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Qualifications Experience Upper management has 25+ years combined experience in fiber optic communications.

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2 Qualifications Experience Upper management has 25+ years combined experience in fiber optic communications

3 Safety Our first priority We are dedicated to providing a safe and healthful environment for employees and customers, protecting the public, and preserving corporate assets.

4 Safety We accomplish this by: Proper use of safety equipment Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) On site safety equipment Following proper safety and health procedures Lead by example Ongoing training Good housekeeping

5 Corporate Structure Company Officers Oversee company operations, customer relations, safety, quality control, and training as well as day to day operations Project Manager Oversee daily operations of ongoing project Serve as liaison to customers, engineers, employees, and company officers Track and document daily progress Ensure all company policies and procedures are in compliance Foreman Field Manager and Senior Project Technician Responsible for equipment issue and recovery Accountable for material inventory Charged with overseeing up to 10 subordinate Field Technicians Ensure Field Technicians are following Safety Procedures and company policies at all times

6 Corporate Structure Field Technician / Journeyman/ Fiber Optic Responsible for cable preparation, closure preparation, fusion splicing, testing, and troubleshooting, OTDR, Fusion and terminations Follow all safety procedures Field Technician / Apprentice/ Fiber Optic Aid the Technician in daily duties Follow all safety procedures Field Technician/ Journeyman/ Broadband/FTTX Responsible for troubleshooting, testing, installing broadband FTTX related networks or environments.

7 Outside Plant Services Pre-installation on-reel cable testing Post-installation cable testing Splice closure setup and installation Single/ mass fusion splicing of fiber optic Fault / break locating and repair Cable restoration and maintenance CATV fiber optic node splicing and installation OSP network inspection and troubleshooting Pico Cell FTTX

8 Inside Plant Services Fiber optic termination bay installation, setup, and splicing Direct terminations of fiber optic cable (ST, FC, SC, etc.) Fusion splicing of Central Office, Hub, Head-End, TOC, TMC or Gateway Patch cord installation and testing Termination panel labeling and port assignment verification ISP network inspection and troubleshooting OTDR testing and Power loss testing Chromatic Dispersion testing ITS( Intelligent Transport Systems) installations on Fiber

9 Engineering Services Network design Consulting CAD documentation OTDR and Power loss documentation Auditing Chromatic Dispersion testing PMD testing

10 Quality Control Customer specific training Closure build-out Hub to jack QC Testing and documentation Accountability Last one out policy ID tags Housekeeping Documentation per location Digital photos per location

11 Training Customer specific training Weekly safety and health training In-house fiber optic training course BICSi related courses and training Ongoing professional training

12 Customer Commitment One year warranty on workmanship per manufacturer specifications or EWP based on product / equipment and contracted Rapid Deployment for emergency situations. contract / non contract Treat each and every customer as if they are our only customer

13 What we can help you or your customer to avoid in your network

14 Our Craftsmanship Single Fiber Applications Multilink splice tray with 12 pigtail splices & M90 fusion set

15 Our Craftsmanship Ribbon Fiber 432 ribbon splices TYCO D Case AboveNet San Jose

16 Our Craftsmanship Energy and CATV Systems TYCO B Case and splice tray with fusion splices

17 Our Craftsmanship Termination Panels Corning Termination Panel rear view pigtails

18 We maintain a full line of vehicles and equipment for every environment and situation. From Pelsue labs and bucket vans to splice trailers and tents each equipped with single and mass fusion splice machines, OTDRs, power meters, and manhole packages. Equipment

19 Companies weve completed projects for either directly or as a sub contractor

20 References and Contact Information Please contact : Stephen R Sacchi Project Development 888-360-3993 ext. 700 References: Available on request

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