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Library Tour: Resources & Services NCCU Libraries Reference Section 2013/02/20update.

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2 Library Tour: Resources & Services NCCU Libraries Reference Section 2013/02/20update

3 NCCU Library System NCCU Libraries 2 Communication Lib. Mass Communication Commerce LibCommerce Lib. Business and Management Public and BA Education Center Lib. Social Sciences Information Center Theses, Gov. Publication, Newspapers & Microfilms Public and Business Administration International Relations Lib. Information about Mainland China Social Sciences Lib. Law and Social Sciences Main lib. 2

4 NCCU Libraries 3 Opening Hours: Main Library 2012/02/20-2012/06/24 Libraries Opening Hours Mon Fri SatSun Main Library Circulation and 1-4F Reading Area 08:00-22:00 Digital Resources Learning Corner 08:30-21:30 Opening Hours of AV Area on Monday 12:00- 21:30 B1F Reading Room 24Hrs 2F Non-Book Material Room 08:30-17:00Closed Opening hours during summer/winter vacation is different from the above mentioned and will be announced by the end of each semester. 3

5 Opening Hours: Main Library 2012/02/20-2012/06/24 NCCU Libraries 4 Libraries Opening Hours Mon Fri SatSun Commerce Library & Social Sciences Library 08:00-22:00 Closed Communication Library 08:00-21:0010:00-18:00Closed Social Sciences Information Center 08:00-18:0010:00-18:00Closed Microforms and Internet Resources Retrieving Area of SSIC 08:30-17:3010:30-17:30Closed Institute of International Relations Library 08:00-17:0008:00-12:00Closed Center for Public & Business Administration Education Library 09:00-20:0009:00-13:00Closed Opening hours during summer/winter vacation is different from the above mentioned and will be announced be the end of each semester.

6 NCCU Libraries 5

7 6

8 Extending Library Hours during Mid-term and Final-term Exam NCCU Libraries 7 Extending library hours to 12:00 a.m. starting from 1 week before the exam. 2 Libraries offer this service: Main Lib. Social Sciences Lib. ( Sunday is closed.) 7

9 Circulation Service(1) NCCU Libraries 8 Checking out Books & AV Materials Student card is the library card. College Students: 30 volumes, 4 weeks Graduate Students:50 volumes, 8 weeks AV Materials Home edition 3 items 7 days If a book with a hold is checked out, its loan period will be shortened to 2 weeks. If a dvd with a hold is checked out, its loan period will be shortened to 4 days. Returning Books You may return the borrowed books to any NCCU branch library near you. (Except AV materials)

10 Circulation Service(2) NCCU Libraries 9 Holding the materials You may hold books or AV materials in circulation or in process online. When the item with a hold has been returned to the library, the library will send an e-mail notice to you and reserve the book for up to 7 days and the AV material for up to 3 days for you. Every reader can make holds at most ten items at the same time. Renewal The checked-out book can be renewed online by the reader himself for at most 2 times when is not reserved by other readers. However, AV materials can not be renewed on line. You may renew the checked-out book during the second half of the loan period. The new due date shall be calculated from the date of the extension.

11 Circulation Service(3) NCCU Libraries 10 Overdue Fines Books Each book shall be charged NT$5 per overdue day. The grace period for overdue books is three days. A late penalty charge shall be imposed on the fourth day starting at NT$20. AV Materials No grace period AV Materials(public broadcasting ed.) Each item shall be charged NT$ 5 per overdue hour. AV materials(Home ed.) Each item shall be charged NT$ 50 per overdue day. Please pay attention to the due day when checking out the item. Email notice is a courtesy service. Failure to receive such notice will not be considered grounds for reduction or cancellation of fines. Lost Checked-out Items If borrowed items are lost, please proceed to the library immediately to carry out the compensation procedures. Compensation shall be made before the due date. In addition, any late penalty charges must be paid.

12 Web Opac Searching(1) NCCU Libraries 11

13 Web Opac Searching (2) NCCU Libraries 12 Location Call No. Status

14 Call No. NCCU Libraries 13 Books are shelved by call no. 874.5 8367 Title The thirteenth tale : a novel Classification no. 813.6 Author code. S495

15 Q:Please arrange these books! NCCU Libraries 14 874.503 566 1 874.503 566 1 2 874.5 0203 2 874.5 103 3 874.5 0617 4 874.52 033 5 Which one is the correct order A.2 4 1 3 5 B.3 2 4 1 5 C.2 4 3 1 5 D.2 1 4 3 5

16 A: First, arrange them by the first line-- classification no. NCCU Libraries 15 874.503 566 1 2 874.5 0203 874.5 103 3 874.5 0617 4 874.52 033 5

