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Kemrock Industries and Exports Ltd. The Worlds most integrated composites manufacturer.

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1 Kemrock Industries and Exports Ltd. The Worlds most integrated composites manufacturer

2 Kemrock Campus Global Composite Village Kemrock, a leader in the field of Composites in India, is fast growing to become one of the largest manufacturer of composite materials and end user products.

3 Established in 1981, Kemrock is a single point destination in concept design, prototype development, product testing, manufacturing, quality management, logistics support, installation and after sales service in composites, providing : Raw material and Engineered End Use Products Standard and customized solutions with high level of product performance Largest portfolio of composite products with high quality, engineered solutions Compliance to customer specification and conformance to international standards Integrated Management Systems ensuring customer satisfaction Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites are ideal replacements of traditional materials where corrosion resistance, weight, electrical performance or ongoing maintenance may be a problem. Company Profile

4 Continuous Improvement Program and Integrated Management System ensure: Customer satisfaction, Environment protection Organizational safety norms. Company is listed on: Bombay Stock Exchange ( : Scrip Code 526015 & Scrip ID KEMIE) National Stock Exchange of India ( : ISIN Code INE99B01012), A major manufacturer of composites products having Vertical Integration of raw material production ensures its competitive strength. Kemrock has established a position of prominence both domestically and internationally. Company Profile

5 Quality Management Quality and Approvals Kemrock has established its reputation as a major supplier to key industries by manufacturing first quality material, consistently. In order to do that, a full and wide ranging Quality Assurance Team oversees the manufacture of products at Kemrock, ensuring complete traceability.

6 Quality Management Certifications and Approvals Integrated management system encompassing: ISO 9001:2008 ISO 14001: 2004 OSHAS 18001:2007 Quality Assurance Team to oversees the manufacture of products, ensuring complete traceability and utmost quality Indias First and only IRIS Certified Company IRIS – International Railway Industry Standard

7 Kemrock Corporate Offices

8 Design and Development State of the art design studio for design and development to serve the customer needs, with: Most advance software packages for industrial design Talented and experienced team of design engineers Optimization of the design of products and structures, using 3D modeling and finite element analysis Complete range of manufacturing processes and raw material production to ensure correct product specification Accurate translation of optimized designs into reality Design and Development

9 Design Capabilities Concept Design In-house state of the art Industrial design capability. Prototyping. FEA (Finite Element Analysis) Structural Design Analysis Static and Dynamic analysis Detail Design 3D Modeling (Detailed Designing) Drafting Prototype & Full Scale Model Testing Material Characterization Design activities are done by Experienced Design & Analysis Engineers with exposure in Various standards globally. -Industrial design, -Structural design, -Mechanical design, -Design Analysis -Product development

10 Design Softwares State of the art computer software at Kemrocks Design Studio... CAD Catia V5 Inventer Mechanica AutoCAD CAE Hyperworks and its derivatrives HyperMesh, HyperForm, HyperView, HyperGraph, MotionView, MotionSolve and HyperSTudy Optimisation Optistruct Radioos

11 Tooling Division Optimised designs are transferred to CNC machines for the production of tooling up to 60 metres in length ensures the most accurate reproduction of parts.

12 Design : Telecom Tower NEW DEVELOPMENT

13 Design : Optimization of Stair Tower Stair Tower Analysis

14 Research & Development Testing Kemrock boasts a fully equipped test centre, to support the needs of our customers and partners. Full mechanical testing and product performance testing capabilities are supplemented with the most sophisticated material analysis equipment. The testing conducted by Kemrock aids the development of new products as well as verifying the quality of existing products.

15 Research & Development Testing State of the Art Testing Laboratory with more than 22 varieties of testing machines and equipment Capabilities Chemical analysis Physical Testing Mechanical Testing Weathering Corrosion Resistance Fire Testing

16 Research & Development

17 Manufacturing Processes Filament Winding PultrusionContact Moulding Centrifugal Casting Resin Transfer Moulding System Integration and assembly Tool Making Sheet mould compound process Vacuum Assisted Resin Infusion Method

18 Vertical Integration: Resins Resins Kemrocks Vertical integration in major raw materials for captive consumption and for affiliated companies gives it a distinct advantage. Unsaturated polyesters Resins Vinyl esters Resins Epoxy Resin Phenolic Resins Georgia-Pacific Kemrock International Private Ltd. markets resin principally in the Middle East and Asian markets as a joint venture.

