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Angola Cables is a wholesale carrier, built in 2009 by the five major Angolan telecom operators. This company is driven by its shareholders vision and government strategy to transform Angola into one of the main African HUBs Mission Support the development of the telecom sector in Angola and Africa; Deliver high feasibility and capacity international connections to Angolan operators; Supply interconnection between telecom operators within the region to the rest of the world;

3 INSIDE AFRICA Africa is the 2nd largest continent, after Asia, in size and population Estimated Population in 2012 More than 1 billion people (over 50% are under 30 years) Mobile users in June 2012 700 million 70% penetration rate (90% prepaid) Internet users in June 2012 168 million 15.6% penetration rate Facebook users in September 2012 48 million 4.5% penetration rate

4 INSIDE AFRICA Broadband high growth
Africa is the 2nd largest continent, after Asia, in size and population Broadband high growth Increased speed of approx Mbps in to over 30,000 Mbps in 2011 WACS 2011 MainOne 2010 MainOne (phase 2) Glo ACE 2012 SEACOM 2009 TEAMS 2009 EASSy 2010 SAT3 2001 WAFS (n/a) Submarine cable Operation/ Implemented Planned ( ) Planned (after 2011) Terrestrial fiber Capacity submarine telecommunications in 2012 20 Tbps capacity Capacity terrestrial telecommunications in 2012 In July 2012, the total terrestrial networks reached 750,000 km (compared to in June 2009)

5 INSIDE ANGOLA Estimated Population in 2012 Estimates point to reach
Angola has a population of approximately 19 millions inhabitants and over 50% live in urban centers. (60% are under 30 years) Estimates point to reach 22.4 millions inhabitants in 2016 44.6 millions in 2050 Mobile phone users in 2013 13.2 millions - a penetration rate of 68.95% (90% prepaid) Internet users in 2013 2.2 millions - a penetration rate of 12% Today's 3G and 4G networks are a reality in Angola. The fiber optic backbones were installed throughout the country. The main towns are interconnected with fiber optic

6 ANGONAP AngoNap Services:
AngoNap is the host of all the operators in Angola and provide them with international and local connectivity; Is the Angolan Internet Access Point (IXP) Is a Datacenter hosting facility for Wholesale, Operators and Enterprises Hosting of the main Angolan domain .AO Co-location for Telcos and Non-Telcos Virtual POP services National Connectivity Regional Connectivity Global Connectivity IP Transit Remote hands services Cross Connect Services

The vision for AngoNap is to be a neutral service provider that can provide industry standard services in the Southern region Why a data center in Luanda (AngoNap): Luanda is one of the fastest growing cities, but also a stable growing economic city in Africa All Angolan Operators are based in the Angolan Capital – Luanda It has a growing metropolitan fiber network with local operators investing a lot in connectivity It has access to WACS, Sat-3 and SACS CLS Luanda is connected via fiber to the major cities in Angola

Is the Cable System connecting South Africa with the United Kingdom along the west coast of Africa, which was constructed by Alcatel-Lucent United Kingdom London WACS has 15 terminal stations along the Western Coast of Africa Thus consisting of 11 African countries and 3 Europeans The total cost for the cable system was $650 million The design capacity of WACS is at least 5,12 Tbps, which can be upgraded to 30 Tbps. Angola Cables manages the WACS operations in Angola, this includes the Cable Landing Station and the AngoNap (Angola Cables’ Nap) Portugal Canary Islands Cape Verde Ivory Coast Ghana Togo Nigeria Cameroon Congo DRC Angola Namibia South Africa

South Atlantic Cable System is the new cable system, to be launched by Angola Cables, linking Angola and Brazil. This cable will support the development of telecommunications in Africa, which currently has the highest rate of Internet traffic growth in the world SACS is the first transatlantic cable system crossing the South Hemisphere, connecting Africa and the Americas. This will build an alternative route to the North Atlantic cables and it will also allow alternative connections from Asia and Africa to the rest of the world Cable of the Americas is a cable system that will link Miami to Santos via Fortaleza (Brazil). This system will build a direct link from Angola to North America, using the SACS in Fortaleza Inserir mapa do SACS

10 SACS CONFIGURATION SACS Cable’s Connectivity in Angola
Capacity 4 fiber pairs, each designed for 100 X 100 Gbps wavelengths Total Design Capacity 40 Tbps Size 6,165 route-km Schedule for the kickoff of the sea work Marine Route Survey scheduled for early 2014 Cable installation scheduled for later 2014 / early 2015 Schedule for RFS RFS estimated by mid-2015  SACS Cable’s Connectivity in Angola It will connect directly to WACS at the cable landing station in Sangano, Angola; It will have a direct link to the POP in Luanda, Angola (AngoNAP); It will have interconnection with SAT-3 through terrestrial path in Luanda and also through sea cable at CLS in Cacuaco, Angola; It will have access and interconnection with other cables landing in Fortaleza, Brazil

Capacity 2 fiber pairs, each designed for 100 X 100 Gbps wavelengths Total Design Capacity 20 Tbps Two (2) segments, each segment has 20 Tbps of Design Capacity Florida (USA)-Fortaleza, Brazil Fortaleza, Brazil-Santos (Sao Paulo) Brazil Length Florida-Fortaleza: approximately 6,720 route-km Fortaleza-Santos: approximately 4,180 route-km Schedule for the kickoff of the sea work Cable installation scheduled for later 2014 / early 2015 RFS estimated by mid-2015 Relevant information US PoP in NAP of the Americas, Miami, Florida (USA) Fortaleza access and interconnection with other cables landing in Fortaleza PoP access in Sao Paulo Miami Fortaleza Sangano Santos

The Angolan IXP - will be the Internet Exchange for the national operators and available for the regional ones It will benefit all operators as: Guarantee the exchange of IP traffic amount operators Improve the client access to content Reduce the internet costs in the country and in the region Create a neutral access point between the operators of the region Inserir mapa do SACS

Angola is geographically placed in a fortunate location Terrestrially it is able to reach land locked countries such as Zambia, East part of Congo DRC, Congo Brazzaville, as well as Namibia Through the existing Cable systems, Angola is connected to the entire West and the southern East coast of Africa. Allowing Angola to be the ideal link between North Africa, Southern Africa, East and West Africa. Angola enjoys peaceful relations with all of its neighboring countries This makes Angola the ideal link between Africa and the world Com os 2 cabos, Angola tornou-se um ponto estratégico em África no ramo das telecos.


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