/28A Date:

22 Net-PAD External 24 bit A/D converter
Data acquisition from distant instruments Direct instrument control from any networked PC Communication via TCP/IP protocol 2 channels External power supply Code: P007/28A Date:

23 CB20 Control card for pumps driven by voltage or frequency
4x voltage D/A + 4x frequency D/f converters PCI Plug and play device Standard cable- 2x D/A + 2x D/f Code: P007/28A Date:

24 Extended Support Online SW updates Online support for all users
Clarity conference Free of charge, no time limitation Fast response Code: P007/28A Date:

25 OEM Cooperation OEM versions on easy terms Flexibility
Control module development Clarity SDK Eight established OEM partners ISO 9001:2000 certification Code: P007/28A Date:

26 Software Development Kit
Easy development of custom control modules Primarily for OEM partners Code: P007/28A Date:

27 Clarity - localization
English version Chinese version Portuguese and German (under development) Code: P007/28A Date:

28 Information resources
Brochures Free demo CD- ROMs Web pages Clarity Discussion forum Code: P007/28A Date:

29 Special Offer for Universities
Clarity Offline SW licence free of charge for every purchased Clarity or Clarity Lite software Code: P007/28A Date:

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