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Universität Leipzig Leipzig, Germany.

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1 Universität Leipzig Leipzig, Germany

2 Travel and Arrival Leipzig is approximately two hours south of Berlin by train, so the easiest way to reach Leipzig is to fly into Berlin and catch a train the rest of the way. Expect around ten hours of flight time and two hours aboard the train. The main train station in Leipzig is located very close to the city center, and public transportation in Leipzig (as well as the rest of Germany) is quite easy to navigate.

3 The City of Leipzig Leipzig is located in the German state of Saxony.
It is a city with a fantastic culture and intriguing history. Has been home to many famous historical figures such as J.S. Bach and Felix Mendelssohn. A decently large city with a population of 522,000.

4 Transportation Public transportation in Leipzig is the easiest way to navigate your way around the city. Leipzig’s main form of transportation is the tram. Students of the university obtain a transportation pass that lasts the duration of their stay. Be sure to have you pass, as well as your student I.D. on you at all times, because transportation officers often check for tickets. Lack of a ticket while on any form of public transport leads to a fine of 75 euros.

5 Leipzig Universität The University of Leipzig is one of the oldest universities in Germany, as well as Europe. Its main campus is centrally located, with various other buildings spread throughout the city, so be prepared to get familiar with Leipzig transport! Leipzig University offers many different international programs, including masters and Ph.D. programs.

6 Be Sure to Bring Being halfway across the world, it is difficult to simply run home for a weekend and grab the things you need, so make sure you pack thoroughly. Do not pack the morning of your flight. Be sure to leave some time to ensure that you have everything you need. A few things to be sure to bring are: A camera (I managed to forget this one) A towel A set of nice clothes (who knows when you will need them) An English-German dictionary (the ones sold in Germany are more expensive and less extensive) An ethernet cable (The dorms do not have wifi) A voltage converter Socket adapters are cheap and easy to obtain in Germany. Converters are need for electrical appliances that don’t have a voltage conversion built in (most computers and mp3 players are safe).

7 Das Herder Institut The Herder Institute is a department of Leipzig University that sponsors summer and fall language programs. The Program includes: Language intensive courses 5 times a week. Program sponsored activities. Excursions to various cities around the area. If you are looking to better you German, it is the perfect course.

8 Housing Dorms Laundry facilities Hostels – for travel
The dormitories at Leipzig are almost as spread out as the rest of the campus, so you may have to walk a while to reach your nearest bus stop. The living spaces consist of a two-bedroom apartment (you get your own room), with a kitchen (sans stove) and a bathroom. Internet memory usage is limited, but unless you use skype for 5 hours a day and download excess amounts of movies and music, you should be OK. Laundry facilities Located in the basement level. Only two washers and two dryers for a whole eight-floor dorm. Hostels – for travel Hostels are a great way to experience city culture and learn about what is going on in the city They are easy to book and easily affordable. When staying your rent out a bed, not a room. Usually you can get a private room for 4+ people, or stay in a room with a handful of people you don’t know. Most hostels are safe and clean, but be sure to do your research!

9 Food Sources Restaurants The culinary culture of Germany is something in its own. Leipzig offers the stereotypical dining, as well as lesser-known, oh-so-much-better, restaurants. Döner Kebabs are a must, as well as any other meal offered at a Turkish diner. Italian in Germany is also delicious. For dessert try Gelato or Eis, or a pastry from the nearerst Backerei Another must is the Leipziger Gose, a beer that will surprise you with its strange taste Grocery Shopping There is a grocery store within a short walk’s distance of most of the dorms. Be sure to bring a bag when you shop, because carts and baskets cost extra to use. You will discover many new delicious foods. Keep your glass and plastic bottles and return them for a Pfand (refund) after use (5-20 euro cents per bottle) Be aware that most stores (save for the Hauptbahnhof (central train station) are closed on Sunday. Der Mensa - If you want to eat cafeteria food, the Mensa is an excellent choice. It is a huge cafeteria with a variety of food Upon your arrival, you receive a Mensa card that you must load with money to use. When you leave Leipzig, you can go to the nearest Mensa register and receive a refund for the amount of money you have left on the card.

10 Festivals The city of Leipzig has something for everyone.
Leipzig has many annual festivals, but the two main attractions are: Bachfest Bachfest is a week-long festival that celebrates the life, work, and legacy of J.S. Bach For more information Gothik Wave Treffen At the same time as Bachfest, Leipzig also holds it annual Gothik Wave Treffen GWT is also a week long festival of Gothik lifestyle and music.

11 Things to do: Day Leipzig has unlimited places to visit. Here are a few The Leipzig Zoo The Zoo is world-renowned and recently opened a new exhibit, titled Gondwanaland If you want to see the celebrity possum named after Heidi Klum, this is your place. Augustusplatz Augustusplatz is the central district of Leipzig It has a variety of shops and eateries Here you can visit the oldest coffee shop in Germany Lake Leipzig has several lakes surrounding it, which offer beautiful scenery and a wet relief to the summer heat. Markets On the weekends, you can go to Augustusplatz and find one of the best farmers’ markets you will ever come across. Wines, cheeses, and meats galore. Volkschlagerdenkmal A beautiful monument that is a must-see.

12 Things to do: Night The nightlife in Leipzig is also bustling
If you are feeling cultured, you can attend an opera or concert in the concert halls located in Augustusplatz Leipzig also has its fair share of clubs. The students on our trip tended toward the Alpenmax club If you are looking for a calmer evening, you can always look for a beer garden or pub. In Augustusplatz you will find what we titled “Beer Garden Alley” It is a long alley lined with restaurants and pubs.

13 German Culture Here are a few tips for any person going to Germany:
Germans are very open people and will often strike up a conversation, so be aware. When drinking, cheers are a necessity. Rather than say “cheers,” Germans say “Prost” Be sure to keep eye contact at the clink of the glass. Gypsies will be present in the larger cities such as Berlin. They will sometimes try to pickpocket you or simply want the Pfand from your bottle of Coke, but be aware.

14 Surrounding Areas Germany is a relatively small country, so a weekend trip to another city is very easy. <- Berlin A few cities I suggest visiting while in Leipzig are: Berlin – Beautiful city with unlimited things to do Weimar and Dresden – Great cities for a one or two day excursion Erfurt – Great example of an old German town And most likely any other city suggested to you

15 Long Distance Travel If you plan on doing a decent amount of travelling, here are a few resources for transportation. Ryanair has a reputation for being an extremely cheap way to travel around Europe by plane. Trains are always a go-to for travel, but can be quite expensive. If you happen to have a vehicle, driving is always an option.

16 Checklist The study abroad office will help get most of these objectives sorted out but as a quick reminder, be sure to obtain: A passport and student visa (if needed) Travel insurance Transfer credit paperwork A spare credit card

17 Faculty Led Program K-State In Leipzig is a five week program sponsored by the German department. It is a faculty-led program, Dr. Necia Chronister being the attending professor. It has a week-long section in Berlin, followed by 4 weeks in Leipzig through the interDaf Program sponsored by the Herder institut.

18 Contact Information Study Abroad office – Question about studying abroad? 304 Fairchild Hall Herder institut – interDaf language program Dr. Necia Chronister – K-State in Leipzig

19 Picture Sources Picture use
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