17 A: Then, by the second lineAuthor Code NCCU Libraries 16 874.503 566 1 2 874.5 0203 874.5 103 3 874.5 0617 4 874.52 033 5 Answer: C 2 4 3 1 5

18 Q: Where should 874.5 618 be arrange? NCCU Libraries 17 2 874.5 0203 A BCDE 874.5 0617 4 874.5 103 3 874.503 566 1 874.52 033 5

19 First, find the classification no 874.5. Then, shelve it by the author code 618. NCCU Libraries 18 2 874.5 0203 A B C DE 874.5 0617 4 874.5 103 3 874.503 566 1 874.52 033 5 874.5 618

20 Book Status NCCU Libraries 19 Its on shelf now, and can be checked out. Its for in-house reading only and cant be checked out. Its already been checked out. The due day is mm-dd-yy. You can make a hold on it. On Shelf In House Cir Due mm-dd-yy

21 Course Reserves NCCU Libraries 20

22 How to make a hold NCCU Libraries 21

23 My Library Account NCCU Libraries 22 Library ID: Student No. Default Pin: LIBmmdd mmdd:your birthday

24 Updating Personal Information NCCU Libraries 23 Please update your personal information through iNCCU.

25 Remote Shelving Request(1) NCCU Libraries 24

26 Remote Shelving Request(2) NCCU Libraries 25

27 Interlibrary Library Loan(1) NCCU Libraries 26

28 Interlibrary Library Loan(2) NCCU Libraries 27 Inter-library Card Service You may apply for an inter-library card of other cooperative university libraries at the Circulation Desk in the main library with your student ID, faculty or staff ID, to check out books at other university libraries. The inter-library card should be returned in 3 days. You may check out books from those cooperative universities for up to 5 books with no renewal. Loan Period: 2-4 weeks, depending on the rule of each university library. You may return the checked-out books from NTU library, NTNU library, Chinese Culture University and TamKang University to NCCU Library.

29 Nationwide Document Delivery Service NCCU Libraries 28 The NCCU faculty and students may apply for inter-library photocopying or loan service from local or overseas libraries, and submit the application online via the National Document Delivery Service (NDDS). The Reference Service Section will notify the applicant via email to pay for and collect the materials after the materials have arrived at the library. National Document Delivery Service (NDDS) Photocopy: NT$3-8 per page. Book loan: NT$50-100 per copy. Personal account should be applied in advance.

30 E-Journal Search(1) NCCU Libraries 29

31 E-Journal Search (2) Fulltext NCCU Libraries 30

32 Databases(1) NCCU Libraries 31 Categories Journal Articles(full Text) Encyclopedia E-Books Newspaper Articles Dissertation and Theses… Characteristics: Academic, Authoritative, Accountable Academic Ethics: Be sure to list cited references in your report.

33 Databases(2) NCCU Libraries 32

34 Database(3) NCCU Libraries 33

35 Selected Topics Research Guide NCCU Libraries 34

36 Newspapers NCCU Libraries 35 Where are the Newspapers? B1F in the main library: Chinese Newspapers within the last 3 months 2F in the main library: Foreign Newspapers within the last 3 months Social Sciences Information Center: Newspapers earlier than the last 3 months Databases of Newspapers Listed in Database Directory

37 Digital Resources Learning Corner NCCU Libraries 36 Audiovisual Materials Cable TV & Satellite TV Language learning magazines & CDs Meeting Rooms Information Searching Classroom Library Instruction Classes Reference Services Document Delivery Services HOT!!

38 Wireless Network Service NCCU Libraries 37 Wireless Network everywhere in the library.

39 Library Instruction Services NCCU Libraries 38 Information Searching Classes - The class is available for 5 persons or above by making an appointment 1 week in advance. After the 2-hour class, attendees will know how to find journal articles, books, and dissertations through the librarys website and some selected databases. They also learn how to get materials through the Interlibrary Loan Service. Personal Instruction - In the beginning of every semester we will announce the schedule for personal instruction. Anyone who wants to get some help on searching for information can book the instruction.9393091 ext. 67152

40 E-learning Materials NCCU Libraries 39

41 Reference Services NCCU Libraries 40 Information Desk: 02-29393091 ext. 63182 Circulation Desk: 02-29393091 ext. 63222 Social Sciences Library: 02-29393091 ext. 50106 Commerce Library: 02-29393091 ext. 84006 Mass Communication Library: 02-29393091 ext. 67152

42 Reminders NCCU Libraries 41 A student card is required when entering the library. No Beverages, drink, food and smoking in the library except the lobby in the main library. Please keep your voice down and switch all mobile phones to silent mode when in the library.

43 Q & A Questionnaire NCCU Libraries 42

44 Questionnaire NCCU Libraries 43

45 Thank you! NCCU Libraries 44 See you in the library

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