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Presented by: CBNetworks Technical Support Kilomux Overview.

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1 Presented by: CBNetworks Technical Support Kilomux Overview

2 Slide 2 - What is a Kilomux? An efficient and cost effective solution for integrating data, voice, fax and LAN traffic over: digital data services, Leased lines, Radio, Satellite, Fiber, IP, DDS The modular construction of the KILOMUX is ideally suited to implement system design according to specific applications, yet it allows a lot of flexibility in terms of scalability and upgrading of the application TDM based product but uses proprietary bit interleaved frame format

3 Slide 3 - support.technique@cbnetworks.frAgenda What is the Kilomux? Review of the Kilomux main features Review of the Kilomux modules Review of Kilomux applications

4 Slide 4 - Current software released - version 4.14 ML rates from 9.6Kbps up to 1536Kbps ML interface include: RS-530, V35, T1 and fractional T1, Fractional E1, ISDN, Fiber, Eth - KML.11(TDMoIP) New KMBE and KHS.2 rates KMBE rates (512, 768, 1024 and 1280Kbps) KHS.2 rates;19.2 to 614.4Kbps (increments of 19.2Kbps) Main link and power supply redundancy (KM-2100 only) Up to 12 I/O slots in Kilomux-2100 2x PS; 2x ML Up to 4 I/O slots in Kilomux-2104 1xPS; 1x ML Introduction to the KILOMUX

5 Slide 5 - Data (I/O) modules High Speed KHS Modules - high-speed sync data modules (2.4 to 614.4 kbps per channel). Interfaces supported include V.35, V.36/RS 449, X.21, RS 530, as well as BRI ISDN, G.703. Low Speed KLS Modules - Low speed sync/async modules and statistical multiplexing data (0.3 to 64 kbps per channel). KDI KHS.1 KHS.2 KHS.703 KLS.1 KLS.2

6 Slide 6 - Voice modules Variety of analog and digital voice modules Analog interfaces FXS/FXO/E&M KVC.1M- PCM or ADPCM 2 ports analog voice module KVF.4 – 2 ports G723.1 compression, 4.8Kbps, 6.4Kbps fax and modem relay KVF.8 – 8 analog channels G723.1 compression, 4.8Kbps, 6.4Kbps fax and modem relay Digital interface: KVF.6 – compression of a full T1 or E1 (or fractional T1/E1) using G723.1 compression. Enables compression of up to 6 T1/E1 in a single KM-2100

7 Slide 7 - 4 x KVF.8/FXO KVF.8/FXS PABX KM-2100 KM-2104 KVF.8/FXS Central Site Site A KVF.8/FXS KM-2104 KVF.8/FXS 16 Phone Sets Site B 16 Phone Sets 32 Analog Trunks PSTN 128Kbps Using the KVF.8: KM-2100 can support up to 96 analog channels KM-2104 DC can support up to 32, AC can support up to 24 Extending analog Voice channels

8 Slide 8 - Ringer-2000 KM-Ringer Ringer-2200 Dont forget the Splitter cable for connecting the Ringer and the modules Ringer – Do we need it?

9 Slide 9 - KMBE - Ethernet IP/IPX Bridge/Router module Two operation modes: Bridge mode, transparent to all Level 3 protocols Router mode for IP and IPX routing over PPP, FR Enables connectivity with two remote sites by operating stimulatingly with two main link modules Solid Firewall (session based) protection Single IP address translation Programmable data rates from 9.6 to 1280 kbps Supports Vlan (Bridge mode only) Server KM-2100 KM-2104 KMBE KM-2104

10 Slide 10 - * Requires KCL.2 S/W version 4.10 and up.

11 Slide 11 - Terminal Inband management channel Telnet RADview Flash memory for software download. Alarm relay - it is possible to determine which Alarm/Alarms will trigger the Alarm Relay dry contact.Management

12 Slide 12 - support.technique@cbnetworks.frKML.11 Delivers Kilomux payload over IP networks Supported from KM version 4.0 TDM rate: up to 1536 kbps (24 TS) Timing: Internal, External [DCE(I/O)], Adaptive Software upgrade: TFTP, DL connector Supports QoS (ToS, VLAN) Main Features:

13 Slide 13 - KML.11 is very similar to IPmux, but: Standalone UnitIntegral Kilomux Main Link Module Product Type AdvancedBasicStatistics YES (IPmux-4/16)NOMultibundling IPmuxKML.11 KML.11. IPmux KML.11 vs. IPmux

14 Slide 14 - 2 x KVF.6/24 PABX KM-2100 Ethernet KM-2104/IP 1 x KVF.6/24 KM-2104/E1 3 x KVF.8/FXS Kilomux TDMoIP Application 2xKML.11 KML.11 is interoperable with IPmux products Remember: Kilomux always uses proprietary framing ETH E1 IPmux-1

15 Slide 15 - PBX Server Requirements Low/High Speed Connectivity Selectable channel data rates (Sync/Async) Voice connectivity Fiber ??? Daisy Chain /Drop & Insert Applications

16 Slide 16 - Typical application for Utility and Transportation facilities, - Airport and train stations signs and information boards -Delivering of messaging information to electronic highway signs -Transmission of telecontrol, security,metering and other SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) transmissions. Daisy Chain /Drop & Insert Applications KM-2100 PBX Server KM-2100 Fiber KM-2104 KDI

17 Slide 17 - KMX-2100 LEDR Boathouse 1 Population: 600,000 Kilomux Success Story PBX Boathouse 2 Boathouse 3 Aqueduct – 85 Miles Video B Video A Video C Lake Shaul

18 Slide 18 - Rural telephony The KM is used by Brazil Telecom to provide telephony services to remote villages in the Amazons over satellite connections

19 Slide 19 - support.technique@cbnetworks.frSummary The Kilomux-2100/4 features a modular design and a wide variety of voice and data modules, making it a very flexible, scalable, solution. A mature and reliable product Very efficient BW utilization that maximizes use of infrastructure; reduces operating expenses

20 Presented by: CBNetworks Technical Support

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