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Rethink tv rethink tv BY T E L E R E N T. rethink tv Discover the DIRECTV Difference! When DIRECTV launched in 1994, it was the first entertainment service.

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1 rethink tv rethink tv BY T E L E R E N T

2 rethink tv Discover the DIRECTV Difference! When DIRECTV launched in 1994, it was the first entertainment service in the United States to deliver all digital quality, multi- channel television programming via an 18 inch satellite dish. __________________faqs Backround

3 rethink tv DIRECTV provided television programming to rural areas that did not have cable access and became a viable alternative to cable TV. Ever since the small dish launched its first satellite, cable has been faced with a competitor unlike any other. Digital Broadcast Services now owns more than 27% of all video subscribers in the U.S.! Background The DIRECTV Difference!

4 rethink tv The Telerent Edge ! Founded in 1957, Telerent was acquired in 1989 by ITOCHU International, the North American subsidiary of Japan 's ITOCHU Corporation. Telerent has been serving the hospital and lodging industries for nearly 50 years and currently has service and lease contracts with approximately 5,000 hotels, hospitals and restaurants throughout the U.S. Background

5 rethink tv The Telerent Edge ! The Telerent family is comprised of: Background by Telerent

6 rethink tv The Telerent Edge ! Currently Telerent provides DIRECTV satellite television programming, equipment, service and financing to more than 150,000 rooms across the nation! We are the largest DIRECTV dealer in the nation whose primary focus is on your free-to-guest television service. Background

7 rethink tv As a pioneer in satellite TV technology, DIRECTV has made significant breakthroughs such as: DIRECTV Innovation! - Pay-Per-View - Digital Video Recording/TiVo - On Screen Programming - High Definition Signal Delivery Technology

8 rethink tv DIRECTV is committed to delivering more high definition to North America, as the budget for the entire Spaceway project will exceed one billion dollars. In January 2005, DIRECTV announced it will begin a historic expansion of its capacity with the planned launch of four next- generation satellites that will deliver more than 1,500 local HD and more than 150 national HD channels and other advanced programming services to consumers nationwide by 2007. DIRECTV Innovation! Technology

9 rethink tv The DIRECTV Advantages Flexibility! DIRECTV gives your property the luxury of designing its own unique television lineup. Built around your guests, flag requirements and budget, this allows you to save a lot of expense that is spent on unnecessary programming that cable forces you to carry in their expanded tiers. After all, who ever lost a guest because they did not offer six shopping channels? Difference

10 rethink tv The DIRECTV Advantages Savings! A DIRECTV programming lineup can be aired at your property for as little as $1.25 per room! However, most properties select a package that will include a premium movie channel such as HBO, Starz or Showtime plus ESPN and offer a lineup of more than 50 channels for $8.80 per room plus $29.95 for the local channels. The $29.95 for the local channels is a once a month flat fee for the entire property and is not based on room count. Difference

11 rethink tv The Bottom-line! When you compare a 75 room property that is paying $11.00 per room for free-to-guest TV that includes a premium movie channel, to DIRECTV, its easy to see why so many properties are switching from cable to DIRECTV! CableDIRECTVDifference Monthly:$825$690$135 Annually:$9,900$8,280$1,620 Over a five year period that comes to more than $8,100 in savings! Now multiply that by 10 or 20 properties! Difference

12 rethink tv DIRECTV Quality Quality! DIRECTV provides your property with a direct digital television signal. This signal comes straight from our satellite to your hotel via a 30 dish. The end result is a crystal clear television picture with CD quality audio for your guests to enjoy. Difference

13 rethink tv Customer Satisfaction DIRECTV has been awarded the J.D. Power & Associates Award for overall customer satisfaction for two of the past three years. DIRECTV has been at the top ( NO. 1) of the ACSI Index for the three of the past four years. Difference

14 rethink tv Hesitant? Over 20 million Americans subscribe to satellite TV. DIRECTV has over 14 million subscribers in the United States. More and more of your guests are residential subscribers. As cable providers continue to raise their rates, the DIRECTV family will continue its rapid growth. More hotel owners are aligning themselves with winning products. DIRECTV is recognized by your guests as the premier digital television provider! Difference

15 rethink tv All the channels you need! DIRECTV allows for flexible programming. In other words, you pick the networks that your guests want to view and dont pay for the rest!Programming

16 rethink tv All the channels you need! DIRECTV can change your programming lineup at your request! With one simple phone call we can add or subtract channels without having to go to the property.Programming

17 rethink tv Most Popular DIRECTV Channels Programming

18 rethink tv YES! You get your local channels! Youve never seen clearer local channels! A digital signal comes off of the DIRECTV Satellite and is delivered right to your dish! Programming

19 rethink tv What about Hi-Definition TV? HDTV is a type of digital TV. HDTV provides high resolution programming in a widescreen format. A current analog TV picture provides resolution of up to 480 horizontal lines. An HDTV picture can have up to 1080 lines. Television stations serving all markets in the United States are airing digital television programming, although they still must provide analog programming until December 31, 2006. At the present time, very few networks offer HD content. This will increase over time and both Telerent and DIRECTV will be ready to assist make the transition. Programming