19 Resins Division

20 Technical Fabrics Resin manufacturing is complemented with the production of technical fabrics. Glass, carbon and carbon/glass fabrics have various combinations: Woven Fabrics Warp(0) Woven Unidirectional Woven Roving Knitted Fabrics Weft (90)Knit Unidirectional BiPly (woven + mat) Biaxial (0,90) Double Bias (+45,-45) Warp Triaxial (0,+45,-45) Weft Triaxial (90,+45,-45) Quadaxial (0,90,+45,-45) Vertical Integration: Technical Fabrics

21 Technical Fabric Division

22 Composites Manufacture Kemrocks organisation extends internationally, with a manufacturing capability in Milano, Italy and offices in UAE and UK in addition to the main production facility in Vadodara, Gujarat. The Top Glass ( facility in Italy is home to one of the worlds leading pultrusion producers. Regarded as a technical leader in composites, Top Glass provides the highest level of project management and product development

23 Pultrusion Division Kemrocks plant in Vadodara is the biggest Pultrusion operation in the world. This plant is an alliance with our strategic partners Top Glass (Italy), which provides us with the cutting edge technology both in Pultrusion and Pullwinding. The combined capacity, coupled with our in-house raw material manufacturing capability enables us to provide commercially competitive and technically superior pultrusion solutions. Pultrusion Division



26 Pultruded Structures

27 Gratings Division Kemrock is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of moulded & pultruded gratings, which is produced under a strategic alliance with our partner M/s. Fibergrate Composite Structures, USA (, part of RPM International Inc, ( The range is completed with a full line of moulded & pultruded gratings, enabling the most stringent of load bearing capabilities, under the severest conditions to be met. Gratings Division

28 Gratings

29 Handrails, Walkways, Ladder and Stairways A standard as well as customized range of horizontal and inclined handrails with two, three or four rails are manufactured. The range includes walkways and stairways that combine Kemrocks gratings, as well as specialty handrail including those with round tube and picketed railing, standard and retractable walk-through safety cages and ladder systems. Handrails & Ladder Systems


31 GRP Cable Management Systems GRP Cable Management System provides a high degree of flexibility, both in terms of locating the components and accessing the cabling contained within them. Over and above being tough, they are light weight and are easy to install. The cable trays provide high dimensional stability and structural integrity. Being non conductive, they are safe and deliver unmatched performance. Meeting NEMA and other well established international standards, a wide choice of sizes in standard and customized solutions is available. Cable Management System

32 Cable Trays

33 Access Towers Kemrocks FRP Access Towers are not only tough and durable, but light weight too. They are modular and highly portable, hence providing access to the most inaccessible areas. These systems can be customized to clients requirements; they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Approved to EN 1004, Kemrocks Access Towers are particularly suited where the danger of electrical contact or corrosive attack may be an issue. Access System


35 Compression Moulding Division Kemrock manufactures its own moulding compounds for captive use. A full range of SMC (sheet moulding compounds) and BMC (bulk moulding compounds) is available for a wide range of applications in the automotive, electrical, corrosion, consumer, mass transportation and other key areas.

36 Piping Division Kemrock manufactures GRP and GRE pipes using the filament winding process. Manufacturing in a dedicated, state of the art production facility, pipes from 100 to 3000 mm diameter are supplied for major water distribution and sewerage projects, fire water systems, cooling tower headers and risers and chemical processing applications. GRP Piping System


38 GRP Pipe Division

39 GRP Poles Division Based on technology developed at our Italian facility, Kemrock manufactures composite poles. Using centrifugal casting to produce poles up to 13 metres in height, they are used in lighting applications, as flag poles and as supports for notice boards. They are lightweight, easily transportable, able to carried by hand, do not require earthing and are CE certified.

40 GRP Poles – Centrifugal Casting Method

41 GRP Poles

42 Transportation Division Rail Coach Interiors & Exteriors The innovative use of the contact moulding and resin transfer moulding processes has enabled Kemrock to design, manufacture and supply the ever demanding rail and mass transit markets. By combining safety, fire performance, engineering needs and aesthetics Kemrocks Transportation Division is the first IRIS (International Rail Industry Standard) Certified manufacturer in India, ensuring consistent supply of the highest quality products.

43 Rail Coach Interiors


45 Rail Coach Exteriors

46 Wind Energy Division Over 28 years product development and composites manufacturing expertise has been brought together to establish a state of the art Windmill Blade manufacturing unit. The Windmill Blade manufacturing team comprises highly skilled professionals with extensive knowledge in aerodynamics, composite material and production technology to ensure the production of windmill blades to suit the highest possible demands.

47 Wind Mill Blades


49 Nose Cones & Nacelle Covers

50 Carbon Fiber Division Carbon Fibre Division Kemrocks carbon fibre production will begin in early 2010 using technology licensed from the National Aeronautical Laboratory in Bangalore, India. Vacuum infusion of advanced composites for aerospace and wind energy applications is already supported by the highest level of quality management and product testing. Self-sufficiency in the manufacture of the fibre itself adds further to Kemrocks competitive edge.

51 Kemrock Industries and Exports Ltd. The Worlds most integrated composites manufacturer. Thank you

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