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A complete, interactive training CD for using Halcyon instruments to test communications circuits.

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1 A complete, interactive training CD for using Halcyon instruments to test communications circuits.

2 Interactive CD for technician laptop PC Server-based version equips entire workforce Web-site based, 100% self-contained (no external links) Viewable with any browser Expert step x step instructions Covers all current model Halcyon test sets Over 200 Specific Circuit Tests Detailed

3 Mass retirements of veteran technicians Blending of POTS & Special Services workgroups Need to quickly equip younger technicians Management (Supervisor) reassignments Knowledge is required for dozens of service/transports Stocks of good, usable test sets sit idle- stranded investment Quickly equip extra resources for natural disasters Techs need simple button-mashing instructions Unified support information improves productivity

4 POTS Dialtone DDS (Digital Data Service) T1 & Fractional T1 HDSL 2-Wire & 4-Wire Special Services (Analog & Digital) DID (Direct Inward Dialing) Trunks (Analog & Digital) Timing & Synchronization DCE/DTE (RS232, V.35, RS530, RS449) Signaling (DTMF, MF, Pulse, E&M BITS Timing (troubleshooting timing problems) Over 200 Specific Circuit Tests Detailed

5 MDF/PDF (also Switch Prompt commands for ISDN) DSX NID/NIU CPE

6 Service/Transport Description Associated Equipment Delivery Configurations (topology) Demarcation Points/Devices Delivery Parameters (expected test results) Commissioning & Troubleshooting Processes Tutorials focus on need to know details such as:

7 Loop Calculation & Design Registered Jack/interface pin assignments Registered Jack/interface by Circuit Type Qualification Criteria of Copper Pairs for Services/Transports Identifying Faults on Cable Pairs & Station Wiring Test Set Selection Matrix (pick list by service/transport) Station Wiring Guidelines Noise Mitigation Specific setup instructions by: service/transport, test set and test location

8 From the HOME screen, technicians are merely a click away from tutorials, job aides and STEP x STEP testing instructions for over 200 specific circuit tests

9 Technicians can view jack wiring diagrams by clicking on jack number or circuit type

10 Every circuit type includes a short tutorial, providing the technician with exactly what they need to know to test the circuit (and no more).

11 Every tutorial includes drawings depicting typical circuit configuration, Identifying all accessible test points.

12 The basic capabilities are identified for each model test set, allowing technician or supervisors to select the proper unit.

13 Every type of potential copper pair fault is identified and explained

14 Every required test process for acceptance testing copper pairs is depicted and explained, including list of required equipment

15 Technicians and engineers can choose to automatically calculate loop parameters, or perform manual calculations.

16 Automatically calculate Loop Loss, Loop Resistance In this example, the technician entered 10,300 feet of 24 gauge, buried cable for calculating loss, slope and resistance. Loop Loss @ 1,004 HZ = 4.70 dB Loop Resistance = 582.2 Ohms Gain Slope = 2.3 dB (Loss @ 2,800 Hz Minus Loss @ 1,004 Hz- also called Circuit Roll-off)

17 The extensive, yet easy-to-read Loop Design Tutorial is a big plus for supervisors, engineers and support staff

18 Formulas and examples for manually calculating Loop Resistance and Loop Loss

19 Pictures are displayed for all test sets, with specific Power Supply information.

20 Complete, STEP x STEP instruction for circuit testing (button mashing and test cord connections) for over 200 specific circuit tests

21 The TDR tutorial is especially helpful for locating split pairs and bridgetaps (bridgetaps fully explained in the Qualifying Cable Pairs for Services section)

22 CD scratch/crack protection CDs may be returned for new for small shipping/handling fee Upgrades to future revisions CDs may be returned for upgrades to newer versions for S&H fee (future versions of same Volume/edition) Buyers receive discounts on other current and future dB Levels products

23 i.H.E.L.P (covers non-Government versions of Halcyon test sets) i.H.E.L.P. GOV (covers US Government versions of Halcyon test sets) Virtual Help Desk for Modern Telecom Technicians Volume 1- POTS Dialtone through T1 Includes all of i.H.E.L.P, but covers nearly all legacy and modern test sets, including ISDN PRI for test set and 5ESS/DMS100 switch commands, and also DSL services. Volume 2- DS3 through OC192 & GigE Volume 3- LTE Volume 4- Wireless/Cellular Testing

24 Master Distributor: TesCom, Inc. 800-888-1978 Northeast USA Sales: Tele-Concepts, Inc. - Edd Lemoine 401-474-9119 Canada Sales: TestworX - David Holmes 866-666-8378 Telecom Industry Test Solutions since 1975

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