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Construction Risk Assessments 1 PRODUCT OVERVIEW.

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1 Construction Risk Assessments 1 PRODUCT OVERVIEW

2 Construction Risk Assessments 2 Construction Risk Assessments This presentation has been prepared to provide users and potential purchasers of the Construction Risk Assessments software with a brief overview of the product and the benefits it offers

3 Construction Risk Assessments 3 Overview Construction Risk Assessments The Construction Risk Assessments package has been specifically designed to assist builders, contractors and others to comply with their duties under UK Health & Safety Law The software has been written by practising engineers and safety professionals who have a detailed understanding and knowledge of both the construction industry and Health & Safety legislation

4 Construction Risk Assessments 4 Application and Use Construction Risk Assessment The Construction Risk Assessment package can be used by builders, contractors, site managers, site agents, engineers projects managers and others responsible for the management and coordination of site safety matters The package enables risk assessments to be prepared quickly and efficiently in a professional and cost effective manner, which enables the hazards to be identified and the control measures specified and communicated to those at risk

5 Construction Risk Assessments 5 What does it do? The software provides: Guidance on the risk assessment process and legislative requirements A structured template on which risk assessments may be undertaken Over 60 completed generic risk assessments which can be used or adapted for specific activities Notes on additional sources of guidance and reading for specific activities from organisations such as the HSE

6 Construction Risk Assessments 6 What risk assessments are provided? A01Asbestos Containing Materials A02Brick/Block Laying A03Cable Pulling A04Carpentry/Joinery A05Concreting Operations A06Confined Spaces A07Contaminated Land A08Demolition Works A09Dry Lining/Stud Partitions A10Electrical Installations (Temp.) A11Excavations A12Fire Safety A13Glazing A14Leadwork A15Overhead Services A16Painting A17Pre-Cast Concrete Works A18Pre-Demolition Enabling Works A19Propping/Falsework A20Rendering A21Site Access/Egress A22Site Setup A23Stone Work A24Storage & Use of Highly Flammable Liquids A25Storage and Use of LPG A26Storage of Materials on Site A27Street Works A28 Structural Steelwork Erection A29Traffic Management A30Trial Trenches A31Underground/Buried Services A32Underpinning A33Work Near Water A34Work involving Raw Sewage

7 Construction Risk Assessments 7 What risk assessments are provided? (continued) B01Abrasive Wheels B02Cartridge Operated Tools B03Chains Saws B04Display Screen Equipment B05Dump Trucks B06Electrical Hand Tools/ Equipment B07Excavators B08Excavators Used for Lifting B09 Fork Lift Trucks B10High Pressure Water Cleaners B11Hydraulic and Pneumatic Tools/Equipment B12Lifting Equipment B13Other Hand Tools/Equipment B14Piling Works B15Slinging of Loads B16Welding C01Access Scaffolds C02Flat Roof Work C03Fragile Roofs C04Ladders C05Material Hoists C06Mobile Elevated Working Platforms (MEWPS) C07Mobile Tower Scaffolds C08Roof Truss Erection C09Roof Work (Maintenance) C10Sheeted Sloping Roofs C11Working at Height

8 Construction Risk Assessments 8 HSE Construction Blitz As most in the construction industry are aware, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have recently undertaken a number of high profile audits and inspections of construction sites The June 2003 blitz stopped work on 332 sites due to unsafe working practices (improvement notices were also served on another 75!) Working at height and manual handling are key areas being targeted by the HSE

9 Construction Risk Assessments 9 Ensuring Compliance Construction Risk Assessments The Construction Risk Assessments package can help to control and manage construction safety through the management and elimination of hazards and the implementation of appropriate control measures Furthermore the Risk Assessments are provided in a format suitable for distribution to site operatives as part of the safe system of work

10 Construction Risk Assessments 10 Features & Benefits Construction Risk Assessments The following slides provide more information on the key features and modules of the Construction Risk Assessments package Whilst we have not included all of the features contained within the pack, we feel that the following slides provide a comprehensive overview of the product and its features The only computer skills you need to operate the software is to know how to point a mouse, click the mouse buttons and use the keyboard to type in text


12 Construction Risk Assessments 12 Construction Risk Assessments The Construction Risk Assessments package also contains additional supporting information and charts to assist with the identification of hazards and the assessment of risks

13 Construction Risk Assessments 13 Comprehensive Guidance Construction Risk Assessments The Construction Risk Assessments package also includes comprehensive guidance on: Why risk assessments are required What the legal requirements are When to carry out risk assessments Who should carry out risk assessments How to carry out a risk assessment (Step by step) The package also contains a Briefing Record so that a formal register of the staff briefed can be retained

14 Construction Risk Assessments 14 An example Risk Assessment

15 Construction Risk Assessments 15 Specifications System Requirements: Processor - Pentium II or newer Recommended 128MB RAM or higher CD ROM drive Operating system Windows 98/2000/XP Microsoft Word 97 or newer

16 Construction Risk Assessments 16 Pricing The price of our software is all inclusive and includes for not only the software itself, but also for: Ongoing technical support We do not charge an annual maintenance fee for the use of our software There are no hidden costs to pay!!

17 Construction Risk Assessments 17 How to Purchase Construction Risk Assessments The Construction Risk Assessments software may be purchased from our online shop by logging onto: As you proceed through the checkout you will be asked if you want to make an online credit/debit card purchase or you may alternatively print off you order and send it to us with a cheque/postal order for the required sum. If you require any further information, please email us on:

18 Construction Risk Assessments 18 Thank You For Your Interest

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