20 rethink tv My cable company told me that DIRECTV requires a lot of equipment. DIRECTV does require that you purchase equipment. Telerent can provide aggressive lease terms that offer fixed low monthly payments. Most customers total monthly payment for programming, equipment lease and service, usually runs about 20% less than their cable did. In fact, our customers know that they will own the equipment at the end of the lease term and will further reduce their payment. Question: Has your payment ever been lowered by your cable provider? Finally, the most important feature is that you will own your system! What do you have to show for all your years with the cable company ? Except a higher cable bill! Equipment

21 rethink tv What kind of equipment do I need? Telerent is going to build, test, install and maintain a custom headend at your property. Essentially, you will have your own little cable TV system. Once again, you select the programming you want. The equipment will reside in your communications room. The space requirement depends on the number of channels you get. Most systems stand roughly 70 high and roughly 20 deep and 26 wide. No additional equipment is required in the rooms. Your guests will change channels using the existing remote control. Equipment

22 rethink tv How do I pay for all this stuff? Financing Telerent has several solutions to suit your individual needs. Your digital satellite system can be purchased via: Lease for up to 6 years Same as cash terms for up to 6 months We still accept cash

23 rethink tv Tell me more about leasing! Telerent Leasing Corporation and was formed in 1957. Leasing your new DSS system will allow you to: Conserve cash. We provide 100% financing with no down payment required. Your company can retain its working capital. Low fixed interest rates. With the lower, fixed-rate payments of an equipment lease, youre protected from inflation. Lease financing. Opens the door to the additional savings you will get once you convert your property to DIRECTV! Financing

24 rethink tv Why lease through Telerent? Telerent Leasing Corporation prides itself on delivering fast, efficient hassle-free service to its clients. TLC offers: Fast and friendly service. (approval within 24 to 48 hours of receiving required financial information) Virtually unlimited internal funding. 90% or greater lease approval percentage. Nationwide lending. TLC can provide leases for all of your locations within the United States Very competitive interest rates with an understanding of the lodging industry. Financing

25 rethink tv Tell me about the installation Telerent will build and ship a headend to your property that has been completely balanced, checked and burned for 72 hours straight to ensure your system meets our stringent quality standards. The system will then be tied into your existing distribution system by one of the 2,500 installers we use nationwide. Once the system is up and running the tech will perform a set of additional quality measures to ensure that a great DIRECTV picture is delivered throughout your property. Installation

26 rethink tv Q & A Installations require prior credit approval and the following documentation and deposits: 1.Signed programming license 2.Fully executed lease docs (if leasing equipment) 3.First and last months lease payment 4.First and last months programming payment Installation

27 rethink tv So, what about service! With almost 50 years as a leader in providing products and services to the hospitality industry, Telerent understands the daily demands your guests place on you. We will provide you with 24/7/365 DIRECTV programming support. In addition, we offer extended service warranties that will protect your equipment investment and serve as piece of mind for your hotel staff. We share a common goal in providing the guest with the best possible lodging experience. Service

28 rethink tv Telerents Digital satellite package gives you the convenience of dealing with just one source. Our courteous customer service representatives are always ready wiling and able to assist you with issues such as: DIRECTV programming support Service and warranty support Billing questions New equipment purchases and just about any other free-to-guest issue Okay, am I dealing with DIRECTV or am I dealing with Telerent Service

29 rethink tv Lets review DIRECTV by Telerent Telerent can provide a low cost alternative to cable via DIRECTV a world leader in television programming. Telerent is a single source for programming, equipment, installation, service and financing. Telerents solution allows you to own the equipment Telerent gives you the control over your programming allowing you to control the cost and the content of what comes into your property. Telerent gives you the flexibility to add, drop or expand your TV lineup at any time. Summary

30 rethink tv Questions please! Q.How will the inclement weather effect my DIRECTV ? A.Most of the issues relating to rain-fade happened during the time DIRECTV was using an 18 mini- dish. Telerent satellite systems come with a 30 dish designed to increase signal strength to the head end. Severe weather may still create issues for both cable and satellite. DIRECTV successfully delivers a signal to all its subscribers 96.9% off the time. FAQs

31 rethink tv The Q & A! Q. Can DIRECTV run with my pay-per-view? A.Yes. DIRECTV is compatible with all pay-per-view systems. In fact, Telerent provides a more extensive DIRECTV programming lineup than most PPV providers. We believe that guests who dont want to pay for a movie should be offered a generous free-to-guest lineup to enjoy while staying at your property. FAQs

32 rethink tv Q & A Q. Can I add or change my channels? A.Yes. Telerent can provide the equipment and service so that you can expand the number of DIRECTV channels at anytime. This can be done with one easy phone call. A customer service representative can usually turn channel changes and additions around in less than 24 hours. FAQs

33 rethink tv Q. How do I know that I am getting the best deal? A.Simple! Unlike the cable companies, DIRECTV publishes its prices! Thats right all of the prices for every network we offer are posted on the DIRECTV website This can be done with one easy phone call. A customer service representative can usually turn channel changes and additions around in less than 24 FAQs Q & A

34 rethink tv Q. How do I get started? A.Just call us! We will provide you with a complete proposal for installing a DIRECTV system in your hotel. The quote will include: FAQs Q & A Programming Equipment Shipping Installation Lease options

35 rethink tv DIRECTV by Telerent Jeff Stephans National Sales Director 4191 Fayetteville Rd. Raleigh, North Carolina 27603 800.316.8876 ext. 7521 866.319.4784 fax

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